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October 15 – 21, 2014


For All Signs: Mercury, ancient messenger god, is unusually busy throughout this week. This suggests many of us will be preoccupied with communication of one form or another. There may be many phone calls, messages, letters, quick conversations, rapid conclusions, and/or papers to write. The period is favorable for probing into causes and researching the bottom line to any matter. Beware of the tendency to jump to conclusions or take action before all the facts are clear. Remind yourself of how the old "gossip" game is played and don't take what you hear very seriously until you have found a second, reliable source. Recall that Mercury is retrograding in Libra now. Deals and agreements between people or countries will likely be revoked after it turns direct in Nov. Information concerning upcoming elections is likely false or has unreliable sources.

Aries: There are a number of aspects suggesting one or more opportunities coming your way this week. Love life and romance look good. Partnerships (business or personal) are favorable and helpful. Travel and/or dealing with people at a distance will have positive outcomes. Mercury (the local travel planet) is retrograding, so double check your connections.

Taurus: It is probable that you will have assistance coming your way at work, in your usual daily routines, and in the area of exercise and self-care. New people entering your life bear a message or a piece of vital information. Do not accept the first diagnosis or assessment of your situation. Get a second consultation.

Gemini: You are moving through multiple scenarios this week. See the lead paragraph on Mercury. Be especially cautious about signing new contracts or making promises you may not keep. Things look favorable in all social departments. Those are romance, partnership, children and friendships.

Cancer: Pay attention to new people you meet and what they tell you now. You are likely to encounter one who can help you find the next step in your career/work in the world direction. You may be reevaluating information that concerns your family history and property. Seek out new advisors in this area but don’t sign on the dotted line until the middle of Nov.

Leo: This is a good week to review material you previously learned. In some way you will be dealing with information that you may have thought you left behind. It is possible that you will decide to disengage yourself from an agreement or a contract previously signed. Get a second opinion on anything diagnostic.

Virgo: You may be sorting through and reappraising your financial resources this week. A review is always a good idea. Remain aware that your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde at present. This suggests that the review is needed, but don’t make final decisions on financial dealings until the end of November.

Libra: You are in touch with the flow this week and able to offer ideas to others for problem solving. Don’t allow your ego to get hold of this experience and tell you how wonderful you are. Consider it a gift that drops in every now and then. Sometimes we are given the privilege to teach and at other times we are not.

Scorpio: It appears you are receiving help from behind the scenes that will ultimately be of benefit financially. One helper may be your employer, a parent or another authority figure. Someone may allow you extra time to pay off a loan. And a third possibility is your partner or lover.

Sagittarius: It is a good time to get in touch with friends or community contacts from the past. Someone you have known is likely able to help you with an issue concerning matters of legal, travel, education, Internet or foreign affairs. Think through your internal (or external) catalogue of friends and acquaintances, holding the issue in mind.

Capricorn: It is interesting that you have no particular new aspects to manage this week. However, your sign is caught into the ongoing issues of power or its lack. No doubt you have a maelstrom happening all the time. This week offers a mild breather.

Aquarius: Mercury has shifted directions in the territory which deals with education, publishing, travel, public speaking, the law, and philosophy. Therefore any of these activities are subject to shifts, changes, or sudden deceleration due to lack of decision. Maybe the right solution just is not yet available. Have a sense of humor. You know Mercury is retrograding.

Pisces: Old issues concerning the sharing of resources may be up for review again. "Shared resources" include partnership money, insurance benefits, investments, inheritance, or anything of value between you and another. “Resources” can be money, time, or energy. Brooding over past wrongs will not help. Study the matter and wait until November to take action.

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