OCTOBER 8, 2014

Foothills Academy’s entrepreneurial students

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Mr. Stewart’s 7th grade technology class is busy managing their new company, Bev Bling, from their entrepreneurial unit. The class was instructed to design a new product and develop ways on how to advertise and budget the product using computer programs they have learned in class. Two students, Ellie Thuman and Jade Radoian, came up with a new product called Bev Bling, which is an accessory set for your tumbler cups.

The class loved the idea so much they decided to take Bev Bling to production and start their own small business. Mr. Stewart comments, “It is great to see all the students excited and working together on something they created. They are using the different technology programs they have learned in class to really help them start and manage their small business. I am very proud of all of them.”

Each Foothills Academy student was assigned a different management area of the business. The finance department budgets, balances finances, figures profit to cost ratios, and projects profits, which they all learned how to manage using Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. The marketing students are in charge of making signs to put up around school, creating and managing social media for free advertising, and filming a commercial to put on YouTube. All the students were involved in making the commercial and they used Imovie to edit it before posting it to YouTube and their social media outlets. You can view the commercial here

A production line was also used to help make the bows and the bands for the cups, allowing faster production times. The students are now selling the bow and band accessory set for $5 and a clear tumbler cup with the accessory set included for $10 at the Foothills Academy student store, and online through their website www.bevbling.weebly.com. Check out their products on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram keyword: bevbling, which the students all set up and manage.

For more information about Foothills Academy please visit www.foothillsacademy.com.