America's new King Sisyphus

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steele coddingtonHistory does repeat itself. The Greek Gods have moved to Washington, D.C. In Greek mythology a king of Corinth named Sisyphus was guilty of chronic deceitfulness. He was a thoroughly corrupt character who pitted people against each other to promote his own political objectives. (Sounds familiar already.) For his punishment he was sentenced to pushing a huge boulder up a hill. Every time he got it to the top the boulder rolled back down to the bottom, and Sisyphus would have to start pushing it up again.

In Washington today, we have a similar "king." His new name, reflecting his dangerous weakness as a leader, is "Sissy-fist." The appellation derives from his pusillanimous avoidance of critical decisions needed with immediacy in response to world crises that affect the safety of America, endanger our friends and allies and create perilous vacuums of power filled by savages.

The "fist" of Sissy-fist is not the symbol of resolve but a ballyhooed flimflam by the "king" using verbal, meaningless, phony threats of retaliation for every crisis. Most are either empty gestures or sound-good spin as fodder for his equally brain-washed media toadies to assure the ignorant that he's taken, "A step in the right direction."

The chorus of highly intelligent critics expressing deep consternation at the depth of the administration's confusion, indecision, inept planning, lack of intelligence and resolve is alarming. Especially disturbing are conclusions based on Obama's performance or lack of it, like that recently reported on the website of former Congressman and retired Lt. Col. Allen West suggesting Obama is an Islamist whose decisions work against the security of the United States.

The rock Sissy-fist keeps pushing up the hill, only to come crashing down, is the self-inflicted failures of a radical social agenda disguised as "change" and "transformation" laden with the added weight of a totally suicidal foreign policy. We are under siege at home and abroad. The difference however is one of fatal consequences. A radical social justice agenda can only be detrimental to your way of life. But the absence of a courageous response to the entire spectrum of threats from radical Muslims, Jihad accompanied by purposeful disarmament is a threat to America's future and your life.

In the meantime, the only way to distract from the worry of incompetence and the next Sissy-fist blunder is to find ways to expose them so people know how to VOTE in the next election. Down on the farm, as my grandmother has said many times, if the Obama administration tried to hitch up a string of donkeys to a wagon the same way they run the government, the donkeys would end up backward, facing the wagon. Try moving the wagon that way! Obviously it isn't the donkeys' fault, because the dictionary will tell you a donkey is just another word for ass and they are about as dumb as progressives who don't know their donkeys from first base.