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Trenk’s idea of economic development

Trenk keeps patting himself on the back for his efforts to attract new business to Cave Creek.  First, it was some sort of manufacturing plant to be located somewhere on Carefree Highway, then he reported to the newspaper that he was in discussions with the Greasewood Flat Steakhouse to move to Cave Creek.  If there is any one thing Cave Creek does not need it’s another big box bar/restaurant.  His quote in the newspaper was “Attracting new business to Cave Creek that will augment the character of our historic commercial core is one of my personal priorities," Trenk said. "Cave Creek would be an ideal setting for Greasewood Flat,…..”  If it doesn’t have to do with horses or drinking in bars, it doesn’t fit Trenk’s idea of the character of Cave Creek.  Given a real chance to set Cave Creek up for future economic prosperity, he voted to foreclose any meaningful economic development on Cave Creek’s most important commercial property by voting to approve zoning for the Specific Area Plan on the north side of Carefree Highway across from Frys, Home Depot and dozens of other businesses.  That area will now likely pull existing small ‘mom and pop’ businesses out of the Town Core to Carefree Highway for the highway exposure. It wouldn’t matter much if it wasn’t so devastating to Cave Creek’s future.  Trenk and his slate (Monachino, Durkin & Spitzer) are total losers – political payback is far more important to them than what’s important to Cave Creek.

Bob Williams
Cave Creek


Border crisis

We just finished filming our hard-hitting documentary on the border crisis. Now we must raise the money to edit and distribute this historic film.

The American people need to know the TRUTH about what is happening. The media refuses to cover this national security tragedy.

And the Obama Administration is covering up for its role in this disaster.

If the media won't do its job, we'll do it for them!

In 2008 Barack Obama said, "We need immigration reform that will secure our borders."

In 2011 he declared "We have to acknowledge they've broken the rules. They've cut in front of the line. And what is also true is that the presence of so many illegal immigrants makes a mockery of all those who are trying to immigrate legally."

Now we know for a fact Obama didn't believe a single word of any of this. He was lying. And now America is paying the price!

The fact is, Barack Obama's policies created this border mess. This president's refusal to enforce our laws is encouraging thousands of people to pour across our border every day.

And because he and his cronies care more about politics than the country, they ignored all the warnings about an upcoming border disaster.

Now we have a mess of truly historic proportions that threatens our economy, our health care system and our national security.

This is the story we need to tell. And based on the raw film footage we have, this will be a blockbuster documentary.

However, no one will ever get to see it unless we can raise the money to finish editing and distributing it!

This documentary doesn't sugar-coat the border issue. The situation is grave.

People are dying in the desert. Communities are being overwhelmed by this sea of humanity. Crime is skyrocketing.

And our border patrol agents are completely consumed by paperwork and processing trafficked children, while they should be protecting our frontier!

Now, you know as well as I do that the left-wing news media will never adequately report all this. They'll keep trying to cover up for Obama until it's too late.

That's why we must be able to finish and distribute this important border crisis documentary.

Please do whatever you can right now. The American people need to see this video.


Thank you for all you do.


Jenny Beth Martin, Co-Founder and National Coordinator
Tea Party Patriots


Election recommendations

Dear Sir,
Do you still make recommendations on the people running for elected office? If so, in which edition of Sonoran News?


Denny Thompson

Hi Denny,
Yes we will make recommendations, but I don't know yet which edition it will be.

Don Sorchych


History repeats itself

We, the people in the golden age, know sometimes events that happened years ago come back, like a boomerang, and happen again and unfortunately the young ones most probably don't realize that what is happening is a repetition of previous events.

Every time I hear those so called "news people" calling what is going on with the illegals a "humanitarian crisis" my blood gets hot because I realize they are lying or they just repeat what they are told to say in order to keep receiving their salaries.

The United States of America is being invaded in order to destroy it.

Years ago, when I was living in Cuba, Havana was the center of opposition to the Communist take over of the Island. Fidel Castro knew it. To help destroy Havana he announced he was bringing the revolutionary peasants to Havana. The great majority of the peasants never were for the Communist Revolution.

Fidel Castro mobilized thousands of peasants and with them he invaded Havana, asking the people to allow them into their homes. Now the Communist movement is mobilizing illegal aliens and invading the USA to destroy it. The Communist movement is repeating what they did in Cuba over fifty years ago. The consequences will be very similar, unless the American People wake up and stop their destruction.

In 1980 Dictator Fidel Castro, using his comrade Jimmy Carter, tried to diminish the pressure against his government initiating another invasion of the USA. Then President Jimmy Carter, an admirer of Castro's dictatorship, accepted that the Communist government of Cuba expelled around 125,000 people and received them in Florida. Castro's jails were emptied of common criminals; mental institutions were emptied of mentally ill people.

Soon enough, crime increased in Florida and the anti-American act of comrade Jimmy Carter caused him to be defeated in the next presidential election. One of the criminal cases didn't happen in Florida but in Las Vegas, Nevada. José Vigoa had been trained by the Soviet Union and sent to study at Sulokov Military School and the Frunze Academy. In 1979 Vigoa spent six months in Angola, Africa as a special operations officer with the Russian-Castro troops. In 1980 Vigoa spent three months in Afghanistan in a special operation force with the Russians. Eventually Vigoa entered and infiltrated the USA among the Cubans that arrived from the port of Mariel. He eventually settled in Las Vegas, where during a couple of years he terrorized the city assaulting the trucks bringing money to the casinos. Two innocent people were killed in Las Vegas, thanks to comrade Jimmy Carter. Eventually Vigoa was arrested and brought to jail and while he was in jail it was discovered there would be an escape attempt. The jailers discovered documents related to "biological warfare, chemical poisons and plans to blow up a Florida nuclear power plant during a hurricane." If Dictator Fidel Castro and Vigoa would have succeeded hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans would have died in Florida thanks to comrade Jimmy Carter.

Yesterday I learned an illegal alien from Guatemala, Pedro Monterroso-Navas, killed his girlfriend in Metairie, Louisiana on July 13 and fled with his two children. He, illegally, had crossed the border with his children during the month of June, was detained by immigration and allowed to remain in the USA. His girlfriend, Heidi Monroy, 24 years old, natural of Honduras, had illegally crossed the border into the USA in May of this year, also from Mexico, with her 3 children, was caught and immigration authorities released them. The assassin Monterroso-Navas was finally apprehended in Houston, Texas. In my book, the death of Heidi Monroy has to be added to the curriculum of Barack Hussein Obama.

Our young people have to learn that history repeats itself.

Dr. Carlos J. Bringuier


Legislative pay: Decrease it, don't Increase it

This year we get another “opportunity” to vote on legislative pay. Whenever legislative pay is discussed you hear arguments like “The low pay and huge time commitments of serving as a state lawmaker keep many people from running for the Legislature.”  Conventional wisdom says working more hours is better and being paid more is better but, with respect to legislative pay, conventional wisdom is wrong. We shouldn’t want our legislators to work more. We already have too many laws. Why would we want to do anything that would tend to make legislators work longer hours?

You will also hear comments with respect to the pay issue like "you get what you pay for.” The people making these comments are often the people who, at the same time, will talk about legislators as public servants.  Where is the "public service" if all we are getting is “what we pay for?” Will Rogers told us years ago, “you ought to be glad you don’t get all the government you pay for.” As point of comparison, there are hundreds of Arizona citizens who volunteer countless hours on boards and commissions, all without any pay, except for expenses such as mileage reimbursement. This is far less than the per diem which Arizona legislators get……in addition to their salary. And, if you divide the length of the legislative session (the goal is 100 days and many of these days are not full days) by the current yearly salary of $24,000, you get a daily compensation of $240 (plus expenses). How many Arizona taxpayers earn that much?

Another argument you will hear is the concern about all the people who can't afford to serve because the pay is too low. We do not need every person in Arizona to serve in the legislature. We only need 90 people. The rest of us (Arizona’s four million adults minus the 90 legislators) have to work at regular jobs to make a living and pay taxes. Besides, we don't want legislating to be a "career." We want people to serve a short time and then rejoin the ranks of ordinary citizens.

As someone who has been active in politics for many years, I respond to the "good people can't run" notion by asking anyone who uses this phrase to cite one legislative race where there were an insufficient number of candidates and the problem was the low pay. I have yet to have anyone come up with a single race. Furthermore, no matter what pay level you set, there will always be those who earn so much above that amount that it will be economically foolish for them to give up their day job.  And it probably would also not be good for the rest of society if these people gave up their day jobs because of the fact they are so highly compensated probably means they are very productive.  Why should we want them to give up that productivity if there are others who will serve? An alternate approach to this dilemma would be to have the legislature meet at night and on weekends so more people could serve as legislators. That would also allow more regular working citizens to participate in the process.

The supporting comments you always see that advocate higher pay frequently come from lobbyists attempting to curry favor from legislators and from people who like big government and who want to generate more jobs and higher-paying jobs in government.  If legislators are paid more, then they will likely work more, which means they will probably pass more laws, which will cause government agencies to employ more people. It will also likely mean that other government employees will be paid more. It is a vicious cycle that is counterproductive to the cause of liberty. Actually what we should do is reduce the pay to where we cover only their expenses. It will reduce the amount of legislation to only the amount we really need and will result in legislators truly being … public servants.

Roy Miller


The mystery at Hogs Ní Horses

Within a two week period this July, two buffaloes have died at Hogs N’ Horses, a restaurant/bar, in Cave Creek.  Both of these animals were seen standing and eating hay for hours at a time on a multiple story high metal livestock trailer within a relatively narrow, no-sided ceiling platform in +105 degrees (plus the extra heat generated by the trailer's metal) without immediate access to water or shade.

Did the two buffaloes die as a result of falling from the trailer or from being poisoned? Who is to say since poisoning and excessive heat exposure, etc. can cause any animal to suffer severe diarrhea, disorientation, impaired balance, loss of consciousness, slipping and falling?  A toxicology report of these animals commissioned by the owner of Hogs N’ Horses, T. C. Thorstenson, may help to answer these questions but, will anyone in addition to Mr. Thorstenson have access to this report?

No doubt the view from atop a several story trailer is "great," just as Mr. Thorstenson says, but do buffaloes define "great" the same way we do?  (I personally know horses would not "choose" to walk up a tall ramp without any side bars on their own no matter how "great" the view and/or no matter how much hay was available to eat.)

The bottom line is two buffaloes have died at the restaurant/bar, Hogs N’ Horses, owned by T. C. Thorstenson in Cave Creek.  So far, the only "effects" of these deaths include Mr. Thorstenson losing "members of his family" and his reading some 50 daily posts on his Hogs N’ Horses website. 

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Department is "investigating" this case.  The Cave Creek/Carefree Chamber of Commerce has "no jurisdiction" in this case since the chamber's primary goal is to "promote the economic development of our businesses," according to director, Patty Villenueva.  So far, the Better Business Bureau and the Business Licensing Agency have no comment.  And, so far, the Cave Creek/Carefree Town Council have been silent on this matter.

Perhaps one of the effects of these deaths might be that all these bodies, councils, agencies, departments, directors, staffers, volunteers, etc. stand up for the protection, safety and well being of animals and livestock here in Cave Creek as well as nationwide.  I would hate to think that animals and livestock here and/or elsewhere in this country would again or for the first time be subjected to standing in excessive heat atop a narrow, no-sided roof/ceiling on a multiple storied trailer without immediate access to shade.

Janet Steinberg



The battle for liberty continues to be fought in our nation’s courts, while support grows for a lasting fix through a Convention of States.

First, we have big news in the Sue the IRS case!  The government claimed citizens had no right to challenge their own government in court, but U.S. District Judge Susan Dlott said otherwise.
In other news, a federal appeals court struck a huge blow to Obamacare and the IRS’ attempt to redefine what the law says.

Naturally, the longer Obamacare is in effect, the more Americans feel the sting of empty promises. Polls show more people are getting fed up with D.C., and some are taking action. The latest group to partner with the Convention of States Project is RedMillennial. 

We’ve all had enough legislating from the Oval Office!

Follow our Twitter account and like us on Facebook to keep up on the latest news.

Thank you,

The Citizens for Self-Governance Team

P.S.  Have you signed the Convention of States petition yet?


Why incumbents keep getting reelected

It’s no news that Congress is unpopular. In fact, at times it seems like the only real novelty on Capitol Hill would be a jump in its approval rating.

So here’s the interesting thing: nearly three-quarters of Americans want to throw out most members of Congress, including their own representative, yet the vast majority of incumbents will be returning to Capitol Hill in January. In other words, Americans scorn Congress but keep re-electing its members. How could this be?

The first thing to remember is that members of Congress didn’t get there by being lousy politicians. They know as well as you and I that Congress is unpopular, and they’re masters at running against it — appearing to be outsiders trying to get in, rather than insiders who produce the Congress they pretend to disdain.

Just as important, incumbents enjoy an overwhelming advantage in elections. They have a large staff whose jobs focus on helping constituents. They’re paid a good salary, so they don’t have to worry about supporting their families while they campaign. They get to spend their terms effectively campaigning year-round, not just at election time, and they are able to saturate their state or district with mass mailings.

Incumbents get the honored place in the parade, the prime speaking position, the upper hand when it comes to raising money; challengers have to fight for visibility and money. In fact, challengers are at a disadvantage at almost every point in a campaign. From building name recognition to arranging meetings to building credibility with editorial boards, donors, and opinion leaders, they’re trudging uphill.

But there’s another reason incumbents keep getting re-elected that’s also worth considering: voters — that’s you and me. Most Americans don’t vote, and those who do often cast their ballots for narrow or unusual reasons. They like the way they got treated by the incumbent’s staff, or they shook his or her hand at a county fair, or they like his or her stand on a particular social or economic issue. Whatever the case, they don’t look at an incumbent’s entire record: votes on a cross-section of vital issues; willingness to work with members of different ideologies and backgrounds; ability to explain Washington back home and represent home in Washington; skill at forging consensus on tough policy challenges.

It’s really no mystery that incumbent members get re-elected. Their advantages are baked into the system.

Lee Hamilton
Director of the Center on Congress at Indiana University