Guest Editorial

BY Robert Quinn   |  SEPTEMBER 10, 2014

Barack Obama – The man who stole America – Part I

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Six years ago, I started reading articles challenging whether Barack Obama was ever eligible to have sought the Office of President of the United States. The more I read and researched the more evident it became that he had perpetrated the greatest political hoax ever against our Nation. Following is a recap of my writings on this issue which conforms with what millions now proclaim, namely, that the man currently in the White House is not, and never was, the President of the United States; a man who will do anything to prevent his birth records from being viewed, as you will read in this and future articles. In a previous election, I was prepared to vote for Herman Cain until he dropped out of the Race, and I, a Caucasian, am prepared to vote for another African-American in 2016. My voting is not based on the "transparency" a candidate claims to have but on the "transparency" he or she exhibits.

Has our Constitution become an obsolete document? Approx. 235 years ago the Revolutionary War ended and the United States of America was born, liberty proclaimed and laws enacted under the new Constitution. At that time, John Jay wisely convinced George Washington to include in it, under Art.2,Sec.1, the limiting of the Presidency and Vice-Presidency to "natural-born" American citizens so that no one with a dual-nationality or other foreign allegiance could adversely affect the governance of our Country, a provision ignored by many in today's political arena, who treat the above article(as well as other parts of our Constitution) as "throwaway" pieces of legislation if they conflict with one's ambition. Obama deliberately deceived America by preventing access to virtually every document bearing his name and knowingly approving a fraudulent "Certification of Live Birth"(COLB) and a later fraudulent 2011 "Certificate of Live Birth"(long form) as proof of eligibility. He did not seek valid copies of documents from proper authorities but used fraudulent ones created just for him, choosing treason over transparency to steal our Presidency! Recently, on a National TV "open" mike, all America accidently overheard him telling subordinates to "find a way around the Constitution", this from a man, who, when inaugurated swore under oath to defend that Constitution. Today, our liberty is sorely threatened. What John Jay feared has arrived in the person of Barack Obama. We do not elect dictators or kings but presidents...individuals to serve the people, not have the people serve them. Our Founders inserted this clause for anyone seeking the Presidency to insure the ideals for which they fought would be faithfully preserved for the future. Obama mocked them by ignoring this requirement or by blocking it by legal action against anyone daring to challenge him in court.

When Obama speaks to crowds he repeatedly refers to himself as  "transparent", yet his words and actions clearly brand him as a notorious liar and deceiver. He hides all his birth and citizenship records from America, at any cost, records which should easily confirm his claim of presidential eligibility but would actually expose him as the imposter he is. That is why he refused to produce a valid birth certificate when subpoenaed to do so by a Georgia Federal Court and allowed his attorney to notify the Judge (in writing) that neither he nor his attorney would appear in court to answer the subpoena. In essence, Obama told the Judge that he was not bound by the Constitution. How's that for "transparency"? Any wonder why Obama has spent millions in Court and attorney fees and expenses? It's obvious....disclosure would mean exposure and exposure would mean expulsion...and worse!

In 2008,Obama allowed a fraudulent, ineligible Hawaiian "Certification of Live Birth"(COLB) with approx. 13bits of information, to be posted on the Daily Kos website as proof of his eligibility while aware, as a former Constitutional teacher, that only a long-form "Certificate of Live Birth," requiring approx. 41 bits of information, was valid for one seeking the Presidency. Data missing from Obama's invalid COLB included the birth hospital name, attending physician and birth witnesses; important information required to help determine his eligibility. Also, his birth certificate number was blacked out, ignoring the COLB'S warning "ANY ALTERATION INVALIDATES THIS CERTIFICATE." Obama deliberately lied in claiming that his COLB was a true copy of an eligible birth certificate, a document supposedly resting in Hawaii's Health Dept. files, for if true it meant both copies were ineligible for Presidential aspirants. Obama continued his deception until April 2011, deceiving a Nation he had sworn to serve. TREASON! This was a deliberate conspiracy designed to steal our Country by usurping our Constitution, starting with Obama's false documents to conceal his status. Further, in 2009, Obama publically displayed a letter he had sent to Kapiolani Medical Center in Hawaii, stating that he was born there. He then allowed his letter to circulate to give credence to his claim of being born in Hawaii. Keep in mind his letter was no more proof of his presidential eligibility than was his fraudulent COLB. Deception breeds more attempted deception.

When Hawaiian State Senator Sam Slom asked the Hospital's chief officer, Martha Steward, if Obama's claim was true she would only confirm that a copy of Obama's above letter (not a birth certificate) hangs in the office, away from public view. Also, the Hospital has no public monument to Obama's birth. The "supposed" first African-American President of our Nation claims a birth hospital yet cannot get that hospital to confirm this. I'm surprised the Attorney General, Eric Holder, hasn't declared the Hospital a racial institution for not so doing! Also, some Obama family members claimed he was born in Hawaii's Queens Medical Center. A damning fact stands out. NOT ONE HAWAIIAN HOSPITAL CLAIMS BEING OBAMA'S PLACE OF BIRTH. NOT ONE! I hope Bill O'Reilly of Fox News passes this information on to his viewers and listeners. 

Due to increasing challenges to Obama's eligibility, Hawaiian Gov. Neil Abercrombie stated he personally knew the Obama family, was certain of his eligibility and would prove it with a copy of the Health Dept. Birth Certificate. Weeks later, he admitted that nothing could be found to confirm Obama's eligibility. Only an obscure file with scribbled birth names, including that of a Barack Obama. No "Certificate of Live Birth", or even a "Certification of Live Birth", the document which Obama claimed matched his Daily Kos posting. How could the Daily Kos post a copy of a document which the Health Dept. couldn't find? Answer: by creating a fraudulent COLB. By citing the Daily Kos connection Obama opened himself to rebuttals. The Governor's fruitless search contradicted another lie of Obama's, namely that he had provided proof of his eligibility. While America requested a legitimate birth certificate Obama waved what he knew to be a fraudulent COLB in their faces. Thousands have received copies of my previous letters on this issue yet not one person has offered or claimed proof that my contents are other than factual. That's because I only use facts...not falsehoods.

Since 2010, various states sought legislation for future elections, including a requirement that only a "Certificate of Live Birth" be acceptable for Presidential aspirants, incumbent or otherwise. Obama knew his COLB would not survive close scrutiny, leaving him but one avenue of deception...create another fraudulent document, this time a long-form "Certificate of Live Birth" and claim the Health Dept. recently found Obama's in April,2011;sure enough, Obama said the Health Dept. found a document never previously mentioned or offered by Obama nor found by Gov. Abercrombie nor the Hospital nor the Health Dept. Obama also said the Health Dept. had sent a copy to him which he then put on a government website and personally proclaimed to the Country as proof of eligibility, as he had done previously with his fraudulent COLB. He knew that if he allowed his newly-found "Certificate of Live Birth" to be examined by experts this new forgery would have been exposed. How so? Remember, in2009 he claimed his COLB on the Daily Kos matched an Hawaiian Health Dept. copy, never mentioning nor offering a valid long-form "Certificate of Live Birth", which, if existing, could have saved him and America millions in lawsuits and possibly confirmed his eligibility. How could a Health Dept. copy of Obama's COLB disappear and, years later a long-form "Certificate of Live Birth: be found in its place? Since this 2011 "find" was also branded a fake by many experts there was but one conclusion of two; if a Hospital copy truly existed and matched Obama's copy both copies were fraudulent. If, on the other hand, no hospital copy was found, as the Governor said, how could Obama, in 2011 obtain a copy of a non-existent document?

One particular feature of Obama's "transparency" stands out repeatedly. When he realizes that a truthful action or answer would only confirm his presidential illegitimacy he goes silent or deceitful. An example of this was how he evaded a Long Island, New York reporter's question to him in 2009, asking why he doesn't simply subject his "Certification of Live Birth"(COLB) to examination by experts since he repeatedly referred all to the Daily Kos copy to justify his eligibility. Obama's reply to the reporter was "Am I expected to wear my birth certificate on my forehead?" Imagine, he refers everyone to what he knows is a fraudulent, ineligible document rather than producing a valid one for examination. Transparent? Who is he kidding?

Not once did Obama produce a valid "Certificate of Live Birth," even when subpoenaed by Courts. America believed we were electing a President while Obama believed he had been crowned a King. He would sacrifice (and he did) any person or expense to prevent professional scrutiny of his COLB. Why would he not release a Health Dept. "Certificate of Live Birth" copy, a simple solution to a serious challenge....unless he feared the consequences of disclosure and, as his subsequent actions confirmed, was now experiencing that fear?  Also, one Federal Judge even dismissed a case by claiming Obama had been "thoroughly vetted and massaged by America's vigilant citizenry during his two year Presidential campaign" whereas, in fact, Presidential vetting is not exercised by "America's vigilant citizenry" but by elected representatives charged with obeying the Constitution. Sadly, they ignored their responsibility.

If a valid Hawaiian Birth Certificate copy had existed, as Obama claimed in 2011, why, over the years, has no Democrat asked him to release it and put this issue to rest. Answer: because they are all fearful of not only what the vault may contain but of what it may not contain. Either result would devastate the Democratic Party.

Wake up America....this story worsens!