Carfree’s consent, Call to the Public and executive session

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CAREFREE – After Mayor David Schwan read off the 12 items on the consent agenda during Tuesday’s meeting, they were approved unanimously by council.

sandra walterCall to the Public brought Sandra Walter (r), who lives adjacent to the maintenance yard at Desert Forest Golf Club, to the podium to ask council to pass an ordinance banning leaf blowers.

Walter read from a prepared document citing countless health and environmental concerns with regard to leaf blowers.

She said Carefree has an opportunity, if it were to pass such an ordinance, to be a leader in protecting the environment.

Jim Van Allen also spoke during Call to the Public and referenced Monday’s standing-room-only meeting to discuss economic development.

While Van Allen has been preaching for years about installing misting systems and awnings in the town center, he said the town needs to focus on how to get businesses and stores to stay open next summer.

Van Allen urged council to separate the idea of a theater and cultural center from the building of a new council chambers and said he agreed with Bob Gemmill’s suggestion on Monday that perhaps a third party can bring developer Ed Lewis and the town back into a harmonious position.

Before retreating into an executive session to discuss personnel matters, judicial services for Carefree – Cave Creek Consolidated Court and contract negotiations concerning the town center, Schwan reminded citizens the next council meeting will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 5, due to elections on Nov. 4, wrapping up the public meeting in a scant 12 minutes.

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