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By dwight kehoe  |  SEPTEMBER 24, 2014

Congress! What the hell are you thinking?

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The people of America, Republicans, Independents and yes, even Democrats once again have been placed in future danger by this renegade government.  The House of Representatives and the United States Senate voted to once again fund and arm terrorists who will in very short order, turn those weapons on Americans.

How can we be so bold as to suggest such a thing?  How about, because history has proven over and over again, that Islam will always try to kill Infidels.  And, except for a few people in Obama's administration including Obama himself, Americans are Infidels.

To those who are supposed to be looking out for us, those who have sworn to protect and defend our Constitution and way of life; what the hell are you doing?  What part of Sharia Law, beheadings, mass murder and a consistently bloody Muslim history has been lost on you?

Let's review the past actions and the catastrophic results American policy makers have blundered through over the past decades, dealing with, arming and supporting moderate Islamists.

1.  Carter abandoned the Shah of Iran and supported radical terrorists in their effort to take over Iran. The Shah was, as we were told, a brutal dictator and the Iranians rebelling against him were good people who just wanted to live free.  How long did it take those freedom lovers to turn on America, then murder and torture our citizens?  Now, after years of building and planting roadside bombs that have killed and maimed countless American men and women, Iran is now building atomic weapons, arming terrorists in the Gaza Strip and is on the verge of creating Armageddon in our time.

2.  Next came the Pervert in Chief, Bill Clinton.  He thought it was a good idea to use American air power to dismantle the Christian government of Yugoslavia. The official NATO operation code name was Operation Allied Force, the United States called it Operation Noble Anvil, it should have been called Operation of Idiots.  Again, the dictator, Milosevic, was brutal and repressive.  After the air campaign and totally ignored by the media, Christian homes were burned, property confiscated and Christians were slaughtered by the Islamists we supported.  You know, the moderates.

3.  During the occupation of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union, America once again sided with Muslims and provided modern weapons, ammunition and training to Islamic fighters.  After the Soviet Union abandoned Afghanistan, the weapons America supplied to the moderates somehow found their way into terrorist camps of the not so moderate.  Today these weapons are still being used to kill American soldiers over in that hell hole.

4.  The next brilliant move is a still ongoing masterpiece of calamity.  American tax payers are paying for the building of tunnels, the accumulation of weapons and rockets which are being used to kill Israeli citizens. Shocking and as unbelievable as it might be, those in our government, consider as moderate, the Palestinian Authority which continues to fund and support Hamas.

5.  Then came Egypt. Here again we have been told that their leader was brutal, murderous and bloodthirsty.  Therefore, he had to go.  With the help of Obama he was deposed and the Muslim Brotherhood was given billions of dollars to purchase weapons and expand the Islamic Caliphate. Even though Egypt was able to stop them and take back control, the arms and money given to them are still being used to disrupt the Egyptian government.

6.  Then there was Libya, whose dictator was, once again, a cold hearted murdering scoundrel.  Even though he had spent the last two decades keeping radical Muslims under control, he too had to go.  Obama used our Air Force to obliterate Libya's government and military facilities.  He poured hundreds of millions of dollars of weapons and equipment into that country.  All of it, now that Libya's leader has been dealt with, is now in the hands of various terrorist organizations who have killed and continue to kill Americans and other infidels.

7.  For sure we can't ignore the great thing Obama did for the world when he pulled our soldiers out of Iraq before that country was able to stand on its own. The Iraqi government is in chaos, its military is deserting faster than alternative energy dollars flow down a sinkhole.  Millions of dollars of American weapons and equipment are in the hands of terrorists and is being used to slaughter not just Christians but Muslims as well.

Now we come, unfortunately, to Syria.  Consistent with Middle East leadership, it too is being ruled over by an iron fisted dictator.  A man who may have used chemical weapons on his own people, the jury is still out on that however.  But for certain he has used everything in his power to keep the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical Islamic groups form taking control of his country.   For this, he too, must go.

We are being told, just as we have in all the situations described above, that that brute must be deposed and those doing the deposing, those who we are funding, training and supplying with weapons, are the moderates who will get it done.  The irony here, that our Congress seems to be unable to grasp, is the terrorist groups our moderates will be fighting, are armed with American weapons which we gave them, when they were the moderates.

As we revisit each of those leaders America has deposed, it's difficult to escape the one characteristic they each had.  Brutality!  Why were they all so savage, barbarous and ruthless? The simple answer is; they had to be.  That is the only kind of government that can survive in that part of perdition.  It's the only type of rule that keeps them under control.  As long as the people of the Middle East continue to allow the ideology of Islam to pervade their lives and falsely call it religion, they will forever endure and deserve that kind of government.

It is difficult to understand what our Congress thinks it will accomplish by arming yet another moderate Islamic group.  That group, as all the others have, will be consumed and annihilated by the extremists, who outnumber them 10,000 to one. And once again, American soldiers and the American people will be killed by weapons our criminal leaders have put in the hands of fanatics.

So we ask, ask again, Congress, what in the hell are you thinking?

Dwight Kehoe is the Managing Editor of TPATH, Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub. For more information, to receive updates and to support TPATH visit