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Idea to use write-ins as a choice for "None of the Above"

For voters in rigged districts where there is only one candidate to vote for that they don't like, here is an idea to let them show their displeasure. Unlike some places, Arizona does not have "None of the Above" as a ballot election. But they do allow Write In candidates, and a ballot marked for a Write In candidate gets automatically tabulated and will show up immediately in the results available on election night. Instead of voting for the only candidate, or not voting for any candidate, just mark the Write In selection and write "None of the Above" in the blank where a name would go.

This idea would not change the outcome of an election, but as it stands now, most unopposed candidates win with something like 99 percent of the vote and then think they have some sort of mandate. If they only got something like 70 percent of the vote and the rest were write-ins cast as a "None of the Above" vote, it would send a message and might show that candidates from other parties are viable in future elections. Just imagine a candidate being interviewed about their win on election night after running unopposed and having to explain why so many people voted for "None of the Above."

Send a message in this election if you don't like your choices. Use the write-in capability to tell them "None of the Above."

Jeffrey Greeson


Fire Risk - Are APS 'smart' meters overheating?

In the wake of several massive "smart" meter recalls due to component overheating and subsequent fires, is APS replacing tens of thousands of "smart" meters? An anonymous APS whistle-blower says “Yes.” Read more in my letter to the Arizona Corporation Commission below.

September 2, 2014
Arizona Corporation Commissioner (ACC)
Docket Control Center
1200 West Washington Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Re: Docket # E-00000C-11-0328

A source within APS has revealed that APS “smart” meters are failing, and failing in a way that presents a fire risk to ratepayers.

My source, whose privacy I must protect, tells me that APS has replaced thousands of faulty “smart” meters, and is scheduled to replace 50 to 60 thousand this year alone due to heat induced failure of the remote disconnect switch and LCD display. (I have seen the failed LCDs.)

Remote disconnect switch failure resulted in a recall of over 10,000 “smart” meters in Lakeland, Florida where 6 house fires occurred [Meters overheating, to be replaced in Lakeland]. And in Portland, Oregon, remote disconnect switch failure resulted in a recall of 70,000 “smart” meters after 3 fires there [PGE replacing 70,000 electricity meters because of fire risk]. “Smart” meter-caused house fires have resulted in massive “smart” meter recalls in Pennsylvania (186,000) and Saskatchewan (105,000).

You must investigate APS at once. State statute demands it.

A.R.S. 40-361.B – Every public service corporation shall furnish and maintain such service, equipment and facilities as will promote the safety, health, comfort and convenience of its patrons, employees and the public, and as will be in all respects adequate, efficient and reasonable.

A.R.S. 40-321.A – When the commission finds that the equipment, appliances, facilities or service of any public service corporation, or the methods of manufacture, distribution, transmission, storage or supply employed by it, are unjust, unreasonable, unsafe, improper, inadequate or insufficient, the commission shall determine what is just, reasonable, safe, proper, adequate or sufficient, and shall enforce its determination by order or regulation.

APS has painted a very rosy picture of their “smart” meters over the years, but have they told you about this dangerous and potentially life threatening inherent flaw, one that analog meters do not have? APS has a history of concealing information from the public and regulatory agencies. APS refuses to come clean about their “dark money” political donations, and, earlier this year, it was revealed that APS did not report an explosion at their Palo Verde nuclear plant for 5 months ['Explosion' at Palo Verde nuclear plant not reported for 5 months]. Also, if APS is replacing tens of thousands of “smart” meters, how long will it be until APS comes begging for a rate increase so that ratepayers bear the financial brunt of their (and your) “smart” meter fiasco?


Warren Woodward


Don't let the media talk us into a nuclear war with Russia!

Why the media is trying to force the American public to accept a nuclear war with Russia over Kiev is beyond me. Does anyone remember why Japan bombed Pearl Harbor which ultimately resulted in a one sided nuclear war? We cut off their life blood of oil! They knew war with America was an act of desperation but the specter of their economic collapse without oil was just as ominous.

At least some of you must remember how America responded to the Russians putting nuclear armed missiles in Cuba. Remember the Cuban missile crisis? Well now the World bankers, CIA and NATO are putting anti-missile systems as close to Russia as possible to totally nullify their ability to respond to any attack from the USA or NATO. Can you imagine if Canada allowed Russia to do the same thing? And by the U.S. overthrowing the legitimate government of Ukraine we are trying to deny them access from the Mediterranean Sea for their NAVY!

It is bad enough our government armed Al Qaeda, now called ISIA, but putting the future of mankind on the brink of a nuclear war over Kiev is beyond insanity. I want my kids and grand children to have a normal life. I don't want their lives cut short by a media that seems oblivious to the realities of a nuclear exchange and a Military Industrial Complex that can't exist with out never ending self generated conflicts. I use to consider myself a hawk, but I now realize we were all played for fools.


Joseph DuPont
Towanda, Pennsylvania


What will it take?

During World War II, in response to the Nazis and the Japanese attacking cities and committing atrocities against citizens of other countries … the allies had the courage to fight back on equal terms. They began day and night bombing raids over Germany and devastated the German cities. Nearing the end of the war in the Pacific the United States bombed Japanese cities and as the time for the invasion of the Japanese homeland approached the U.S. boldly used atomic weapons to end the war and save thousands upon thousands of U.S. lives which would have been lost in a land invasion. No quarter was given!

In recent years, INSIDE these United States we have twice witnessed and been subjected to attacks on American soil that resulted in the deaths of thousands of ordinary citizens by RADICAL Islamist terrorists. They gave no consideration to the safety of these non-military, non-combatant personnel whether they be man, woman or child.

We have now learned that a second American citizen and journalist has been beheaded by ISIS for no other reason than to "teach America a lesson."

What will it take for the Barack Hussein Obama to man up, throw away the losing ridiculous posture of "political correctness" and attack this ENEMY WHEREVER he is, WHEREVER he seeks refuge, WHENEVER we can. And we need to do it now. It is time to remove any and all the safe havens these murderers to hide in. This is an all out war; the enemy has announced their intention of attacking and destroying us and we have a person of no qualifications in the White House that is either too timid to act, is a coward, or is sympathetic to the "cause" of this enemy.

At the very best we have a "weakling" in the White House when we are in need of a leader who is bold and fearless, who will act decisively, ruthlessly and relentlessly in defense of OUR nation.

We need OUR Armed Forces released to react and act now!

What will it take for someone to step forward?

Tom Carbone
Cave Creek


School dumps Christian chaplains for what?

Volunteer chaplains at a Florida school district are the latest victims of the ongoing purge of Christian culture in America.

And once again, the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is to blame.

Undeterred by their failure to purge Gideon Bibles from the Navy's on-base lodgings, the radical atheists have found their next Christian targets.

For many years, local pastors volunteered to serve as chaplains for Orange County Public Schools' football teams.

But now they're being forced out in favor of secular "life coaches" after the FFRF threatened the school district in a letter targeting the Christian chaplains.

The chaplains were given a chance to continue volunteering, but according to Chaplain Troy Schmidt, he was forbidden from praying, using a Bible, or talking about Jesus.

Not only are the young athletes deprived of spiritual guidance and prayer, but the school's faculty, staff, and coaches are forbidden from participating in student-led prayer as well.

This is a clear violation of district employees' First Amendment Religious Freedoms.

And it's more proof that anti-religious zealots like the FFRF, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Homosexual Lobby will not be satisfied until they've censored all public displays of Christian values and morality.

As long as I have Public Advocate's supporters behind me, I will continue to lead our defiance of their anti-Christian efforts.

But while it is easy to get caught up in anger when reading of stories like this, it is important that we keep Orange County Public Schools' football teams in our prayers.

You and I must not let radical atheists succeed in their efforts to stymie God's will for these young men.

Thank you for your continued support of Public Advocate and our fight to protect Christian morality and Religious Freedom in America.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the U.S.

P.S. Will you help Public Advocate defend our Religious Liberties and Christian values?

Contributions or gifts to Public Advocate of the U.S. are not tax deductible. Public Advocate is a nonprofit organization that fights the radical agenda of the Homosexual Lobby. Public Advocate receives no government funds. You may reach us at: Public Advocate, P.O. Box 1360, Merrifield, VA 22116; phone (703) 845-1808;


Dear patriot,

U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu first rode her Father's name recognition to election in 1996. In that time she has twice been re-elected thanks to her running as a moderate. Unfortunately, many of the Senator's actions during her tenure have been anything but moderate. Here are 5 reasons that 2015 should bring with it a new Senator for Louisiana.

1. She accepted what would appear to be a buy off in the form of a large payment to her state's Medicaid system in exchange for her ‘yes’ vote on Obamacare. She went from a possible ‘no’ to a ‘yes’ vote after this was written into the bill.

2. Voted for the notorious ‘Gang of Eight’ amnesty bill last spring that fast-tracks citizenship for illegals and neglects the border.

3. Has used taxpayer dollars to fly to campaign events, which is strictly forbidden by law.

4. Pushes for higher taxes on Americans, but does not even bother to pay the property taxes on her lavish DC home.

5. Speaking of her DC home, she officially lists her parents' New Orleans house as her official voting address. This, of course, has led to serious doubts about whether the Senator even lives in Louisiana.

We believe that Louisianians deserve a Senator who will represent Louisiana, not the District of Columbia.

In Liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin
Chairman, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund


Obama's plan to regain a congressional majority

I'm sure you are as deeply concerned about President Obama's abuse of "executive power" and pro-amnesty agenda as I am. That's why I'm asking for a few minutes of your time to give me your opinions by completing The Conservative Caucus’ new U.S. Citizen Straw Poll.

Why is it important that you complete your Straw Poll? Because we're going to tabulate and publish the results for the White House, Congress and media.

As I'm sure you know, President Obama manipulated the Hispanic voting bloc in 2012 to win re-election. Now Obama wants to side-step Congress to grant amnesty to MILLIONS of illegal aliens in order to regain control of the House and maintain his majority in the Senate.

Obama's radical pro-amnesty agenda will cost taxpayers like you and me BILLIONS of dollars, which will go to illegal aliens' FREE health care, welfare, unemployment payments, and public housing. And it will continue to cost millions of Americans jobs.

Not only does this continue the Left's expansion of the "welfare state" in America, but it rewards illegal aliens who have been living off the public trough.

We can't let this happen!

Here's a brief list of the devastating actions Obama has committed already:

Side-stepped the legislative process by "executive power" and instructed the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to simply stop deporting many of the 12-20 million illegal immigrants who are in this country;

Instructed ICE to set up a special, tax-payer funded HOTLINE to help suspected illegal alien lawbreakers;

Issued work authorization to hundreds of thousands of illegals, allowing them to compete for American jobs.

And if he's able to force more of his pro-amnesty agenda on Americans, things will get much worse and cost us taxpayers even more money.

Is this the America you want for your children and grandchildren? I'm sure it isn't.

As you probably know, The Conservative Caucus has been a grassroots, citizen-action group leader that defends American liberty and independence. We've . . .

Led the fight against encroachment by the anti-American UN and other globalist bureaucrats;

Been instrumental in leading the fight against our adversaries who want to "legalize" millions of illegal aliens;

Helped stop Congress' effort in 2013 to pass the "Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill" that would legalize millions of illegal aliens, devastating our economy, and vastly expanding the enormous welfare state; and

Worked to repeal the ridiculously-high cost Obamacare piece-by-piece, which will only get worse when 12-20 million illegals enroll in it.

And right now, we're working harder than ever to stop the Left's radical pro-amnesty, socialist agenda.

Can you imagine if President Obama gets a majority of liberal democrats in the House and maintains his majority in the Senate?

The administration and radical groups could use their political advantage to help illegal immigrants commit voter fraud in future elections and continue to live off of the taxpayer's dime.

As you know, The Conservative Caucus relies entirely on voluntary contributions from supporters like you.

And I'm counting on your continued support to help us reach more Americans with our Straw Poll and continue to expand our other important work by making a generous gift to The Conservative Caucus after you complete your survey.

Thank you for all of your past support. I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours to stop amnesty for Illegal aliens by "executive power,"

Peter J. Thomas


RINOS rear their lefty heads

It didn't take long for Arizona RINOs to rear their lefty heads. One week after the primary, the names of dozens of pro-choice Republicans appeared in a full-page ad in the Arizona Republic endorsing liberal Democrat Fred DuVal for governor. This is the same Fred DuVal who's been a Democratic Party hack for over thirty years. He's not held a real job other than working in Democrat politics, as a political appointee and a political lobbyist since his early twenties, including a stint in the Clinton administration. His latest career path has been as a high-priced liberal lobbyist including involvement in the UBS play-for-pay scandal in New Mexico. And as member of the Arizona Board of Regents, he lead the charge to almost double tuition rates at our state universities; but, blames Republicans for that (except for those supporting him, of course).

Lead by Grant Woods (he really still considers himself a Republican!? Really?), the ad lists the usual suspects and includes other liberals like former state senator Carolyn Allen whose voting record in the legislature was in the middle of the Democrats; Chris Herstam, Susan Gerard, Jennifer Burns, Doug Todd, John Wettaw and others-all cut from the same liberal cloth. For their entire political careers they've been masquerading as Republicans. The list is a veritable who's who of Republican pro-choice advocates who think they're smarter than everyone else and never pass up a chance to criticize conservatives for (fill in the blank).

There are a few new faces listed, several from the conservative bastion of Gilbert. Former Gilbert Vice Mayor and known trouble maker Linda Abbott; former school board member, former town councilman, and current town curmudgeon Don Skousen; former school board president Julia McCleve; and former town councilman John Sentz, have all now outed themselves as the liberals we all knew they were/are. Notice they are all "former" office holders. They've all been replaced by conservatives and no doubt have no expectations of running for office again, ever. Gilbert is the better for it and the Democrats are welcome to them.

This sort of "I'm a Republican but I'm supporting a Democrat who puts (fill in the blank) ahead of politics" happens every presidential and gubernatorial cycle. It's a strawman. It's what RINOs always say so they can adorn themselves with that air of superiority. Woods always feels the need to stretch his liberal muscle in these circumstances in his constant attempt at relevance. He's already appeared in a television ad announcing his support for DuVal and no doubt the Dems will continue to employ him as one of their useful idiots. And that pretty much defines this group.

A m e r i c a n P o s t - G a z e t t e
Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E, in Arizona


Restoring our Constitution to our Founders' intents

Our federal government wants us to believe that their purpose is to provide for our needs. They do this because it serves their purpose—the aggregation of federal power.  Over the years, the federal government has amassed overwhelming power that is clearly outside of the boundaries that the Framers intended when they wrote the Constitution.

Our Constitution permits the Supreme Court to be the final interpreter. This interpreted Constitution allows runaway spending, undeclared wars, government agencies spying on the citizens, massive debt, rule by executive order, coercive medical insurance, and the rise of a dominating bureaucracy.  All of these things are constitutional according to the Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court admitted they disregarded the Framers’ intents in the court’s opinion in New York vs USA, in 1992,

Congress will never amend the Constitution to restore the Framers' intents--it's not in their interest.  It is up to the people and our state legislatures to rein in the power and jurisdiction of the federal government through an Article V Convention of States.  Citizens for Self Governance started the Convention of States Project in August 2013 and it has taken off.  Learn more by visiting

Art Bedford
Saint Augustine, Texas