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Déjà vu with some new faces, but the same dirty old tricks

The stores and restaurants keep closing up in Carefree and the ones that do survive aren’t open very often. But some things about Carefree never seem to change – its politics – they stink. In March 2009 the council tried to pull a fast one and institute 4 year staggered terms. Voters defeated that scam. In May that same year the council opposed Direct Election of the Mayor, voters decided otherwise. In 2011 the council opposed Term Limits and once again the voters overruled them. So now in 2014, all pumped up after their own administrative act gave them a unique 3 1/2 year term instead of the 2 year term they were elected to serve, they are trying to impose 4 year council and mayoral terms in office, permanently.

Why is this still a bad thing? The primary reason, this time, is because they are deceiving the residents. If voters were to approve the two propositions that will appear on the upcoming ballot, they will have fallen for the political deceit and inadvertently eliminated the term limits ordinance currently in force. Think the council can’t do that? They would simply declare that approval of Propositions 488 & 489 created an inconsistency in town statutes, which they are required to address. Once again a simple administrative act will be used to achieve their goal. They will wipe out the voter approved term limits and succeed in securing longer terms in office for themselves. This is some pushy group; they don’t like recall elections and don’t like having to face re-election every two years but they do like staying in office regardless of their performance and/or impact on the town. Carefree deserves much better and so do the voters. Washington could learn a trick or two from Carefree town government. Early Ballots will arrive on or about October 2.

VOTE NO on Proposition 488 and 489, and please keep your Carefree friends and neighbors informed.

John Traynor


Some Carefree history

While some towns in Arizona have 4 year term limits, Carefree is not one of them and here is why; Carefree citizens realized that 4 year terms were simply too long to wait should an elected official fail to do his due diligence in representing his constituents, not to mention failure of fiduciary responsibilities. This was not an irrational fear as Carefree has had these problems in the past and, it seems, in the present.

Some argue that running for office every two years is time consuming and expensive. Not so. All that is needed for an incumbent to be reelected is to simply do the job he/she was elected to do. In the twelve years I served as a Carefree Town Councilman I made myself available to all residents either personally, by email or telephone. My campaign expenditures were negligible. If council members, including the mayor, would just get out, meet those they represent and listen to their concerns they could save a lot in campaign funds.

While Propositions 488 and 489 may seem straightforward, they are anything but. Behind these propositions is the desire by the council and mayor to stay in power. More importantly these propositions would negate term limits in the Town Code. Term limits were overwhelmingly approved by you, the citizen, in 2011. New blood, new thinking and different priorities are all necessary for a town to thrive. Yes, experience helps, but a break of two years is not forever and allows others with the desire to contribute to the community to do so. At that time, Carefree voters realized this and voted accordingly.

Citizens of Carefree, the truth is that Props 488 and 489 are an insult to your intelligence. You have already voted on these issues. The fact that today’s town council wants to undo what you have approved only shows that their personal agendas are more important to them than you are. Please prove them wrong and vote NO on these propositions.

Bob Coady
Former Carefree Councilman


A little transparency in Carefree, at last!

Carefree neighbors, a very important meeting is scheduled for Oct. 6 at 5 p.m. in the Council Chambers at the post office. You really need to come and see what all of the 'back room' 'hush-hush' noise is about that will affect YOUR TOWN.

For many months the Carefree Town Council, or a few members of same, have been plotting to build a new building next to Town Hall. They have been coming up with many different ways to justify this. Most of the ideas have 'died' per the Mayor. (No Heard Museum, No Phoenix Arts, and they say No ASU satellite). However developer Ed Lewis, in the recent (excellent) article by Linda Bentley, has a much different take on the whole issue.

In his remarks he blasts the town leaders for their lack of transparency THREE TIMES. He sites their antagonistic attitude and flat rejection TWO TIMES. He goes on to say what we have heard "is not the true facts." When Town Hall saw his remarks, and also received the petition from the town’s 'stakeholders' they finally made the decision to hold an open meeting on October 6. Lewis forced this to be an open meeting by insisting that most of the council members attend. Town Hall, of course, would have rather met behind closed doors, I assume.

I have said we should all support the Lewis project in every way that we can – BUT NOT WITH OUR POCKETBOOK. His project must stand on its own merit without a bankroll from our reserves.

Our council has had a history these past months to hold "Executive Sessions" time after time ... to discuss in private "Economic Issues that relate to town center development." These meetings are never made public and unless a 'formal vote' needs to be taken they never surface.
Now all of us get the chance to see and hear what is going on. We will have the right to also be heard on the agenda issues.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Come to see the 'fireworks' for yourself. That way you can judge how your elected officials are plotting to change YOUR TOWN, without your vote ... and without the support of an overwhelming number of local stakeholders.

Jim Van Allen
Conservative Carefree resident


Carefree needs a fiscally responsible council

Carefree residents now learn that Mayor Schwan is quite ardently pushing for a sort of town monument, or edifice, to be constructed, apparently, as a sort of legacy of recognition of his oversight and administration. This comes in the form of constructing a new town hall and council meeting chambers.

We learn a few of the details of this project from the mayor’s personal publicist and press secretary, that being the frequently published “Carefree Truth,” or perhaps “Carefree Spin” would be a more apt masthead. Apparently, from the abiding tone reflected in Carefree Truth, the Carefree mayor is infallible when it comes to matters relating to town policies or initiatives he supports.

Really, does it make economic sense for a town consisting of about 1,750 full-time residents to spend about one-third of its reserves, or close to $2-million, to build a 5,000 square foot town council meeting space and new town admin facility? Other than a few vaguely articulated hopes, why are these facilities needed? (Haven't we had our fill of "hope"?)

How is it sensible to provide that much room when town council meetings are typically attended by only six to eight people who aren’t required to be there?

How does it make sense to construct a new, costly and flamboyant meeting chambers and town hall when the town can’t even figure-out how to brand its image, when Carefree has no public identity?

A majority of the town’s small businesses sure don’t believe the scheme is fiscally responsible, based on the petition that was recently sent to the town council.

And what about the distinct possibility that the amount of funds potentially spent could easily double the forecast? This is due to the mayor’s campaign to construct a venue for the Desert Foothills Theater (DFT). Despite the likely forecasts of funding via public donations, I would wager that we see an amount of money earmarked for a project like this in the next town budget.

And I would ask, what was the Sanderson Lincoln $250-thousand donation for, if not to renovate the Carefree amphitheater to function as a sort of cultural center and entertainment venue? According to the lack of reporting from the mayor’s publicist, no one is now discussing the amphitheater investment benefits. Why not?

Carefree is small, quiet, with an out-of-the-way town center, and with just a sufficient number of small businesses to satisfy the meager tourist traffic and the small, full-time population. Carefree’s residents like it this way; the solitude, the lack of congestion, etc. Let’s hope that the more fiscally responsible, less self-serving minds on the Carefree Town Council (like Council Woman Melissa Price) stand their ground and forestall any personal legacy or edifice building at the town’s expense.

Freddy Bentine-Brown


Trenk, Monachino and Mr. TC Thorstenson

Trenk and Monachino voted on Monday, Sept. 15 to support their good buddy TC Thorstenson’s request to the Liquor Commission to add a volleyball court to his Hogs N Horses downtown rodeo grounds despite the fact that the application was inaccurate. This vote was yet another example of their political payback to Mr. Thorstenson who seems to be Trenk’s best supporter and closest friend in Cave Creek. The question the Council should ask the Liquor Commission is why Mr. Thorstenson should be allowed to continue to do business in Cave Creek at all?

I know that my memory is short, but let’s look back to March 8, just over 6 months ago when the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department reported that at around midnight Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to Thorstenson’s home in Cave Creek in response to a 911 call from an a woman who reportedly ran from Thorstenson’s home to escape sexual advances. The victim reported that Trenk’s good buddy gave her free drinks at his bar then brought her to his home on the pretext of giving her a ride to her home. Details of the assault are included in the Departmental report. The report also notes that as sheriff’s deputies arrived at Thorstenson’s home, he sped away and was followed back to his bar and arrested for extreme DUI, assault, and indecent exposure. The arresting deputy reported that Mr. Thorstenson was extremely drunk when arrested in the parking lot of Hogs N Horses.

It would seem that the licensee of a bar governed by the Liquor Commission should not be allowed to exercise the privilege of operating a bar given that the facts in the Departmental report are confirmed. Mr. Thorstenson created an unsafe environment for patrons and the public at large by his reported irresponsible conduct. Certainly, conduct of this nature would lead any rational Town Council to consider that this is only the tip of the iceberg on possible widespread violations at these premises. At least in the case considered on Sept. 15, the other Council members did not recommend approval of Mr. Thorstenson’s bogus application if only for administrative reasons.

Trenk, Monachino and Thorstenson are three peas in pod – Cave Creek’s finest.

Bob Williams
Cave Creek


The American future

The United States of America has always been a reluctant participant in war. We in this country (USA) are more of a freedom loving nation than a war-like nation. Furthermore, we wish to rule or control no other nation(s) for that very reason. However, we will fight if we are pushed into it and ISIS is going to push us whether we like it or not. War in America is around the corner for the U.S., trying to pretend it isn’t is foolish at best. A good (great) leader would see it coming and make plans to confront it in order to protect the nation and the citizens, in other words prepare so it has a very limited effect on the people and nation. “If” he is wrong no harm, no foul but most importantly no problem. However, if right, we would be ready. The problem is, we do not have a forward thinking president (even though he may call himself progressive).
Consequently, he and therefore our military generals will again be surprised. We were under Wilson during WWI and Roosevelt during WWII. Whether that which is coming is WWIII remains to be seen. But ISIS will see to it, it is here. They mean to kill us all. They are, according to many who have the ability to know, already here.

Recently there was an attempt to behead citizens in Australia. It was stopped. Even Australia however, is much different then the U.S., because the citizens no longer are armed as they once were and have no ability to protect themselves as they once did. Therefore, they “have” to rely on the government in one form or another for protection. In the current case they were successful. It appears in the future however, it may not be so, for ISIS will surely adjust. Just as a soldier was killed in Britain (beheaded in broad daylight) they may be in Australia as well. That was their intent!

The United States of America is unique in the world in its own way. Most or at least many citizens are armed; so many as a matter of fact, all the armies in the world do not surpass the number of armed citizens here. That in itself will present a serious problem for ISIS and all the other Islamic organizations in the world if they attempt to take over and control the United States of America. There are many groups! Their strategy of beheading innocent people in an effort to terrify people into not responding (resisting) may work other places but not in America and therefore it may very well lead to their demise now that the American ire is energized.
Just like in WWII armed citizens present a unique problem for those desiring to overcome and defeat this once great nation. We will prevail, as we have in the past, in the future! United we cannot be defeated; divided we cannot win! That is up to us! Which do “you” want or desire?

Don Bitler


Mistake to arm Syrian Rebels

President Obama, with the approval of Congress, has blundered ahead to fund and arm so called moderate Sunnis in Syria to fight the radical Sunnis in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). This is a huge error because there are no moderate Sunnis.

In the Middle East it is all about religion. The so called moderate Sunnis in Syria will turn the arms against President Assad of Syria and his Shiite followers. Their enemy is Assad and the Shiites, not the fellow Sunnis of ISIS. If they succeed in overthrowing Assad, the so called moderate Sunnis and ISIS will incorporate all of Syria and part of Iraq into their caliphate.
This will mean we will have to continue our air campaign in Iraq and Syria, but now we will have to go after a much wider and more entrenched target which is equipped with our equipment.

We should continue the air strikes, arm the Kurds, and provide advisers to the Iraqi Army. If we have to arm the Syrians, we should sell them low quality arms with no spare parts.

Donald A. Moskowitz
Londonderry, New Hampshire


Dear friends

The federal government was trying to lock me up for between 10 and 16 months, and a federal judge said "no" this week. I was sentenced to 5 years probation along with a fine and community service.

I'm excited that the judge's fair ruling will allow me to continue my work. If the government had succeeded in locking me up, I wouldn't have been able to make a film in the next presidential election year.

I am so thankful to my lawyer Ben Brafman, to Judge Berman, to an incredible group of close friends and family, and to you, my countless readers and viewers who have prayed for me, sent me messages of support, and been a huge part of the last year for me.

Since the judge's sentence, reactions have been coming in from all sides. Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz and David Mason (Clinton FEC appointee) told Newsmax I should never have been prosecuted in the first place.

For an inside glimpse into the sentencing proceedings, read Jerome Corsi's hearing recap at WND.

Katie Pavlich at wrote about the government's efforts to mislead the judge in my case by trying to draw false parallels between corruption cases and my case.

While the left was transfixed on my case, new letters were uncovered this week that confirm the close connection between Hillary Clinton and Saul Alinsky that I outlined in America. The letters show that Clinton and Alinsky were close friends during the years that shaped Hillary's worldview.

To watch my telling of Hillary's story and the story of the shaming of America, pre-order your copy of America now! Your DVD will be delivered by October 28.

Dinesh D'Souza


How I see it

I don't believe we should be attacking and admonishing the U.S. "Secret Service" for their recent security errors and blunders on the White House grounds.

We must try to remember that the "not so secret service" is tasked with protecting the life and person of the American president.

I'm sure as soon as we have one they will rise to the occasion.

Tom Carbone
Cave Creek


Doubters – tuck this away

There's a movement progressing across the country that some are doubting can bear any meaningful fruit. For those doubters, I'd like to request that you tuck the knowledge of the movement away in a corner of your memory for future consideration.

Increasing numbers of citizens across the country are beginning to realize that they have virtually no chance of being heard in Washington, D.C., as their voices are drown out by large corporate interests, far-reaching corruption, and a general dismissal of interest of both political parties to genuinely adhere to the Will of the People.

This is not just my personal opinion, but rather confirmed by a recent study by Princeton University Professor Martin Gilens and Northwestern University Professor Benjamin Page. The name of the study is "Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens." The study found Washington, in great measure, ignores the desires and directives of average citizens, and instead adheres to the will and dictates of monied and business interests. Average citizens have virtually no influence in today's law and rule-making in Washington D.C. It follows that sending “good people” to Washington will have little effect for meaningful change.

The only remaining answer to peacefully and legally restore the Will of the People to governance in America can be found in Article V of the U.S. Constitution; hence The Movement.
State legislatures across the nation are working to bring about an assembly, or meeting, of the states to present constitutional amendments designed to “... impost fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and limit the terms of office for its officials and for members of Congress.” Article V grants states this authority with virtually no interference from Washington D.C. This is NOT a call for a Constitutional Convention, but rather a call to amend our existing constitution ... something that has been done more than 20 times.

Go to for more information when you realize that restoring our Constitutional Republic MUST be brought about by the state legislatures. Doubters ... store this information away ... you're going to want it someday soon.

Teresa Alvelo