Loita Hills Water & Light for Life Project

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The project is nearly completed and is a HUGE success and it would never have happened without each and every contribution we received, so from the bottom of my heart we thank you!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

loita hills water projectWater was found at 95 meters ... the borehole still going another 20 meters for long stability!! They've measured the flow rate at 15,000 liters per hour!! All that needs to happen now is for the final assembly of the solar pump to be completed, but rest assured that the Maasai are currently enjoying the benefits of the fresh, sparkling, pure well water as I write!!  

Special thanks go out to Majitech and World Serve International, and all of those who worked tirelessly to make this project a reality. I don't want to steal any thunder from my dear friend Marilyn Parver who has just returned from Kenya and who is now in the process of downloading images and compiling information and images as well as posting a diary on her FaceBook page:  There are already several images and a video on her page!!

You should also know that thanks to the generosity of everyone who made donations over 1,400 Maasai school children can now study and even further improve their chances for success on this earth with the help of the solar lights your donations made possible. All told we raised over $100,000!!!

happy childrenThe best news we could ever hope to receive is seeing the photos of the deliriously happy Maasai and knowing their quality of life has forever been changed by a commodity which we all take for granted every single day! Seeing the images of pure joy, knowing these amazing people are out of danger of falling victim to filthy water-borne illnesses, that no child or adult shall suffer dehydration, that meals will be cooked with pure water, and that hygiene has been elevated to a level until now unknown to the Maasai – all of these things are simply amazing.

This project was born of a deep and enduring love for the wonderful nomadic Loita Hills Maasai; it was a dream Marilyn carried for years. Marilyn's selflessness and commitment was a huge sacrifice that has borne a result unknown by many, and I am honored to know her. So thank you Marilyn for never, ever, ever giving up. You are a true inspiration to all of us!

Your contributions have literally saved lives and made such a powerful impact that this event will never be forgotten by the people of Loita Hills, Kenya.

Namaste in deepest gratitude for your support.