SEPTEMBER 24, 2014

Prop. 303 Endorsed by Arizona Correctional Peace Officers Association

Momentum continues as Arizonans join other states movement for patients’ right to save their own lives
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PHOENIX – Tuesday, The Arizona Correctional Peace Officers Association announced their endorsement of Proposition 303 – Arizona’s Right to Try Act.  Proposition 303 allows terminally ill patients access to treatments that have passed the safety phase of the FDA clinical trials. Proposition 303 is a measure to protect the fundamental right for terminally ill patients to take control of their own treatment under the care of their own physician.

“Proposition 303 is a proposition that makes sense for our community. Right To Try gives the terminally ill another chance when all other hope fails. The Arizona Correctional Peace Officers Association fully supports and endorses Proposition 303,” said Tixoc Munoz, Executive Director for Arizona Correctional Peace Officers Association. 

Honorary Chairman, and thirteen-year-old Phoenix resident, Diego Morris said, “This is an important measure that my family and I support.  We are honored that groups such as The Arizona Correctional Peace Officers Association find Proposition 303 as important to saving lives as we do.”

Diego went on to point out, “When I was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer two years ago, I was afraid.  Adding to my frustration was having to move 5000 miles away to receive treatment because our government could not approve “a study” after more than a decade. We thank the Peace Officer’s for understanding that families need to heal at home, and Prop 303 helps save lives and heal families.”  

To learn more about Diego’s story and Proposition 303, Right to Try, please visit

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