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August 20 – 26, 2014


For All Signs: The planet Mars (ancient god of war) conjuncts Saturn (ruler of limits and boundaries) on Aug. 25. Their coming together represents a debate between polarities: action vs. Stasis, hot vs. Cold, spontaneity vs. Containment, individual needs vs. The collective. These planets meet in the sky approximately every two years. Their conjunction urges us to develop the self-discipline and groundwork needed to become a courageous warrior for our personal or collective causes. Less positively, when the energies are right for war in the world or strife within a relationship, this conjunction can strike the match. Given current conditions, the news will probably be loaded with even more blood and gore.

Aries: Give attention to the lead paragraph because it particularly applies to you. It is possible that you are experiencing considerable anger during this period. The arena is in the territory of investments, debts, partner’s resources, and intimacy. You may be encountering a brick wall with a stop sign on it. It might be easier to rethink your strategy and find a different path.

Taurus: You may be taking a sober look at one or more relationships. Even the very closest friends cannot know each other from the inside. Sometimes we forget this fact and need to become aware that we are actually separate beings, helping when we can. Sometimes our energy is too low to be there for one another.

Gemini: Past work on a significant project related to your home pays off now. It has demanded major attention to the details, but they are now integrating well. Contracts may be signed that favor you monetarily. The financial Powers That Be are in your favor. Take a deep breath. You’ve done a great job.

Cancer: You may not be feeling quite comfortable with yourself this week. It appears your mind is in conflict with your feelings. Do the best you can to deal with this issue up front, perhaps by journaling or discussing it with a friend. Keep in mind that it is not a mandate for you to settle on a decision right now.

Leo: You began a project in the areas of home, hearth and family in the early fall of 2013. The result of that effort is now apparent to you. It is probable you have used it in more ways than you initially thought. There may not be marching bands, bells and whistles, but it is a satisfying accomplishment, especially if you have been repairing property or familial relationships.

Virgo: The Sun enters your first solar house this week and your next birth date is soon. We often make new starts at this time. Aspects favor short distance travels, education, teaching, siblings or roommates, children, and even romance. Little can go wrong with such a great setup.

Libra: Necessary expenses (those not of the "fun" type) may develop this week. If not that, you could be just having a little blue mood. It is one of those times when we become aware that our loved ones can never know or understand fully what is inside of us. This is an existential dilemma that everyone encounters now and then. It will pass quickly.

Scorpio: The Powers That Be in your life may seem totally unyielding at this time. Remember a small force of dripping water can wear away a stone. Give attention to the most minor of details and prepare to move slowly and deliberately forward. If the idea is not worth that effort, let it go.

Sagittarius: You have no new aspects on the horizon this week, but it is just as well. You are probably still dealing with an apparent no-win situation that has used your time and energy for a couple of weeks. No doubt you would like to be done with it so you can move forward.

Capricorn: This is a wonderful week to concentrate on research or some other mental project. Your mind is clear and things seem to flow easily from one thing to another. You have favorable aspects for travel, networking, and connections with those from a distance, or via the Internet. Publishing and/or legal interests are in your favor.

Aquarius: Please see the lead paragraph as it particularly pertains to you and your situation in your career or your life direction. Acceleration, or forward motion, is slammed by the brakes. Perhaps this is your personal agenda doing battle for control. If not, there may be control issues being played out in this arena. Move forward slowly and carefully.

Pisces: Our culture has an unhealthy game called “guilt versus anger”. There is a requirement that must be met and you are pegged as the rescuer. If you don’t adopt the role you will feel a sense of guilt. But when you do, there is anger underneath the action because after all, why should you be required to do this thing? Some who allow entrapment in this no-win situation become physically ill, so they can get a break.

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