The real meaning of "RATFINK"

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steele coddingtonThe best blog on the Internet recently was one with pictures of Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Separate from those pictures was a picture of Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi, our Marine who has been imprisoned in Mexico for accidently crossing the border with some personal weapons. The message on the blog was, "Let's trade," meaning the politicians for the Sergeant. The obvious spoof was a ridicule of the idiotic trade by Obama of five Taliban terrorists in Guantanamo for one reported Army deserter. But five politicians for one Marine? Now that's a good trade!

The idea does bring up a serious question relating to how difficult it is to vote out entrenched liberals endorsed by equally liberal (radical?) media. So you will be happy to hear that my grandmother will be establishing a new non-profit Political Action Committee (PAC). Its mission will be to formally and constitutionally obtain removal of long term mushy headed-liberals in Washington.

Gramma has submitted the papers to the IRS for approval. Its objective will be to promote a Constitutional Amendment that will allow a Recall of the President and particular members of the Cabinet. The Amendment's title, as the 28th Amendment is: RECALL ALL THE FEDERAL INCOMPETANT NINCOMPOOP KNUCKLEHEADS (RATFINK). The acronym does have the air of familiarity with the aforementioned blog.

The major intent of the Amendment is to recall the incompetents and to designate those new responsible individuals named below as the first constitutional recall government to restore America:

PRESIDENT: Charles Krauthammer. Read his best selling book "Things That Matter," and his regular columns in major newspapers to get a measure of the kind of intelligence, common sense and ethical character needed to make the country great and safe again.

VICE-PRESIDENT: Dr. Ben Carson, the kind of real patriot the country needs in a leadership position. Read his book "America the Beautiful."

SECRETARY OF STATE: Laura Ingraham, political commentator and radio host. She daily demonstrates the intelligence and ability to crack heads where needed and knows when the real crises are not just political polls.

SECRETARY OF DEFENSE: Allen West, former Congressman and retired Army Col. who is articulate, knowledgeable and intellectually able to recognize threats to the U.S. and formulate strategies to address them.

ATTORNEY GENERAL: Megyn Kelly, Fox News anchor. An attorney who is ethical, accomplished, knows the Constitution and won't discriminate of behalf of political groups like unions, Public Employees, or the IRS and won't cover up government scandals.

PRESS SECRETARY: Thomas Sowell, a practical, intellectual political analyst with the ability to articulate the truth. See examples of some recent writings in the Wall Street Journal, or just digest these examples from a recent column in Investors Business Daily where he comments that Obama really does have a strategy - it is, "To get each crisis off the front pages and off television as quickly as he can." Sowell's assessment of Obama's job so far: "If you assume that Obama is trying to protect the safety and interest of the United States and its allies, then clearly he has been a monumental failure. It is hard to think of any part of the world where things have gotten better for us since the Obama administration began." What a realistic voice!

We'll keep you posted on the progress of RATFINK and feature more replacements for the Obama Nincompoops in our next news letter.