Celebrate July and the "right" transformation

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SPOOF SPACEJuly is a great month for celebrations. Most people start with the 4th of July. I always start with my mother who was born on the first of July, and had me later in the month. Not in the same year, of course. (I like to clarify things for my elementary school readers.) But when I was a kid I thought all the fireworks and celebrations on the 4th were meant for my mother's birthday. In my book she deserved it. She was part angel and part warrior defending her kids, and mixed both with a joyful sense of humor. Too bad every kid in the world can't be so blessed. Miraculous comforter, she'd pick up the dirtiest urchin on the street (often me), and give "it" a tender loving hug. Because it's her birthday month I wanted to share that with you.

I'd tell you my date of birth too but I'm afraid some criminal or terrorist might steal my identity. We can't have two guys wandering around with my identity, and if you see two guys with my ID, one is me and the other is an ugly liberal thief wearing an IRS tee shirt. If you want to help me after my identity is gone, meet me at Starbucks. We'll share a new drink I'm trying to get them to make called "MovetotherightMocha."

Setting the record straight: I've had people who read my articles ask why, or if I hate Obama. Sorry - I don't hate Obama. I don't hate anyone. That condition comes from a Christian heritage that lives in the hearts of most Americans. I would bet that most Americans have heard or are familiar with a universal Christian imperative - "Love thy neighbor as thyself," and consciously or unconsciously conduct their lives in ways that have "transformed," in the right way, the goodness of the idea into a national consensus. That is a part of the many Judeo/Christian principles that form the basis of a unique social and constitutional fundamental described as "The Rule of Law." It's a unique and scarce human dignity mechanism that puts truth ahead of political correctness.

That's where today's battle is. Truth against a presidential bully pulpit that is ideologically intent on perverting basic American values with phony prevarications about the fabricated benefits of their version of "Transformation," that no one in their right mind would buy. When a misguided, failed political agenda is accompanied by a monumental inadequacy to deal with a world in deep crisis, the justification for criticism is a patriotic duty. The historical global pandemonium that so perversely involves America cries out for a Lincoln, Reagan or Washington. Doing nothing, political meandering, or choosing courses that seem to accomplish nothing but excuses, cover-ups and damage to our closest allies like Israel, Canada, Jordan, etc. are the marks of a leader in over his head, with an administration of political appointees who are inexperienced, unqualified leftists, and is why voters need to go to work and remove the entire Regime and its Transformers.

But it's July and the month of celebrations, birthdays and firecrackers. So first a safety tip - if you play carelessly with left-over firecrackers, or shake hands with anyone in the White House, be sure to count your fingers afterward. And – here's a gift offer for all the phony "Fundamental Transformers" out there. If you can improve on the following Declaration born on the 4th of July 1776, I'll buy you a new "MovetotherightMocha." "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness."