JULY 30, 2014

“First-Responders Report” seeks D.C. awareness

Does government pose greater risk than thugs?
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WASHINGTON, DC – The First-Responders Report™, the column that covers armed self defense by the public, is running again in the Wash., D.C.-edition of USA Today, in paid space sponsored by GunLaws.com. It is the only way such news generally appears in the nation’s capital.

The question on the public’s mind is:

Will the Philadelphia doctor who brought his own gun to work for personal safety, and shot a mass murderer who also had a gun in this make-believe gun-free zone, lose his medical license?

The madman broke the pretend no-gun policy and killed one person. Luckily, the doctor overlooked the policy too, and became the first responder, saving countless lives according to police who arrived later, saving no one.

The doctor was shot before firing back and hitting the assailant three times, according to reports.

If Dr. Lee Silverman had obeyed the artificial no-gun rule he would have been one more defenseless victim instead of the acknowledged hero who saved the day. Most mainstream outlets failed to cover the exciting crime story for reasons that were unclear at press time.

Anti-gun-rights advocates are placed in a difficult spot on this one, according to leading experts. If they argue to pull Silverman’s medical credentials, they admit that denying his civil rights is more important than protecting innocent lives. If they accept his possession of the gun in this emergency, ineffective no-gun signs and rights-denial schemes nationwide may start to fall like a house of cards.

But even that situation took a back seat to the lead story in The First-Responders Report™, while we wait to see how the Philadelphia situation shakes out before jumping in.

Instead the Report looks at New Jersey, which has created a situation where armed government thugs pose a greater risk to an innocent black woman than the criminals she bought a basic modern firearm for protection against.

sheenan allenA 27-year-old health-care worker and mother of two, Shaneen Allen (r) faces a three-year minimum mandatory sentence for simple possession of her sidearm and FBI-approved permit. Out of an abundance of honesty, she had told an officer she had it with her during a routine traffic stop, as she had been instructed to in her permit class. Read about it here in The First-Responders Report™.  The national media missed the story – and five more like it under an abusive state prosecutor and bad laws that turn innocent people into criminals.

New Jersey’s gun laws show virtually no respect for the gun rights of Americans, create crimes out of mere possession of property, allow for no discretion in applying the laws and require mandatory sentences even for paperwork offenses. Shaneen faces up 10 years in prison, tearing her away from young children, and leaving her with a permanent felony record.

When laws and government pose a greater risk to you than hardened criminals, something is terribly wrong. If paying to get the news out is the only way this news gets out, then that will have to do. It doesn’t say much for the “news” media though, does it?

Learn more about what gun laws and the gun situation in America is really like, at GunLaws.com.

A legal defense fund has been set up for this victimized mom:

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