They ‘serve patients, not customers’ at Infinite Care Pharmacy

infinite careGuy Baker is the owner and a pharmacist at Infinite Care Pharmacy which opened its doors in late 2012 in the space previously occupied by Tatum Drugs.

“One of the biggest differences between us and the chain pharmacies is how we treat our customers.” Baker, who was previously a pharmacist at Walgreens, thinks of his clientele as patients, not as customers. While he operates in the retail part of the healthcare industry, he works to ensure that patients receive the correct medications and care they need. Often times nearby CVS and Walgreens locations will refer patients to Infinite Care for specialized needs.

On an average day the pharmacy sees 100 to 150 patients, whereas Walgreens can see somewhere around 400. Of course, the summer months mean many snow birds and locals flee the valley until it cools off this fall.

With Tatum Drugs gone, a third of Infinite Care’s patients are former Tatum customers. One of the biggest challenges the pharmacy faces is phone numbers. Many Tatum Drugs patients don’t realize it’s gone; however Infinite Care cannot get the old Tatum phone number.

Most of us know Infinite Care provides compounded medication services, prescription and over-the-counter medicines, durable medical equipment rentals and special orders, medical and surgical supplies and a wide variety of vitamins and other health care products.

What you may not know is they also offer equine and other veterinary prescriptions and care products.

If you are interested in switching to Infinite Care or want more information please call 480-656-3349 or go to They are located at 28248 N. Tatum Blvd., Suite B4, Cave Creek, AZ 85331.