An entire floating residential complex

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I did not find out whether there were sudden appearances by hyper-active alligators, egrets and snakes as a result; but in early July of this year some 2,000 gallons of high-energy drink were accidentally dumped onto a central Florida interstate.

The good news is a company named CMR has plans to market a 3-D printer that can produce magnets of sundry sizes, shapes and colors in large quantities. The sort of bad news is that the printer sells for $45,000 and the outlay for raw magnetic slurry can be costly. However, if one is truly serious about cute refrigerator door decorations, this could be the long-sought answer.

Since newly accessible dry land in Amsterdam has to be expensively created and maintained, residential developers therein have come up with a cheaper remedy to their real estate availability problem. An entire floating residential complex has been erected on Ij (I am not making this up) Lake. Multilevel apartments and houses have been prefabricated on dry land and tugged into position where they are anchored with cables and metal rods to the lake bed. “Waterbuurt” presently consists of 75 structures and just over 1,000 people live in the community.

Disbursement records indicate that during the summer of 1790, George Washington spent today’s equivalent of $5,000 on ice cream. This man was my kind of leader.

Data indicates that oregano is U.S.A.’s best-selling herb spice. I suspect that pizza and spaghetti sauce are factors in this equation.

American Folklore maintains that possession of agates (on jewelry, in pockets, etc.) makes people more believable. I need to find me some agates.

It was in 1967 that Dr. Christiaan Barnard performed the first human heart transplant (South Africa).

No part of Japan is more than 100 miles from the sea.

Frederick the Great of Prussia liked his daily coffee to be blended with champagne and mustard. He did live to age 74, which was much longer than the average 18th century European. Still, I understand that the blend has never been popular stateside. One wonders whether American coffee houses have considered offering this special Frederick recipe.

Not long ago, two armed bandits waylaid a money courier near Gronau, Germany. The robbers grabbed the company agent’s heavy metal suitcase and maintained a running gun battle for miles before escaping. One flaw in their plan – the two brigands had left all the money on the truck and had absconded with the courier’s new first aid kit. Doh! Have a great week.

James White is a retired mathematics teacher who enjoys sharing fascinating trivia. He can be reached at