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October 29 – November 4, 2014


For All Signs:  Do you recall all the anxiety around the date of Dec. 21, 2012, as it approached?  New Age writers made a heyday, writing articles, and presupposing Armageddon, among other things.  I personally could not find anything in the sky happening during that month that suggested anything like the fricassee I read about.  I decided to research and write my own book in 2011 about that Mayan date.  It turned out that Monument #6 in Tortuguero, Mexico, has a message that specifies Dec. 21, 2012.  The message warned of the return of the Mayan god of war, B’olon-Yokte, and instructed them to prepare the land for that day.  At the time, the Mayans had been suffering from years of overpopulation, multiple wars among the various tribes, and a very long and miserable draught which led to their departure of the land.  There actually was a mathematical reason, given the Mayan belief system, to choose that date.  In retrospect, I am now hypothesizing that indeed, this god of war returned, whether it was on that particular date or some other in the vicinity.  Perhaps he returns any time there are such conditions in the world or a region.  We must make the choice to mature beyond our dualistic paradigm of thinking if we are to escape B’olon-Yokte’s threat of war.  We can no longer afford to think in black/white, good/bad terms if we are to rise above the fray of battle.

Aries:  There are two themes in your head this week.  One of them is a laid back and lazy theme.  The other is laced with adrenalin energy.  You may go-go-go all day and hit the bed at night, falling asleep instantly.  In some way a balance is needed.

Taurus:  Aspects continue to be favorable in the partnership and consultation arenas.  You may experience an opportunity to enjoy the arts with your partner in your community.  Love and social life are definitely favored.  An old emotional pain is soothed.

Gemini:  You have likely been dealing with a decision concerning property or family issues.  You have spent a few weeks in this process and now you have arrived at a conclusion.  If it is a purchase or a sale, you have the cosmic green light.  Whatever the decision, you have made a good choice for everyone concerned.

Cancer:  Give special attention to unusual messages or to new people who enter your life during this time.  A “teacher” crosses your path in the form of a person, a book, or the right message that will steer you in the next favorable direction.

Leo:  Aspects particularly favor home, hearth and family matters.  Another area that brightens your life is work and health.  You are in an effective position. Coworkers and employees are supportive to your goals.  Others agree with your guidance and leadership.  You will find help  as you seek improvements in these areas.

Virgo:  You have more or less accidentally made a good decision concerning finances that brings you help this week.  Your guardian angel is on your shoulder, smoothing the path ahead.  The light is green concerning short trips and educational activities.  This is true whether you are the learner or the teacher.

LibraThis week brings opportunities to increase your income.  Property that you own may be upgraded in value.  This is a good week to make improvements in your exercise and health routines.  You may be adding things of beauty to your daily life.

Scorpio:  Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, is riding along with you during this period.  Multiple aspects suggest you are ready now to give and receive love.  Those with children are especially enjoying them now.  An old wound may be soothed at this time.

Sagittarius:  Any path related to education, publication, writing and communicating has positive aspects.  If you happen to be involved in a legal mission it will be favored by the stars now.  Traveling ventures have a green light.  Caution!  You may be prone to throw good sense to the winds and spend too much money.

Capricorn:  Venus is riding along your side.  Friends, lovers, and the community around you are ever-supportive to your hopes and plans.  New agreements and understandings can be created.  This is a very good time to communicate with family members and those very close to you.

Aquarius:  You are heading for a change of direction in December.  Begin now to clear your plate and finish projects so you will be ready.  There will be considerable expansion of your life territory as time moves forward.   

Pisces:  Concentrate carefully on any project requiring calculations and multiple plans.  The probability of making an error or accessing inaccurate information is high.  However, this is a powerful time to consider your spiritual purposes, seeking to align daily activity with your personal mission.

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