AUGUST 20, 2014

Big endorsement for Four Arizona Congressmen

The small-business voting bloc, one of the most potent in America
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PHOENIX – Arizona Congressmen Paul Gosar, Matt Salmon, David Schweikert and Trent Franks received an endorsement for their re-elections from the association representing one of the nation’s most potent voting blocs.

“We support the candidates who support small business, and Congressmen Gosar, Salmon, Schweikert and Franks have stellar, 100-percent voting records for Main Street this Congress,” said Farrell Quinlan, Arizona state director for the National Federation of Independent Business, America’s Voice of Small Business. “It bears repeating that small businesses employ the majority of working Americans, generate almost all new jobs, but they have distinctly different difficulties in remaining solvent than big businesses do.”

The endorsements for the re-election of Gosar (4th District), Salmon (5th District), Schweikert (6th District) and Franks (8th District) were made by NFIB’s SAFE (Save America’s Free Enterprise) Trust, the association’s political action committee, and are based on positions regarding key small-business issues so far in this Congress, such as health care, taxes, and labor and regulations.

Further congressional endorsements will be forthcoming following the Aug 26 primary.
America’s largest small-business association, the National Federation of Independent Business has 7,000 dues-paying members in Arizona. “Small businesses significantly impact Arizona’s economy,” reports the Office of Advocacy at the U.S. Small Business Administration. “They represent 97.1 percent of all employers and employ 44.8 percent of the private-sector labor force. Small businesses are crucial to the fiscal condition of the state and numbered 495,227 in 2010. Most of Arizona’s small businesses have fewer than 20 employees.”