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my viewIn this online issue of Sonoran News, Linda Bentley wrote an article from Usama Abujbarah's motion for summary judgment. There is also a link so you can read the court document in its entirety. It is quite a read in that emails were gathered from all the slate members, with a huge emphasis on Vice Mayor Adam Trenk as well as Mayor Vincent Francia and former Interim Town Manager Rodney Glassman.

The sad fact is the town would not be paying $10,000 of taxpayers’ money each month to Dickinson Wright/Mariscal Weeks with a potential liability of $3 million if the council had followed town code to properly remove a public official from office. It is clear open meeting laws were ignored in the vindictive firing of the best town manager ever in Cave Creek. Abujbarah's attorney was at the council meeting when the dirty deed was done. He pointed out all the deficiencies to the council but was ignored.

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Primary Election
I will only choose Republican candidates for office on the official ballot for LD-1. Those who don't have an opponent are shoo-ins and there is no need to discuss them.

Governor: There is only one conservative candidate for Governor and that is Thomas, Andrew P. Thomas and Sheriff Joe Arpaio tried to clean up the courts and lost. Arpaio is supporting Doug Ducey, but Ducey has too much baggage and is a psuedo conservative. We can trust Thomas to fight for border closure and against Obamacare.

State Rep. Dist. 1: Both Sean Englund from Cave Creek and Noel Campbell from Prescott look the most conservative of the four running.

Secretary of State: I like Wil Cardon but he is embroiled in a family dispute. Justin Pierce has the right view of the border and joined the lawsuit against Governor Brewer's Medicaid expansion. Go for Pierce.

Attorney General: Both Tom Horne and Mark Brnovich are conservative, but Horne has baggage and Brnovich doesn't. Furthermore Brnovich can beat the Democrat challenger. Vote for Brnovich.

State Treasurer: Randy Pullen supported Brewer's Medicaid package. I remember his great support of Prop. 200, but that was yesterday. Hallman is a no-no and Jeff Dewit seems clean and qualified. Vote for Dewit.

Superintendent of Public Instruction: John F. Huppethal supports Common Core and Diane M. Douglas doesn't. Remember too, Huppenthal supported CCUSD's use of bond money which lost twice in court. Douglas is an able conservative choice. Furthermore, super conservative Michelle Malkin, who also endorsed Thomas, endorsed her.

Corporation Commission: Don't even think about voting for "gimee an office, any office" Vernon Parker. Thanks to him, he lost to Kristan Synema, a Democrat supporter of Obama, in a Republican district. Lucy Mason is a loser so Tom Forese and Doug Little are the right choices.

There is a web page titled Alliance of Principled Conservatives that gives good guidance. They publish two lists, The Good Guys and the Blacklist.

The Alliance of Principled Conservatives endorses the following candidates as limited government, fiscally prudent, and principled.

The Good Guys
The Good Guys will: Protect Your Freedom, Protect Your Wallet, Protect Arizona
Jeff DeWit, Treasurer
Diane Douglas, Superintendent
Doug Little, Corporate Commissioners
Tom Forese, Corporate Commissioners
Sam Medrano  LD5
Sonny Borreilli  LD5
Irene Littleton  LD8, Senate
Darla Dawald,   LD8
Steve Smith  LD11, Senate
Vince Leach  LD11
Mark Finchem  LD11
Steve Montenegro LD13
Darin Mitchell  LD13
David Gowan  LD14
David Stevens  LD14
David Burnell Smith LD15
John Allen   LD15
David Farnsworth LD16, Senate
John Fillmore   LD16
Kelly Townsend LD16
Tom Morrissey   LD18, Senate
John King   LD18
Jill Norgaard  LD18
Paul Boyer  LD20 
Anthony Kern  LD20
John Kavanaugh LD23, Senate
Jay Lawrence  LD23
Michelle Ugenti  LD23
Dr. Ralph Heap LD25, Senate
Shawnna Bolick LD28

These additions cover LDs that some of our readers vote.

The Blacklist
The LDs in AZ passed resolutions stating, “we will adamantly oppose those who compromise our core principles for short term political expediency.” They compromised our core values. We adamantly oppose them.

“Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.” John Parker, Battle of Lexington 1775

LD25 Bob Worsley, Senate
LD15 Heather Carter
LD8 Frank Pratt
LD8 T.J. Shope
LD16 Doug Coleman
LD28 Katie Brophy McGee
LD18 Rob Robson
LD18 Jeff Dial, Senate

PHASE II - NO Thanks Future Brewercrats
NO VOTE for:
LD11 Jo Grant
LD28 Mary Hamway
LD18 David Phineas
LD23 Effie Carlson
LD23 Bob Littlefield
LD1 Linda Gray
LD13 Diane Landis -running against incumbents
LD20 Bill Adams - running against incumbents
LD14 Susan Syfert - running against incumbents
LD11 Scott Bartle, Senate
LD23 Jeff Schwartz, Senate
LD16 Taylor McArthur , Senate

PHASE III – Leave the Bubble Blank
Not Voting is a Vote. Referred to as an “undervote.”
Ethan Orr-LD9
Steve Pierce-LD1
Adam Driggs-LD28