"America," a text book on America's termites

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"America: Imagine a world without her" is written by a brilliant immigrant, now an American citizen, Dinesh D'Souza, from India, who loves his adopted country passionately, but worries about it even more passionately. This is not a book for liberals (now progressives) because as the saying goes, "The truth hurts." "America" is a well documented, authenticated revelation of how successfully the radical leadership of America is leading its citizens down the primrose path to a society they won't be happy with. The most disturbing element of the book, as it unfolds, is the realization that our country is so easily manipulated by leftists. Apparently that is the risk of any inherently decent society - too fair and good to suspect its leaders of evil intentions.

The book is an alarm bell, much like the movie documentary by the same name, now at theaters. Its intent is first to set the record straight about the historical exceptional place America has been since it's founding, now exposed to a world increasingly intent on subjugation of individual rights and opportunity. It then dispels the false narrative created by the country's "progressives" in their relentless attempts at redefining America through "change" that can only result in "national suicide."

The book is a brilliant expose' of the "progressives'" objectives and how they are always expressed as palatable improvements, disarmingly spewed by their chief architect Obama as "change." Why would anyone question the innocuous sound of "change" unless of course, as D'Souza suggests, you must ask what kind of "change" or "progress"? In a wonderful analogy he says, "If termites could talk they would call what they do 'progress'." It's the same with "progressives." Their "progress" is designed to erode stable structures using stealth.

The scariest part of the book is the documentation revealing many current progressive political leaders' association with American radicals of the '60s like Bill Ayers, Revolutionary; Frank Marshall Davis, avowed Communist; Edward Said, Gaza loving Palestinian; Roberto Unger, "world revolution" advocate; Jeremiah Wright, America hater; and Saul Alinsky, revolutionary author of the radical left's play-book Rules for Radicals on how to convert the ignorant with "orderly revolution."

I won't spoil the suspense by identifying any of the leaders mentioned, but here's a clue: a former community agitator who, based on his Pinocchio ranking, probably never turned in an honest score card for a round of golf. And a Wellesley graduate who reportedly wrote a thesis on Alinsky and who follows his "Rules" by pretending "to be motivated by pure altruism." If this person is elected in 2016, D'Souza says, "The baton will have passed from one Alinsky-ite to another.

"America" is a text book on a mission to expose the Alinsky strategies to diminish the exceptional influence of America on the world. It's a stealthy termite kind of campaign. Its consequences need to be expressed with the simplicity of a nursery rhyme so that even naive old time liberals understand. The progressive Alinsky war on America will transform America into Humpty Dumpty, sitting on a wall, and you know the rest ... "Humpty Dumpty had a great fall!"

Who will put Humpty Dumpty back together again? "America," the book, will give you some answers!