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Were any of the animals I saw yours?

I just completed reading this issues “letters to the editor.”

In doing so I found a letter addressing once again the tragic loss of Harvey & Freedom (Hogs ‘N Horses buffaloes). Over the past few weeks I’ve been traveling through the Cave Creek, Carefree and areas nearby your communities viewing real estate.  I am appalled at what I saw during my travels.  I counted 27 horses outdoors on people’s properties, in the sun, on 100+ degree days. As a matter of fact three of those horses actually had saddles on their backs and believe it or not people were riding in those saddles. Can you believe cruelty like that exists like that in your community?

But wait … it gets worse!  I also saw four goats in a miniscule wire fence enclosure also in the intense Arizona heat. How cruel is that?

It didn’t end there though. As I traveled through your communities I couldn’t believe my eyes when I came upon seven citizens in separate areas actually having dogs secured by various leads walking in the terrible Arizona heat. None of the dogs had access to water or food. Not one of the dogs had any “dog Booties” or protective wear on their feet. Wow, talk about animal cruelty! 

I think the folks who have written you regarding animal cruelty may have a point, it’s apparent such inhumane behavior runs rampant through your area.

As a concerned individual I urge you to use “the power of the press” to call upon Sheriff Joe and MCSO to bring in a complete task force to stop this blatant and rampant continuance of cruelty towards the animals kept within your communities. At the very least maybe as a civic leader you could sponsor educational classes to get the public informed on the proper treatment of their animals.

In closing, a question … Were any of the animals I saw yours?

David Peterson


Message from Former Senate President Russell Pearce

Very important: My dear fellow Patriots, in reference my email concerning County Attorney Bill Montgomery's decision to not pursue the appeal on Judge Broomfield's terrible over reach decision on our Human Smuggling statute as it applies to conspiracy charges. I want to make it very clear, I am a take no prisoners on enforcement of our laws, state's rights and border security and stopping this crisis in any way we can.

On this Human Smuggling fight; I had a great two hour meeting with County Attorney Bill Montgomery. I thank him for that time and opportunity to better understand his reasoning. I must admit he presented some great arguments as to his decision as he pointed out that the Broomfield ruling only affects Maricopa County's enforcement and to move on to the 9th Circuit would put all of Arizona's law enforcement and the other several states under the 9th Circuit's jurisdiction at risk. Bill assured me he was not retreating from the issue, but had a strategy to get around this, as he called it, "terrible decision" by the court and not allow the most liberal Circuit Court in the nation to codify that bad ruling.

Although I am more inclined to charge up the hill as this is such a critical issue and the court is so wrong, I do believe Bill's reasoning had merit and I do believe he was sincerely on the side of enforcement of this statute. Good folks can disagree and this is an area where I am convinced Bill is with us on enforcement and the application of this Human Smuggling law, and he is convinced a strategy of pursuing this differently is less risky and is better in the long run. While the short run is hurtful to the enforcement of our Human Smuggling efforts here in Maricopa County, along with the Melendres decision's impact on the Sheriff's Office, I understand his position for the long run. As always, I am still somewhat inclined to charge up the hill.

Along with the Obama administration through DHS and DOJ and liberal out of control Judges I am sick and tired as they move forward to destroy this Republic and the Rule of Law. I am sick and tired of courts that do everything they can to prevent enforcement of laws that protect the integrity of our Constitutional Republic and do damage to our citizens.

WE can stop this!!! Yes we the sovereign states and we must stop this. Go to and sign the Resolution to compel our governor to do her job and secure our border, go after illegal employers, demand STRICT enforcement.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!

American Post - Gazette
Distributed by COMMONSENSE, in Arizona


Generation jobless

Since March 2007, right before the Great Recession began, the population of those aged 20-34 – so-called millennials – has increased by almost 4.3 million to 64 million according to data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Only 44,000 of the 4.3 million – a little more than 1 percent – have found jobs on a net basis.
I'm one of the lucky ones in that age demographic who did find work. And every month, one of my jobs is to look at these depressing numbers, watching in slow motion as a generation of opportunity is lost – seemingly irrecoverably.

Taking into account the March 2007 employment-population ratio for this age bracket – that is, the percentage of the population working – of 76.38 percent, 3.25 million of them should have found jobs, but didn't. As a result, that ratio has dropped to 71.36 percent.

Those with jobs now total 45.861 million. In 2007, it was 45.817 million.

Some perspective on these numbers: By October 2009, this age group had lost 3.6 million jobs. It has taken five years since, then, just to get back to where we were before the recession on a quantitative basis prior to taking into account population growth.

But at its current rate of growth since January 2010, the employment-population ratio for 20-24 year olds will not return to its March 2007 levels for another 8 years approximately.

For 25-34 year olds, it will take longer, almost 12-and-a-half years. So, sometime in, say, 2026? Suffice to say, that is longer than these people will even be included in the applicable age range.

Consider how precious the labor market really is. Two years to lose the jobs, and about a decade-and-a-half to get them back. And that's assuming the current rate of growth continues with no more bumps in the road. That is, no more major recessions, and the labor market continues to grow fast enough to get us back to previous levels seen.

But the current growth trend in job creation for young people may simply be reverting to what is a diminishing mean. Meaning, this ratio may in all likelihood level off long before it ever reaches pre-recession levels – and, then, we'll never get back to where we were.

The fact is the employment-population ratio for young people has been dropping steadily for far longer than since the Great Recession. The decline began in 2001.

In January 2001, 44.725 million Americans aged 20-34 had jobs, just 1.1 million fewer than today. Back then, those with jobs totaled nearly 78.4 percent. But since then, again, the ratio has dropped to 71.36 percent.

All told, that represents 4.5 million younger Americans in the past 12-and-a-half years who should have entered the workforce, but never did. These are people who are in the prime working years of their lives either failing to enter the labor force, or have lost their jobs and gave up looking for another one.

That is beyond pathetic. It is a national tragedy – the effects of which may be reverberating for generations to come.

In short, millions of young people are piling up as the economy fails to grow fast enough to even keep up with the growth of population. This is a land of diminishing opportunity. We are a generation lost.

Robert Romano
Senior editor of Americans for Limited Government


"Ditch" Obama's new land grab

The Obama administration is currently proposing a new rule to regulate every ditch and puddle in the nation as a "water source" under the Clean Water Act.

Even worse, they want to bypass Congress and sidestep the Supreme Court along the way.
If they get away with this scheme, we can expect new layers of red tape and control over people responsibly using their own land. It must be stopped!

Please sign CFACT's petition and together let's tell EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers to "ditch" this ill-conceived land grab.

The public comment deadline is less than 90 days away - and we need your help to swamp the administration with these petitions!

For Green-Left ideologues dreaming of using the Clean Water Act to redefine the "waters of the United States" and bring vast amounts of land under control of the Environmental Protection Agency - this proposed water rule is a dream come true.

But the EPA is already out of control. It slapped a fine of $75,000 (PER DAY!) on Wyoming homeowners Katie and Andy Johnson for building a pond on their own property! How's a hard-working welder like Andy Johnson supposed to stand up against that?

Those who understand what this new proposed rule would really do want no part of it. That's why the bureaucrats want to keep their science secret and speak a language all their own.
That's also why farm bureaus across the nation kicked off their "ditch the rule" campaign, which CFACT is proud to advance.

CFACT is the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow, one of the nation's premier organizations dedicated to bringing a positive, market-oriented, and scientifically sound perspective to environmental issues.

Since our founding in 1985, we have fought tirelessly to protect American families, jobs, and businesses from the economy-crippling regulations being pushed by Green environmental extremists - regulations just like this insane land grab proposed by the federal government.
Farmers and ranchers are especially threatened. This rule can literally cost them their farms - not to mention impact everyone's food prices.

But they're not alone.

Over 26.1 million U.S. homes rely on septic systems to process household waste. That's over 20 percent of all the homes in the nation the EPA will be able to target for control if they have standing water on their property or live anywhere near property that does.

This rule will also hammer communities and businesses across the country. As the President of the American Farm Bureau recently noted, this "proposed rule would impact everything from local governments trying to start or expand infrastructure projects to community gardens ... the rule will dictate land use across the United States." Even fireworks could be halted altogether in some places!

Millions of homeowners are in for a bureaucratic nightmare!

State and local governments have our non-navigable waters well in hand. They know better than bureaucrats in Washington what oversight homeowners, farmers, businesses and developers need to responsibly use their own land.

EPA has no valid scientific basis for pushing this rule. EPA's cost-benefit analysis is deeply flawed, employing decades-old cost estimates that were not adjusted for inflation, nor current economic and market conditions.

Let's cut straight to it. This rule is not about the environment. It's an attack on property rights and giving radical Green gadflies power to interfere with how other people responsibly use their land.

Will you stand by and let them succeed?

Stand up for your property rights, your neighbor's... everyone's.

Our government is bloated enough. Time to put it on a diet.

Together let's tell the Obama administration to "ditch this rule."


Craig Rucker
Co-Founder and Executive Director, CFACT

CFACT is recognized as an exempt 501(c)(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Service Act of 1954. All gifts are tax deductible. For questions about donating, please contact Christina Wilson at 651-600-3802. Visit


Article V, Convention of States

It is exciting to see such an interest in basic constitutional principles, namely the Convention of States.

Thankfully, our Founding Fathers, having come from a place much like this has become, created a constitutional means to restrain the government if it overreached its jurisdiction. The Federalist Papers outline that the Constitution gives each part of government “constitutional arms” for its own “effectual powers of self-defense.” One of these arms of self-defense is an Article V Convention of States. It defies logic for states to refuse to use this tool since it was put there to help us with scenarios such as we have in DC currently.  It is also illogical to view the use of any constitutional provision as a threat to the Constitution.

I urge everyone to embrace this wonderful provision that our Founders left us, the Article V Convention of States.  It would do us well to remember the fact that these men put their lives on the line in order to escape government abuse, fully aware that if their great adventure failed they would probably be put to death for treason.  I believe we are now living under the same sort of abuse.   Go to

Kathryn Jacobsen Meng


Common Core and more

Writing to you to see if you’re going to do your picks this year for the most conservative political candidates? I’m having trouble with the candidates for Governor. There are several good Republicans. Do you have a favorite?

My hot button is Common Core and how it is destroying our states education system. I have a grandson who is in the 3rd grade. He used to get straight As in Math, now under Common Core he is struggling with Cs. The night before school he begs his mother to not send him to math class the next day and gets ill in class from the stress.

A simple math subtraction problem that takes me 5-6 seconds, takes him 30-35 seconds the new Common Core way. I just don’t know how he can compete in the real world against kids in other countries that learn the old trusted ways.

So, I’ve spent over 20 hours sending emails to Arizona politicians running for political office and study their public statements to find out where they stand on Common Core. Here are my conclusions.

These Republicans below support Common Core. Note: All Democrat candidates support Common Core standards and funding, as do candidates who are endorsed by Chamber of Commerce.

My 2014 Arizona political candidate/office DO NOT VOTE list:

Michele Reagan  - Secretary of State.  John Huppenthal - Superintendent of Public Instruction. Frank Pratt - Rep. LD-8. Thomas Shope – Rep. LD-8. Scott Bartle – Sen – LD-11.  Heather Carter – Rep. LD-15. Doug Coleman – Rep. LD-16. Jeff Schwartz – Sen. LD-23. Effie Carlson – Rep. LD-23. Bob Littlefield – Rep. LD-23.  Bob Worsley – Sen. LD-25. Michelle Udall – Rep. LD-25. Adam Driggs – Sen. LD-28. Kate Brophy McGee – Rep. LD-28.


Denny Thompson


Liberal insanity

There are many issues on which people can agreeably disagree but I have concluded there can be no reasonable debate with persons who think eliminating borders and permitting millions of unknown, undocumented and possibly dangerous persons to enter our country and then demand Americans subsidize and support those claiming victimhood is an "American immigration tradition."

It is an obscenity to compare these recent so-called "immigrants" with those who came in the last century. The latest arrivals claim to be victims of a variety of oppressions and expect to be wards of the government. Many 20th century immigrants, to be sure, also escaped persecution and poverty. Their understanding of the “American tradition” however was that they would be afforded and guaranteed “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Our wealth and standard of living is testament to the creativity and productivity of those immigrants. Private entrepreneurial wealth and our standard of living are now hostage to demands that it be shared and distributed because producers have been told “you didn’t build that.”

There are billions of people on this earth and because they were not born in America, a capitalist society with a constitution, are we now obliged to correct this "existential flaw"? Are we now the soup kitchen for the downtrodden of the world?

No compromise is possible with liberal insanity. Some states may find it necessary and beneficial to secede from the United States thus providing a haven for the sane.

Ed Konecnik
Flushing, New York



A major general is killed by the enemy in Afghanistan, but MaObama does not order flags to be flown at half-staff.

Whitney Houston dies from a crack OD, and MaObama orders flags to be flown at half-staff.

It's all a matter of priorities; HIS.

J-P. A. Maldonado
Prescott Valley


Obama eligibility case heading to California State Supreme Court

Please closely consider the message, below, from the United States Justice Foundation which is the only group yet fighting against Obama's eligibility.  

USJF has two cases in the California courts and one is now going to that state's Supreme Court.  It is clear to most everyone that California did not follow its own law in authorizing Obama to be placed on the ballot.  The crux of USJF's cases is to force California's Secretary of State to admit this thereby voiding that state's vote for Obama, whose lawyers have spent millions defending him.  

Meanwhile, the fate of our great nation hangs in the balance because USJF is severely underfunded and desperately needs your help. America, indeed, needs your help. Again, please closely consider USJF's plea and I do urge you to help it in its quest to unset this tyrant.


Charles Benninghoff, Founder
Pray for US - Pray for the United States


Big news. Our Dummet vs. Bowen Obama eligibility case in California is now headed to the California State Supreme Court.

Unfortunately, though, USJF's fundraising has been terrible the past two months, and we are now in big, big, big financial trouble.

We must find the funds to argue Dummet vs. Bowen before California's State Supreme Court, or else we'll simply have to drop this case.

And that would be a catastrophe.

This case is one of two that we are trying to fund, and to win, that will prove that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., was allowed to ILLEGALLY run for President in 2012.

However, the next step in this legal challenge is incredibly expensive, and USJF's litigation fund is practically empty.

Barack Obama is completely out of control.  He's about to effectively declare himself a dictator, and he's already planning to invalidate our nation's immigration laws.

Republicans in Congress don't know what to do.  The American people are panicking.

The ONLY way to stop this man, and to invalidate everything that he has done, is to beat him before the California State Supreme Court.

Dummet vs. Bowen is THAT important!

Frankly, this case may be America's only hope.

That's why I need your help immediately.

Again, USJF's litigation fund is effectively empty.  Our fundraising has essentially fallen off a cliff.

I can't pay our lawyers or our research assistants much longer.  I must have your help NOW.

Arguing Dummet vs. Bowen before the California State Supreme Court is going to be extremely expensive.

If I can't raise the funds that we need, USJF will have to drop this case. And, then, there will be no stopping Barack Hussein Obama.

I can't even begin to describe how critical this situation is. 

I'm praying that you'll help us.


Michael Connelly - Executive Director
The United States Justice Foundation