God bless the Israelis

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SPOOF SPACEMore and more people I talk to are admitting the same thing that worries me – Obama and his wrecking crew are beginning to scare the hell out of them. High on the list of worries is the U.S. government's troubling positions regarding the Israeli/Hamas conflict in Gaza. Israel, America's enduring friend and closest ally in the Middle East is threatened by a barbarian terrorist neighbor Hamas. Obama has stated, "We have your back," in support of Israel, a policy backed unreservedly by every previous American president. But the "Promise" of Obama, like his other promises, is an equivocation in this conflict confirmed by public statements by him and his Secretary of State Kerry that urge conditions on Israel that subtly undermine Israel's positions on the conflict, or create sympathy for their enemy Hamas. (Only an idiot would urge return to the '67 borders.) But I'll spare readers the list of ill-considered statements by U.S. leaders that border on hostility and fail to grasp the dangerous implications of the ignorance of continued calls for cease-fire and negotiations.

Obama has always conveyed a troubling animosity toward Israel, rebuffed it and rebuked it, but still expressed support simply to cover his political behind. The overwhelming number of informed Americans back Israel, its ethics and resolve, and if we could switch Prime Minister Netanyahu's resolve and brains for Obama's and Kerry's, I'd feel America's future was a lot safer than I do now. Why? Because the PM knows how to fight for survival with brains and courage while Obama dances and golfs, and Kerry stumbles into untenable diplomatic screw-ups that display a shocking ignorance of the conditions Israel needs to survive, and weakens U.S. security.

Why is this particular conflict so troubling? Because it has the elements of the world's greatest problem, the struggle between civilization and savage barbarism. It is a prelude to the future. Israel must win its war against Hamas or as our closest friend and civilized brother we will witness their gradual inability to carry the burden implicit in defending civilization. Israel realizes the consequences and they will never surrender. But without American help, the possibility of their destruction will mean the next civilized country under attack will be the United States of America.

Add to the milquetoast or non-existent support for Israel from U.S. leaders, and the U.N.'s shameful, vindictive anti-Semitic condemnation of Israel, it's clear the over 50 Islamist members of the U.N. dominate its agenda of lies and false blame. Let's ignore the idiotic scam of "humanitarian aid" to Hamas, because that aid is what pays for more rockets, weapons, tunnels, and training of innocent Palestinians how to be a suicide bomber. Why does the U.S. even allow the U.N. to continue to undermine its allies, interests and security?

If we kick the U.N. out of the country, we could turn their headquarters building in New York City into a gigantic nursery to house the kids who are allowed to invade the U.S. by the new "Obama Open Borders" Executive Order - which now includes illegal kids and families from terrorist countries and everywhere else. Or we could just tear down the building and erect a gigantic three person statue featuring busts of Obama, Kerry and their ding-a-ling dupe Harry Reid. The inscription below the statue would read "America's Greatest 3 Stooges," to clearly identify leaders who obviously can't distinguish between civilization and the forces of evil.
In the meantime, if you aren't sure which leader to believe, the PM or the President, remember who the proven liar is.