Preserve your Vote in Carefree

Propositions 488 & 489 on the ballot in Carefree propose to double the length of term for Mayor and Councilmember from 2 to 4 years. This issue has already been VOTED DOWN TWICE by Carefree Voters!

The proponents of 488 & 489 argue Carefree residents would benefit from: giving councilmembers more time to get the job done; less time wasted in bringing new councilmembers “up to speed”; and continuity of government.

Even though he has been on the council since 2005, Dave Schwan (lead backer of 488 & 489) claims the mayor and councilmembers need more time in office to do their job. Schwan apparently feels he deserves more time to do his job right, even though under his tenure as Councilman & Mayor the Town Center has become virtually deserted, the condition of many of our streets is abysmal, and the Town’s financial reserves have shriveled by millions. Schwan actually claims eliminating the Voters right to choose their Mayor & Council every 2 years is in the Town’s interest. Really? As Winnie the Pooh says: hmmm, think, think, think …

These same backers of 488 & 489 claim valuable time is wasted in educating new councilmembers on how to correctly perform their duties. The Town Council is not an operational arm of Town governance; it is a policy setting board. We elect councilmembers based on their experience and new councilmembers have significant personal and professional experience on which to rely when considering Town policy issues. Newly elected councilmembers do not need to be “brought up to speed” by either Dave Schwan or Town Staff regarding what policy should be. To claim otherwise epitomizes the arrogance of these proposition backers and is a flagrant insult to the intelligence of the Voters.

488 & 489 will eliminate the Voters’ right to replace representatives through the ballot box every two years. Free elections are the Voters' only opportunity to replace their government representatives. Why would anyone surrender his freedom to vote? It seems the true objective of those behind propositions 488 & 489 is continuity of “their” government, not your government.

Finally, and in direct conflict with the Carefree Voters' will, Dave Schwan and his cronies want to invalidate the Term-Limits set in place by Carefree Voters in 2011. If 488 & 489 pass, a loophole in the law will allow the sneaky politicians to double the length of their terms in office, against the Voters will. These are some real political slicksters!

Let’s continue to hold our Mayor and councilmembers accountable at the ballot box every two years. Please vote “NO” on propositions 488 & 489.

Douglas Stavoe
Former councilman and 23 year Carefree resident


Another "Executive Session"

Just when I thought Town Hall in Carefree was getting the message about our concern on the lack of transparency ... and the "special meeting" planned on Oct. 6 … here comes yet another Executive Session on Tuesday with the Council Meeting.  Part of the agenda is to deal with personnel issues – that is proper to be addressed there.

However, the last item noted is to "Discuss a contract for the Town Center." Here we go again. This council goes into Executive Session so often. In prior years it would happen once or twice a year ... now it is a very frequent event. Sure would be better to let the folks know what is going on. Another reason to VOTE NO on extending their terms from the present 2 years. Your ballots are in the mail box. VOTE NO!

Jim Van Allen
A conservative resident of Carefree


Important Carefree Election matter

Dear Citizens of Carefree, as you may already know Sue and I have moved to the west valley after 20 years in Carefree.  Although we may now be gone, we have not forgotten the good things about Carefree, especially YOU the residents.  That is why I’m writing to you today. 

When I retired from serving on the town council, I also retired my monthly newsletter and website, CarefreeMatters. Over the years I respected your input and tried my best to keep you informed and to reflect your wishes during the time I served you.  Sadly, the new council and mayor have not followed my example and have let you down.

I will not waste your time by listing their many shortcomings but I will ask for your continued support and interest in Carefree by voting to defeat their obvious attempt to overturn your wishes in the upcoming election.  You have twice decided with your vote that 2 year elected terms are sufficient.  In 2011 you also approved Term Limits to make sure that Carefree did not become a haven for those seeking power and a political career. Carefree does not need career politicians. When they don’t respect your wishes you could be stuck with them for 4 years, even longer when they eliminate term limits.

Show them you really do care about Carefree and Vote NO on Propositions 488 and 489.

I have asked a few supporters to share their views with you in the coming weeks.  You may receive 2 more emails from "Carefree Matters," because I feel this issue is that important for Carefree’s future.  I wish you all the best in the years ahead.  Vote NO.

Bob Coady
Former Carefree Town Councilman


Scottsdale Major General Plan Amendments continued to Oct. 22

Just in case you didn't either get it directly or find out some other way, all the Major General Plan amendment cases that were to be heard by the Planning Commission on Wednesday, October 8, will likely be continued to the Planning Commission meeting on October 22. Continuing them all to October 22 will be in the best interest of both the applicant and any interested party as the General Plan case and the zoning case will both be heard the same night, which is the way it is usually done. That also means we only have to attend one meeting to voice an opinion on these projects, not two.

Howard Myers


Who cares about Electromagnetic Pulse-EMP? Congressman Trent Franks does

As a former National Security Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer-EPLO-for Arizona in the 1990s I have been perplexed at the lack of concern about a potentially very dangerous phenomenon – EMP or Electromagnetic Pulse. It would be relatively easy for a simple small nuclear device to be detonated over some part of the United States that would cause this phenomenon and that could disable virtually all electronic equipment that contain microprocessors. In today’s world this means the vast majority of motors, engines, cars, buses, computers, and……electric utility transformers. Imagine instantly losing power and communication. Then imagine the related food shortages and panic that would ensue.

What are we doing about this threat? Virtually nothing. Senator Jon Kyl was one of the most prominent politicians to take a strong stand and now the leader of this effort is Congressman Trent Franks. Franks is the most prominent advocate in the United States, maybe in the world, for an aggressive approach to addressing this problem. He speaks at international conferences on the subject and has introduced a bill in congress called the SHEILD act. It has several provisions but, significantly, it would encourage electrical generating utilities to insulate their transformers against this threat.

Because some other countries are already taking steps to address this problem; and because the need for electricity and electronic equipment is more critical every day; and because Arizona has one of the most outspoken leaders in the world on this subject; Arizona should take the lead. We all should thank Congressman Franks for staying on top of this issue and we should ask our utility companies and their regulator, the Arizona Corporation Commission, to present a plan for minimizing this threat to Arizona citizens.

Roy Miller


The question is!

The question the remaining Obama supporters should be asking themselves is NOT "Has Barack Obama done anything to convince me that he supports radical Islam?" Rather, the question is and remains "What has Barack Hussein Obama EVER done to unequivocally prove that he DOES NOT support radical Islam?"

Tom Carbone
Cave Creek


Is America a nation "ruled by law" or not?

Every lawful permanent resident of America (Green Card holders) over the age of 18 already has a "pathway to citizenship."  There is absolutely NO NEED for comprehensive immigration reform or any other kind!  Just close and secure the borders of our country.  Do it NOW for the sake of national security and common sense.

The legislative and executive branches of our federal government are both to blame for the current mess.  For decades congressmen have "looked the other way" to appease their re-election campaign donors who benefitted from the cheaper Mexican labor.  Now the president threatens us all with "granting amnesty" to millions more illegal immigrants.

Urge your senators to withhold approval of any attorney general nominee who refuses to enforce current immigration laws.

Our country needs an amendment to the constitution which states: "No person who enters this country illegally, nor any of his/her prodigy, will be granted citizenship to these United States."

Tell your candidates for the House of Representatives and Senate: NO AMNESTY OR IMMIGRATION REFORM.  Our country needs the current immigration laws enforced, the borders tightly closed and secured.  PERIOD.

Glen E. Terrell


McCain should just fade away!

How can anyone say with a straight face that our government is concerned about ISIS attacking us on the home front when they keep our southern border wide open and portrayed the Fort Hood attack as common work place violence?

We armed and funded variants of these Muslim extremists as they toppled Egypt and took out Libya and who are now working on toppling the government of Syria for Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the same country implicated in the 9/11 Commission report for the training and housing the men who flew planes into our buildings on 9/11/2001!

Now Obama is “surprised” that ISIS is so powerful after he armed them! Can you imagine how powerful ISIS would be had Obama, Sen. McCain and Sen. Graham got their way and bombed Syria for these extremists? Duh!

Retired General Wesley Clark was told 10 days after 9/11, by his replacement, that the U.S. Government had already formulated a “plan” to take out “Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” The Prime Minister of England recently said before the United Nations that anyone who questions the official version of 9/11 is just as dangerous as ISIS!  Where is a real liberal when you need them? Where is a real journalist when you need them? I think they all died or became chicken! 


Joseph DuPont
Towanda, Pennsylvania


Voters must see this documentary

Even the left-wing Los Angeles Times now realizes that illegal immigration is a MASSIVE issue in this year’s election.

The American people hate amnesty and want secure borders!

That makes it even more important that every single voter in America see our new documentary on the border crisis.

Just consider this headline from the LA Times: “In tight Senate races, immigration could still be a priority issue.”

For years the liberals claimed that the American people loved amnesty and craved open borders.

Not any longer.

In many senate races this year, illegal immigration is the number one issue.

And the voters desperately want more information about our border crisis before they head to the polls in a few weeks.

This is our golden opportunity. Please help us promote and distribute our documentary.

This documentary tells the story the Obama Administration doesn’t want the American people to see.

The border crisis is much, much worse than most Americans realize.

Illegal immigrants are storming our border. Many carry contagious diseases. Many belong to gangs. Some are involved in the sex trade.

Still others are simply looking for welfare.

This is a national catastrophe.

Please give what you can right now to help us distribute and promote this documentary.

The American people need to see this movie before they vote.

It lays the blame for this fiasco squarely on Barack Obama.

People are dying along the border. Our brave Border Patrol agents are dodging bullets.

Terrorists are free to simply walk across our southern frontier.

This is a national emergency, and our border crisis documentary sounds the alarm.

It explains exactly how we got into this mess. It places the blame on D.C. liberals and big business – exactly where it belongs.

And it gives Americans hope that we can secure our borders if we simply have leaders who will take a stand!

Please do what you can right now. Illegal immigration is a crucial issue for many, many Americans. They need to see this film!

We still need to cover the cost of distributing this film, advertising it, securing press interviews to promote it, and organizing a grassroots “word of mouth” effort around it.

Thank you in advance for all your help.

For Liberty,

Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

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