Guest Editorial

By JOE OTTO  |  OCTOBER 1, 2014

New Gun Control Bill introduced in Congress!

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Every major piece of firearm legislation that has passed in the past three decades has taken something away from us. And now, Democrats are once again calling for an expansion of the federal government’s gun background check law!

Nothing ever seems to be enough for these people. Gun control advocates continue to argue that American gun owners need to “compromise” for “common sense” gun reforms.

That’s ridiculous! We have already “compromised” enough!

Rep. Mike Honda (D-CA) has introduced H.R. 5606, a piece of legislation that would outlaw “homemade” firearms and some Republicans are reportedly considering supporting it!

Help kill gun control NOW! Tell Congress to STOP H.R. 5606 and all other Liberal gun control efforts!

Last year, a bipartisan majority in both chambers of Congress voted to pass the Undetectable Firearms Act Obama signed the bill into law and it is now once again illegal to build a firearm made entirely out of plastic.

The original bill was going to be much stricter. Democrats wanted to ban a wide range of popular guns simply because they had plastic parts. Republicans have told us to just be happy that the Democrats didn’t get exactly what they wanted… But that’s not how this is supposed to work!

Now, Democrats are making another big push to make it illegal for citizens to build their own guns!

But we shouldn’t have to swallow ANY bitter pill when it comes the Second Amendment!

This is so recent that the congressional press office hasn’t even published the text of the bill yet. But H.R. 5606 is real and it is coming!

Many pundits have suggested that this bill has no chance of making it through the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, but they said the same about the bill to ban plastic guns…

And what did John Boehner do? He caved under the pressure and allowed the plastic gun ban to be passed!

Rep. Honda is also the author of H.R. 5344, a bill that would outlaw civilian possession of body armor. And the rumor is that the both bills will be combined into a new piece of gun control legislation!

It isn’t hard to tell why Rep. Mike Honda and his allies are trying to ban “homemade” firearms. The process of machining a piece of aluminum into a workable firearm requires a lot of skill that the average criminal doesn’t possess.

Criminals don’t need to build their own guns. They just steal them or buy them on the street.

No, Democrats want to ban homemade guns because they want to make sure that the government knows everyone who has a gun!

Help kill gun control NOW! Tell Congress to STOP H.R. 5606 and the rest of the Liberals’ gun control attempts!

One of the main reasons that Americans build their own firearms is because they believe it is none of the government’s business what weapons they own.

Liberals are terrified of YOU! They see the American people as a potential threat to their tyranny. And do you know what? They should be afraid of us! Members of Congress should be afraid of reprisal if they trample on our rights!

Liberals claim that the background check system stops felons and fugitives from buying guns. But only around 0.06% of all background check denials are actually prosecuted!

In 2010, for example, there were more than 34,000 felons and almost 14,000 fugitives who were denied during the background check process. The Obama administration only prosecuted FORTY-FOUR (44) of them!

We know that the NICS system doesn’t punish criminals because the administration can’t even be bothered to prosecute them once they’re caught… What the background check system does accomplish, however, is that it gives the administration an idea of who is purchasing firearms.

Liberals don’t want us to own unregistered firearms and body armor because they want to eliminate your ability to resist tyranny.

Whether you build your own firearms or not… whether you own body armor or not…

You should have the right to own whatever you want and the only reason that these liberals and RINOs want to take that right away is because they want to CONTROL you!

We’ve been burned before. So-called “conservatives” supported similar legislation last year with regards to plastic guns. We cannot afford to assume they won’t support this again!

Help kill gun control NOW! Tell Congress to STOP H.R. 5606 and the rest of the Liberals’ gun control attempts!

Joe Otto, Conservative Daily