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don sorchych

• RINOs at work

• Local thrift

Now that primaries are over the Internet is loaded with claims and counter claims. Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Ducey is being assaulted by Democrats, which is expected, but now RINOs have joined the Democrats.

Remember Janet Napolitano who did nothing except spend money? Then she moved on to the head of Homeland Security where she did nothing of value.

How in the world did she become governor in our red state? Although maybe it is giving him too much credit, ex-Attorney General Grant Woods is said to have convinced enough Republican women voters to turn the state on its head.

Grant Woods is dangerous and now is fronting for Democrat Fred Duval for governor.

bil canfield editorial cartoon
Woods was the Arizona Attorney General from 1991 to 1999. He presented himself as a conservative and was impressive when he did. He once came to Carefree Kiwanis and some were overwhelmed with his presentation. It was not true to his politics, but crafted for the audience.

If you want to know what he stands for, he should be a Democrat. If you conduct a search on him, you will find an endless list of his tweets and retweets. Frequent among those who communicated with him are liberal Arizona Republic “reporters” like E.J Montini, Linda Valdez and Yvonne Wingett Sanchez. Way liberal New Times “reporter” Stephen Lemons is there too. I saw no well-known conservatives, not one.

Woods stands for gay marriage among all the other Democrat trappings. There are even tweets claiming we are on the way to becoming a blue state.

I didn’t endorse Ducey, but he is a business man and the state needs that kind of thinking and experience. The first ad from Duval’s people backfired because they essentially had “stock” pictures of people claiming they were rooked by Ducey as franchisees.

The question isn’t whether or not Ducey was a tough manager; he invented and developed a successful company and all the flak about his franchises started with Democrat Andrei Cherny who ran against Ducey for the state treasurer office.

In any case, be guarded about pronouncements from Woods. We don’t need a Democrat governor, been there and done that. There will be more when the elections close in.

Local issues
I have discussed the many legal proceedings affecting our upcoming election to oust the slate. Many of the actions taken by Adam Trenk were clearly vindictive. In Linda Bentley’s article concerning CCUSD it will become clear how Trenk’s legal actions against Susan Clancy have changed the dynamics of the school board race. Considering the candidates for the five member school board, it was likely the members who vote like Clancy would have had the majority vote. So one wonders what kind of collusion or act of fate caused Trenk, who as far as I know has no children, to meddle in a CCUSD election other than vindictiveness. Smells doesn’t it?

CCUSD clearly needs a new superintendent but it will never happen while her friends and supporters have the majority vote. This election plays into the governor’s race because Duval is a school hawk who thinks schools are under funded. What is scary is that Duval has the powerful union vote and NEA affiliate AEA is all about more and more money. Read Linda’s article carefully. There is history of CCUSD’s misuse of money with years of bad decision making by the superintendent, backed by the good old boys and girls on the school board.

Meanwhile, the slate of councilmen in Cave Creek ran on a platform of spending less money. They adopted former Town Manager Usama Abujbarah’s budget with no changes. The slate, or their supporters, hired a PI looking for corruption which apparently didn’t exist. The slate spent $80,000 for road maintenance software. Notice any change? Due to the way they fired Abujbarah they are spending about $10,000 each month to defend against Abujbarah’s lawsuit and the town faces a $3 million liability if he prevails.

The slate decided the town needed to greet people who entered the town from east and west with horse statues. So they had two constructed for $20,000.

They claimed a philosophy of saving money by buying locally. There are many fine sculptures up and down throughout the town core. There are many different styles of full size metallic horses, some with riders, for about $1,000 each.