‘Wake Up with Make-Up’ by Blink & Be Beautiful

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Connie Eskelson is a certified technician of permanent makeup with six and a half years of experience. Prior to 2008, she was practicing real estate agent. She made the career switch because she “used permanent makeup herself and liked it.”

blink and be beautifulTo be certified, Connie took a 36-week training course offered by the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. She is trained in two different methods; SofTap and the Digital-Machine Method as well as Micro-Sonic Infusion.

A full face of permanent makeup includes eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner, and blended lip. These can all be done individually as well. Eyeliner typically takes about four days to heal, while lips and brows take anywhere from 7 to 14 days with the aid of vitamin E.

Approximately 85 – 90 percent of her clients choose the SofTap method because the procedure is less painful and heals with less pain. While fewer people choose the Digital-Machine Method, it lasts longer because it goes deeper into the layers of the skin. This in turn makes it more tattoo-like because of its lasting ability.

before and afterMicro-Sonic Infusion is used to “safely and effectively tighten and firm skin.” Special wands attached to a machine are used to do what Connie calls “ironing-out wrinkles.” These wands emit currents that plump the muscles to add memory to them. This technique, originally developed for seizures about 30 years ago, is commonly used with acupuncture.

If you prefer to have Connie make you look your most beautiful for your next big event or a special Saturday night date, she offers professional makeup. Connie also sells Argon Wellness products, which are all natural.

For more information call Connie at 602-743-7309 or visit