Millions of yummy fly eggs

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MULLETT OVER BY JAMES WHITE There are numerous ways to make a living. One Jason Drew of South Africa noted that various species of common flies were loaded with proteins and other essential amino acids which make great foodstuffs for many animals. Drew now has 2 farms/factories that purchase slaughterhouse refuse and assorted other bio-wastes to feed his “stock” – fly larvae. So far, J.D. has no customers that market cuisine for humans, but he has many clients who use the 30 tons of daily-produced pressed larvae to feed multitudes of fish and poultry. Included in the business is a self-sustaining cycle wherein some larvae escape the milling procedures to reach maturity and become involved in the process of laying millions of yummy fly eggs.

The first nuclear power plant which generated a “usable amount” of electricity was built near Arco, Idaho in 1951.

Several fungi are quite beneficial to humanity. I offer yeast, a fungus that “eats” sugar and excretes carbon dioxide and ethanol. These excretions are great for affecting dough to rise and making homemade bread smell wonderful.

It is common for supermarket chains to cancel orders for produce after crops are harvested. Normally, tons of foods are lost to spoilage. In a smart move, some smart phones have apps (including Food Cowboy) that inter-connect trucking companies with farmers and food banks and canneries. The scheme is in its early stages, but there is potential to annually save millions of tons of food from trash dumps.

There are in excess of 150 confirmed wreck sites in the deep waters near our Hawaiian Islands. A maritime archeologist (Han Van Tilburg) is guiding undergraduate university students to plot, explore and document many of these deteriorating hulks which include wooden sailing vessels, airplanes and steel warships. The list to sign up with Van Tilburg is said to be lengthy.

In the 1936 Summer Olympics, Jesse Owens had fouled on his first two long jump attempts and had only one try remaining. Owens’ main rival, a German named Luz Long, came by and quietly gave Owens a tip for jumping. It was a great moment in sportsmanship. Jesse listened, took the advice, and barely defeated Luz Long for the gold medal. I wonder if Adolf ever found out.

General Lincoln was one of General Washington’s favorite war commanders during the American Revolution. Well, consider exhibiting some friendly sportsmanship and may others do the same to you. Have a great week.

James White is a retired mathematics teacher who enjoys sharing fascinating trivia. He can be reached at