AUGUST 27, 2014

Meet the last four of 16 Falcon Football seniors

Payton Ringwald, Breyer Speirs, Corey Trittler and Hunter Hight
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Falcons fly to (Glendale) Kellis for Friday night’s season opener

CSHS – For the Football Falcons, pre-season 2014 has been a long and winding road – not without its share of unexpected bumps, from May’s spring practice without a new head coach, to last week’s monsoon flooding that forced a one-day postponement of their controlled scrimmage at Maryvale. But the ‘Birds, with their wings dried, are all set to fly to (Glendale) Raymond S. Kellis for this season’s opening game on Friday, Aug. 29.  It will be Mike Hudnutt’s debut as Cactus Shadows’ new head football coach. In 2013, the Falcons kicked off their season by treeing (at home) the Kellis Cougars, 55-20. But Coach Hudnutt would be the first to warn against using last season’s score as a indicator for the game’s outcome. Best of luck to Coach Hudnutt and the Falcons.

Before my valued helpmate (Assistant Coach Jim Marando) and I began our plans for this summer’s senior profiles, Coach Hudnutt expressed his preference that all Falcon Football seniors be profiled, including those who might report for practice after the August 7 first day of school. Glad to oblige, Coach. See below, as senior #16, latecomer Hunter Hight, who will compete for playing time at cornerback. So now, it’s “Good luck!” to the “16 for ‘15.”  Seniors, you know what’s expected of you.

~ Pete Mohr

PAYTON RINGWALD   |   5’9” / 170   |   QB / Free safety
payton ringwaldPayton Ringwald may see some playing time at free safety, as he did during his sophomore and junior seasons, when he lettered. But for now, Coach Hudnutt has chosen him to start at quarterback. Payton has set high his personal goals for this football season: “pass for 20 touchdowns and lead this team to at least seven wins.” He makes no prediction for the Falcons beyond a 1st round victory in the State Playoffs. Born April 11, 1997 in Scottsdale, Payton is the son of Creeker parents Mark Ringwald and Lisa Ringwald. A CCUSD “lifer,” Payton first played flag football at age 7 and graduated middle school from Sonoran Trails. He is also a Track Falcon, and will compete again next spring.  More importantly, Payton modestly admits to being an honors student in an Advanced Placement curriculum. He “definitely” plans to play football at the next level, hopefully at ASU, where he’ll major in Business. For Payton, being a Football Falcon senior means “working hard every day, setting a good example for the younger players and my fellow students at Cactus Shadows.” And whom does he credit with most encouraging his football career? None other than my good time friend, Assistant Coach Paul J. (P.J.) Stephens! P.J. and Payton, an alliance, for sure, of two winners!

BREYER SPEIRS   |   5’10” / 180   |   OLB
breyer speirsWould you possibly guess Breyer Speirs’ nickname to be “Ice Cream”? Show me a young man with a sense of humor about himself, and that’s a guy I want to meet! On top of his obvious good humor, “Ice Cream” owns up to having a sweet tooth for Shelby Brown (’14), one of the most outstanding young ladies I’ve ever encountered. Does it sound believable that for his personal football goals this season, Breyer lists first “to knock someone’s teeth out,” when he makes a hit from his outside linebacker position? “Getting that ‘W’ is what matters most to me,” he went on to note. Born Sept. 22, 1996, Breyer lives with his Creeker parents, Miah and Gina Speirs. Most encouraged by his teammates, Breyer’s declaration as a Football Falcon senior: “I couldn’t be any more proud than I am to be a representative of this football team, and be seen as a leader.” Forget, the aforementioned “teeth,” Breyer! If you’re as smart as you sound, you’d best follow Shelby to the University of Maryland! You can pursue your major in Business as a Terp. Please give my fondest to Shelby and her parents, Scott and Gail Brown. And have the winning season that you’ve set your senior sights on!

COREY TRITTLER   |   5’10” / 185   |   OLB / TE
corey trittler“Trittler.” Is that not a last name familiar to followers of Cactus Shadows football? The light didn’t go on in my aging head until I scanned Corey’s senior profile questionnaire down to his listing “my brother” as the person who has most encouraged his football career. Then I connected the dots: Danny Trittler! A wide receiver and return specialist who ranks among the most exciting (and feistiest) Falcons I ever covered. I nicknamed Danny, as a sophomore, “G.O.S.”, standing for “Great, Outstanding and Spectacular”; but sadly, Danny had “issues” on and off the football field, which moved him away to the Football Factory (Chaparral) for his senior year. But what a football playing older brother Corey looks up to! Born Sept. 4, 1996 in Naples, Florida, Corey is the son of Creekers Paul and Gayle Trittler, whom I enjoyably remember. I sometimes commiserated with them postgame, and often visited with Paul at Falcon practice. Corey is a CCUSD “lifer,” graduating middle school from Sonoran Trails. This season, Cory has accepted the “great responsibility” of being a senior leader, and he is committed “to doing anything and everything for the team.” An Advanced Placement student in statistics, Corey plans to attend U of A; but this football season will be his last. Junior Bailey Moya will be cheering Corey on as he puts up big “stats” for the Falcons. I’m sure that Paul, Gayle and Danny will be even more proud of him!

HUNTER HIGHT   |   5’7” / 160   |   CORNERBACK
hunter hightLast, but by no means least, meet north Scottsdalian Hunter Hight, who returns to Falcon Football after a two-season absence. He refers to the 2014 Falcons as his “new team,” of which he’s determined to be a “beneficial member.” As a Football Falcon senior, Hunter recognizes the responsibility of being a positive “model” among Cactus Shadows schoolmates. Born March 20, 1997 in Scottsdale, Hunter lives with his parents, Jim and Lisa Hight. Hunter sees making State Playoffs as a realistic goal for the Falcons. The U.S. Marines “are (always) looking for a few good men.” Following his CSHS graduation, Hunter is seriously considering becoming one of them. “Semper fi,” Hunter!

Sonoran News thanks Assistant Coach Jim Marando for his generous time in helping to coordinate this pre-season’s Falcon Football senior profiles.