Lawyers go after Obama to halt travel from
Ebola-stricken areas

The potential threat of an Ebola epidemic arriving via illegal immigration from Mexico is ‘serious and grave’
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larry k;aymanWASHINGTON – After recently filing a petition with various agencies under the umbrella of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to have President Barack Hussein Obama deported for falsely claiming U.S. citizenship and use of fraudulent identification, on Tuesday, Oct. 14, former Department of Justice Attorney Larry Klayman (r), founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, filed a lawsuit against Obama and his administration, including the director of the Center for Disease Control, to force them to halt travel and immigration from Liberia and West Africa.

Klayman states, rather than banning immigration and travel from these Ebola riddled countries, “Obama has favored his African brothers over the rest of us by allowing them free entry into this country,” causing the potential spread of this disease and massive death to U.S. citizens.

Noting credible evidence exists that suggests Obama was born in Kenya and is neither a natural born citizen eligible to be president nor has he been “naturalized” as a citizen that would allow him to remain in this country, Klayman said, “[R]egrettably our Muslim commander in chief has favored his own creed over the rest of us.”

He said Obama has turned Martin Luther King’s vision for equality for all on its head and now wishes to use reverse discrimination toward those who are not black or Muslim.

Klayman states it was wrong back then when blacks were subjected to such treatment and it is still wrong today, especially in light of the deadly implications.

He stated, “Something must be done to stop this madness and destructive misuse of the office of the president. If there were not a better justification for impeachment and conviction of Obama, I do not know of one – notwithstanding all of his other “phony” scandals ranging from ISIS-gate, to Benghazi-gate, to IRS-gate, to Fast and Furious-gate, to Obamacare-gate to name just a few. But this will not happen.”

Had a white president committed the same nefarious acts as Obama over his presidency, Klayman is certain he would have been impeached and convicted for high crimes and misdemeanors against the American people.

Klayman believes because he is the first black president and a Muslim as well seems to allow Obama to act totally above the law and remain untouchable politically.

While Klayman is clear he does not advocate violence and wants Obama removed from office alive to be deported and “pay for his inadequacies under the law,” he points out we are not looking at just “an incompetent and lazy president … but an evil one who is a danger to the continued existence of our nation.”

Klayman stated Ebola-gate makes Obama’s remaining time in office an issue of life and death for us all.

Noting America is at war with not only foreign and domestic enemies, including Muslim Americans who have joined ISIS and al Qaida, Klayman says we are also at war with our own president, “who was so ignorantly and tragically elected to rule over us.”

Meanwhile, in another case, Attorney Orly Taitz, the California dentist who has filed an action in federal court to halt the transfer of illegal aliens apprehended in Texas to states throughout the country without proper medical screenings or quarantine, has filed a supplemental affidavit of Epidemiologist Vera F. Dolan.

Kenneth J. Rothman, Professor of Epidemiology at Boston University School of Public Health, wrote in his introductory textbook on epidemiology, “Often considered the core science of public health, epidemiology involves the study and determinants of disease frequency, or, put even more simply, the study of the occurrence of illness.”

Dolan states, in her expert opinion, “Taitz is in imminent danger from Ebola and other communicable diseases from any immigrant patient who is not adequately screened, evaluated, isolated or quarantined for Ebola and other communicable diseases at the time of entry into the United States illegally or legally.”

Dolan concluded, due to the documented chain of events and factors, Taitz was infected during close contact with infected immigrant patients who were being transported to California by DHS without quarantine or treatment for existing communicable diseases.

Taitz is a doctor-provider for a number of government programs that provide care for new immigrants.

Taitz treated a number of immigrant detainees who arrived at her office for treatment with a persistent cough and upper respiratory diseases. Patients showed up with a number of relatives who also suffered from the same upper respiratory infections and cough.

After treating these patients and being in close contact with them, Taitz also developed a persistent cough and, due to the persistent cough, oxygen insufficiency.

She sought medical treatment and was placed on antibiotics and ordered by her doctor to use a positive pressure oxygen machine during sleep for the rest of her life.

According to Dolan, “The U.S. is experiencing a nationwide wave of serious respiratory infection outbreaks among children with impaired immune systems, particularly the uncommon enterovirus D68, which arose immediately after the widespread transportation by DHS of immigrant detainees who were not quarantined or medically treated.”

Because of the close association in time between the widespread dispersal of these immigrant detainees, Taitz’s treatment of such detainees and the respiratory illness experienced by Taitz and enterovirus D68 outbreak patients, Dolan said those factors are “sufficient to be considered likely component causes and factors in an epidemiologic chain of causation.”

Dolan stated the potential threat of an Ebola epidemic arriving via illegal immigration from Mexico is “serious and grave” and needs to be addressed by sealing the border and strict quarantine and isolation procedures for all aliens crossing the Mexican border.

It was her opinion that any individual who crosses the Mexican border, particularly those who have visited the Ebola-affected countries of West Africa, should be quarantined for 21 days.

Noting the potential for Ebola arriving into the United States through air travel is now well established, Dolan stated it is urgent to restrict air travel from Africa and utilize the strictest quarantine and isolation procedures for all travelers arriving from Africa’s Ebola-stricken regions.

Dolan recommended anyone who has visited those regions be quarantined for 21 days and placed on a “no-fly” list to be kept in force until the current Ebola epidemic is officially declared to have ended.

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