Is the vice mayor thin-skinned and vindictive?

Clancy said she would not be contesting the county’s findings and rather planned to thank Trenk for filing the complaint
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usan clancyCAVE CREEK – Susan Clancy (r) is chair of Cave Creek Caring Citizens (CCCC), the political action committee collecting signatures to recall Vice Mayor Adam Trenk and councilmen Mike Durkin, Reg Monachino and Charles Spitzer, who ran as a slate and appear to have conspired, prior to taking office, to oust Town Manager Usama Abujbarah as their first order of business.

After Trenk sued and was able to get enough of their petition sheets thrown out on technicalities, CCCC started anew and pledged they would get it right the second time around.
Last Wednesday, Aug. 20, Clancy said she received a call from Attorney Tim La Sota, who represented the four council recall targets, advising her she was being challenged once again, only this time it was regarding her signature petitions for reelection to the Cave Creek Unified School District Governing Board.

When Clancy asked on whose behalf he was filing the challenge, he told her, “Adam Trenk.” (pictured below)

In his complaint, Trenk challenged 39 of Clancy’s signatures for a variety of reasons, which would have brought her total 18 or so below the number of valid signatures required.

adam trenkClancy contacted Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell, also named as a defendant in the complaint, who told her the elections department would verify the challenged signatures.

On Friday, Clancy learned the signatures validated by the county still left her three shy of the number required to appear on the ballot.

Clancy said she would not be contesting the county’s findings at the evidentiary hearing scheduled for Monday afternoon and rather planned to thank Trenk for filing the complaint.
She said by Trenk having her removed from the ballot for reelection to the school board, he actually did her a favor.

Now, Clancy said she will have nothing standing in her way or taking up her time to consider serving on town council and running against Trenk in the recall election.

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