My favorite song ... "Popeye the Sailor Man"

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steele coddingtonThe immense quagmire of Obama failures today is too depressing to think about. Just for a moment, let's find some humor in comparisons of intellect between Obama's Vice President Biden and my dog Arbuckle and their relative value to the country. With constant apologies from Biden for his continuous embarrassing comments involving heads of foreign states, gender, racism, food or animals, it keeps Obama out of the headlines with equally stupid blunders disguised as, "Important new steps to protect America." Biden's essential value to Obama is the absolute guarantee that Obama will not be impeached.

My dog Arbuckle, being a Border Collie, has more inherent intelligence than the entire Obama administration. As my vice president, I trust him implicitly to help with duties that involve Border Collie traits like hugs, truth, loyalty, common sense, intellect and the unique ability to herd sheep who he says have remarkably similar thought processes to liberal politicians.

Arbuckle's latest observation about "two-legged" sheep is their propensity to "follow the herd" when they work for the major liberal TV news organizations and flock to relate stories of dubious veracity regarding the "success" of such disasters as Obamacare. He says however, they failed to report public input evaluating Obamacare when a radio station praising Nancy Pelosi's, "We have to pass it to see what's in it," was followed immediately by a call from a doctor who said, "That's also the definition of a stool sample."

How many times can something like Obamacare be referred to as a success by citing inaccurate isolated fibs or delays when it is the most destructive governmental boondoggle affecting what was the world's best healthcare system. "Success" according to Doctor Arbuckle is often attained by the bleating of sheep who have had their own wool pulled over their eyes. You may not see it, but if you hear it repeatedly you will even believe Pinocchio if he uses teleprompters.

When lies, distortions and cover-ups become accepted as the coin of the realm, no element of society is immune. Here's an example of why! When I was a kid, in the summer we would attend YMCA camp for a week. At night sitting around the camp fire we'd sing great songs about America. But one of our favorites was "Popeye the Sailor Man," because it was so funny. With mischievous glee we would alter the words of the last verse to shock our counselors. The original:

"I'm Popeye the Sailor Man.
I love to go swimmin'
With them mermaid women ..."

We delighted in changing "mermaid women" to "bare naked women," and would laugh like mad at our alteration. Today the White House would accuse us of waging a war on mermaids. Not me. I love mermaids. But I still prefer swimming with bare naked women. And no comments from you Arbuckle, just because you have a tail.