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By JOE OTTO  | OCTOBER 8, 2014

The illegal alien crisis is worse than we thought

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joe ottoFellow American,

Earlier this summer, when tens of thousands of illegal aliens began pouring across the border the Department of Homeland Security reassured us that the problem was being taken care of.

They swore that these illegal border crossers would be monitored and that they would go through the system.

We just learned that everything the administration claimed was a complete LIE!

A whopping SEVENTY percent of all illegal aliens captured this summer failed to appear before their mandatory court hearing!

We knew that many illegal aliens would simply disappear into society after being released from custody, but no one suspected the percentage would be this high!

Another wave of illegal aliens is approaching the U.S.! You MUST force Congress to close the border immediately!

The Federal government has proven itself to be woefully incapable of dealing with the illegal immigration crisis at our southern border.

Did you know that out of the tens of thousands of illegal alien families detained at the border recently, only 860 of them were slated for deportation.

But wait believe it or not it gets worse…  Of those 860 who were slated for deportation, only FOURTEEN actually reported to authorities to be deported! You see, when the government determines that an illegal must be deported, apparently they are let go and told to reappear at a later date to complete the deportation proceedings.

Surprise-surprise, these people aren’t showing up to be sent home…

The number of illegal aliens actually being processed by the Obama administration is so low compared to the total number crossing the border…

So we are catching only a small number of these illegals… and then we are detaining an even smaller number of illegal aliens… and when all is said and done, we are deporting the smallest number of illegals.

In fact, the Obama administration is deporting fewer illegal aliens than is statutorily required under the Department of Homeland Security’s funding!

When you look at the illegal border crossers that we do bother to apprehend and detain, we are paying $266/day to house these invaders. Of course, these are just the numbers from one detention center. But that doesn’t change the fact that this costs $117 more than checking these illegals into a local hotel!

One of the main arguments against rounding all these illegals up and sending them home is because it apparently costs too much….

Really? Based on what we are paying out of pocket to house these detained illegals, it would only take a few days’ worth of spending to save up enough money to buy a one-way airline ticket!

Now, I agree… It would cost BILLIONS of dollars to go around the country and deport everyone here illegally. That just isn’t doable. But when it comes to people we are catching crossing the border now, the ones we are catching trying to break into the country… there’s absolutely no reason to allow these illegals to disappear into society!

We are catching them, giving them a court date, and then trusting that they’ll show up… Here’s a NEWS FLASH: These people just violated our immigration laws. The absolute last thing they should be considered is trustworthy!

As I write to you right now, there is a sea of humanity crossing through Central America en route to the United States. The hot summer months have let up and more and more illegal aliens are making the trip to the U.S. border. But worst of all, we have a Commander in Chief who couldn’t care less whether the border is secured…

We must take border security out of Barack H. Obama’s hands! We must empower Congress to secure the border once and for all. And instead of paying almost $300 out of pocket every day to detain an illegal alien, how about we put them on the next flight back to whatever country they came from?

Another wave of illegal aliens is approaching the U.S.! You MUST force Congress to close the border immediately!

Conservative Daily,

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