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don sorchych

Election mania

All the petitions to recall the slate, Adam Trenk, Reg Monachino. Charles Spitzer and Mike Durkin have been given to Cave Creek Town Clerk, Carrie Dyrek. Carrie will examine the petitions and send them to the county elections to assure signers are registered voters.

The final numbers based on the receipts issued by the Town Clerk are:

Trenk, 314 sheets containing 428 signatures.
Monachino, 298 sheets containing 404 signatures.
Spitzer, 298 sheets containing 371 signatures.
Durkin, 285 sheets containing 330 signatures.

The required number of signatures is 293.

bil canfield editorial cartoon
To a large extent there is one signature to a page, lessening the risk that a page of 15 signatures will be thrown out. The Cave Creek Caring Citizens Committee PAC promises that a challenge by Trenk or the slate will be met by a PAC attorney. Assuming all the statutory time limits are met and each slate member has at least 293 signatures the election will be held in March, 2015.

I hope voters recognize how bad a slate is for the town. Although little was heard valuing Trenk while signatures were gathered, the differences in the count for each of the four indicates lack of concern about a slate essentially owning the vote on council.

Note for example the slate has stacked the planning commission with people like themselves, not people who know, respect and care for the town. Will the replacements have the stones to either eliminate, reduce the headcount and/or replace slate picks like Eileen Wright and David Smith? Ask the challengers!

Then there is the federal lawsuit against the Cave Creek and Adam Trenk on First Amendment issues, which has been assigned to the town Risk Pool. Trenk, who is clearly trying to avoid a subpoena, has been ducking meetings and refuses to tell anyone where he is living. That certainly won’t help him in the case, which is in Federal Court.

Trenk set up his defense long ago claiming one of our cartoons was anti-Semitic and “someone” poisoned his horse and cut his brake line on his truck. All three assertions are bogus; he is the one who traffics with people of that character, not us.

He didn’t show up at the Oct. 6 council meeting but he will be served by other means. Wonder what he learned in law school? He will have to hire his own attorney to defend himself unless he has confidence in his own qualifications as an attorney and lobbyist.

Read Linda Bentley’s article “CCUSD93 candidate forum, bond initiatives” in the Sonoran News Oct. 1 issue. Be sure and vote for Angelica Petersen for the school board. She is one in a million with the right attitude and knowledge. Be thankful she is running. Mark Warren isn’t worth a vote and Cynthia Weiss is even worse. She is married to Realtor Ron Weiss who claimed with a protest bill board we were a cancer on the community. It is illegal to try to interfere with or intimidate our advertisers, so if he comes in your business with threats of that kind, kindly take a picture of him and send it to us. The abundance of cell phones makes honoring that request very easy.

With respect to the “repurposing” of the $30,000,000 bond, vote against both and bring the school board down to Earth.

A teacher at CCUSD told her students if they found a copy of Sonoran News to throw it in the trash. We also know how they hide the news when students under the influence of drugs are taken to a hospital under the medical privilege act. A past MCSO Captain threatened to bring drug sniffing dogs to CCUSD to sniff the lockers. Superintendent Debbi Burdik had a hissy fit but it should be done. CCUSD is not a “safe” school, as their signs assert. And don’t forget the union, AEA, is always lurking nearby and supporting legislators like Heather Carter, Mark Warren and Cynthia Weiss.

At the state, level vote for Doug Ducey and against lobbyist Fred Duval. For Attorney General vote for Mark Brnovich and against Felicia Rotteleni. For Congress vote for Andy Tobin, not Ann Kirkpatrick.

Broadly, vote Republican and keep our red state status. Ignore the RINOs like turncoat Grant Woods – a wolf in sheep’s clothing.