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Buffalo death

I am just appalled at the death of that majestic buffalo at Hogs N' Horses.  I had already called and complained months ago to some different agencies about those poor animals standing totally exposed on the top of that truck for hours and hours.  Why would anyone want to do that to an animal?  I will never go to that establishment again.  The owner should be ashamed of himself and Cave Creek should be ashamed of themselves as well for allowing this to go on. Tourism at what price?

Barbara Hall


I want to cry!

Around this time when we celebrate Independence Day, I am reminded once again the sense of sadness I feel every time a patriotic day approaches. The thought of our well meaning and courageous service men shedding their blood so that the military industrial complex and the likes of the Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve can profit, makes me want to puke!  Our elected officials have not only allowed but encouraged the influx of disease carrying ILLEGAL aliens to stream over our southern borders.  Instead of quarantining them, they disperse these biological time bombs all across the United States.  In the mean time those who value our founding fathers are considered the enemy and Obama and even the Republicans continue to fund variants of Al-Qaeda!  What the hell is going on? Nancy Pelosi calls these invading hordes of skill-less, uneducated, disease carrying kids "dazzling, sparkling, array of God's children, worthy of respect” while she allows TSA agents to act like pedophiles groping our young children at airports?  God’s children? What about the government funded abortions of well over one million babies each year! Some of which were actually born alive and then murdered outside the womb?


Joseph DuPont
Towanda, Pennsylvania


Close the loophole!

A U.S. Appeals Court has just upheld the decision to strip Utah of its Real Marriage Amendment.
Despite the overwhelming popularity of the state law to protect marriage as one man and one woman, pro-Family Utahans will be forced to start recognizing homosexual “marriages.”
And decisions just like it are happening all across the country.

Since then, almost a dozen states have lost their real marriage amendments to the activism of judges.

Arkansas, Virginia, Texas, Michigan, and Kentucky just to name a few.

In Michigan, your Public Advocate has filed a hard-hitting legal brief in U.S. District Court on behalf of real marriage laws across America.

But the Supreme Court’s decision to gut critical elements of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) last year ripped open a loophole through which the Homosexual Lobby has forced homosexual “marriage” on state after state.

That's why Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee's (R-UT) State Marriage Defense Act (S. 2024, H.R. 3829) is an important countermeasure to close this loophole.

I've been leading Public Advocate's program to support this pro-Family legislation since its introduction in February.

So if you haven't yet signed your Citizen Cosponsor Pledge urging Congress to pass this bill, please do so right away.

By signing your pledge, you become a Citizen Cosponsor of this bill, and send a message to your Senators and Congressman that you expect them to take pro-Family action.

Please, sign the Citizen Cosponsor Pledge and stand up for Utah and the many other states under attack.

Together, we can defend America's right to be pro-Family.

For the Family,

Hon. Eugene Delgaudio
President, Public Advocate of the U.S.


Let freedom ring!

It was a great week for freedom.  We’re encouraged the Court upheld religious liberty and struck a blow to the regulatory state in the Hobby Lobby case.

Mark Meckler says it gives all of us – both liberals and conservatives – freedom to live and operate businesses in America.

Did you know about these two other important Supreme Court decisions?  The Court unanimously upheld the freedom of speech and told the President he’s gone too far.

It was good news after all of bad news related to the IRS.  After yet another federal agency claims it “lost” more emails, this video injects a little humor into the situation.

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Thank you,

The Citizens for Self-Governance Team


Eliminate the IRS

According to a recent Fox News poll, an overwhelming majority (76 percent) of Americans think the Internal Revenue Service intentionally destroyed two years worth of emails.

This latest scandal would seem to be the final straw in a long line of IRS abuses going back many administrations, both Democratic and Republican. Why do we tolerate this situation, when there is a simple alternative?

The FairTax is a national sales tax that satisfies the principles of tax policy far better on every count than the current income tax:

It’s simpler, noninvasive, efficient, stable, visible, neutral, encourages economic growth, is broad-based, treats everyone equally and is constitutional

In addition, the FairTax removes the need for an IRS. The tax would be collected by the states, with no concern for income.

President John F. Kennedy said, “The largest single barrier to full employment of our manpower ... and a higher rate of economic growth is ... federal income taxes.”

If you are a person who prefers solutions to merely complaining, start asking around about the FairTax.

Chances are you have a friend, family member or neighbor who knows about it. For more information, go to

Dave Boone


Patriots Petition Drive

We at the Convention of States Project are launching our brand-new Patriots Petition Drive in honor of the men and women who died fighting for our freedom.

From now through Constitution Day on September 17, we’re asking patriots across the country to collect petition signatures in support of the Convention of States Project. Our goal is to collect 75,000 petitions nationwide, and we know we can do it with your help!

Your state leadership will use these petitions to show your representatives how many of their constituents support a Convention of States. This is why it’s crucial to collect as many petitions as possible before the Convention of States application is filed in your state next year.

So be looking for the online petition form, which you’ll be able to find at

Invite your friends to support this last, best chance to preserve liberty in America. Once you’ve collected the petitions, you can mail them to us at:

P.O. Box 1073
Purcellville, VA 20134
Fax them to 540-441-7234.

Or scan and email them to  Thank you!


Convention of States Project Team


Pray for the United States

A mother's nightmare came true March 31, 2014 when Jill Tahmooressi received news from her 25-year old son that he had made a wrong turn near the border with Mexico and was in Mexican custody.

Obama has done nothing about this grave injustice, Kerry is powerless, Holder refuses to act, conservative Congressman Ed Royce even traveled to Tijuana to help rescue Sgt. Tahmooressi: all to no avail.

The ONLY way left is for the American people, themselves, to rise up and strike back at Mexico's pocketbook.

The way to start this is to send strong messages to the Ambassador and major consulate offices demanding Sgt. Tahmooressi's release on the threat of starting a nationwide economic boycott of everything Mexican.

Please follow this link to send your FaxGrams now. I believe the only thing that will get the Mexicans to come to their senses is their pocketbook.

If we don't make a dent in Mexico's income, or at least threaten to do so, they will do nothing because the US government has been rendered powerless by Obama, both with our neighbor Mexico and around the world.

A little background: Andrew Tahmooressi is:

A decorated, combat wounded veteran of the Afghanistan war;

A recipient of a rare battlefield promotion due to service beyond the call of duty;

A fine young American veteran who is a tribute to his country's fighting spirit;

Undergoing treatment at a Veterans Administration Hospital as a result of two tours in Afghanistan; and,

Honorably serving America in the Marine Reserves.

Now, almost 90 days after being arrested by Mexico, Sgt. Tahmooressi is still languishing in a horrible Mexican prison for illegally entering Mexico with firearms in his truck.

After being honorably discharged from active duty from the Marine Corps, Andrew went to San Diego in March to receive treatment for battlefield fatigue, an affliction previously called by many names (such as shellshock) but now known as post traumatic stress disorder.

Please click here to send your FaxGrams now because we have included in the fax list not only the Embassy in Washington, DC but also the major Consulates of Mexico around the United States. It is time to make a statement to Mexico: Let Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi go!

While driving in Southern California, he unknowingly took a wrong turn and wound up at a Mexican Customs Checkpoint. He was denied the right to turn back and was arrested for carrying firearms into Mexico that are legally registered in the United States. In desperation, he even called 911 for help. Now, he is in jail in Mexico, has been denied bail, and is now being represented by the third Mexican attorney after being shifted around the Mexican prison system three times.

I understand that Sgt. Tahmooressi is even being held in solitary confinement because both the prisoners AND the guards in the Mexican penal system have physically abused Sgt. Tahmooressi. Terrible!

Folks, I personally have been at this crossing point into Mexico. If you blink your eyes just once, you'll miss the only off ramp once you start going into the "funnel". It is treacherous.

An innocent mistake met with unreasonable retribution. Send your FaxGrams now.

Now is the time to act! Send your strongest message to the United States-based Mexican representatives that there is going to be a potential cost to their intransigence. While America treats Mexicans with great honor and respect, in this case Mexico is not reciprocating. Only the American citizenry can help make this happen.

Remember, the FaxGram wording we proposed can be changed by you. Just click the "Edit" link at the top of the text. Speak your mind, write what you want, let it all out!

Why should you help Sgt. Tahmooressi? First, it is a duty of Americans to help each other, following the rule of "… do unto others…" But even more importantly, we need only look to Exodus for a similar case where Pharaoh held people wrongfully. In that case, the Lord, Himself, "… said to Moses, 'Get up early in the morning and confront Pharaoh as he goes to the river' and say to him, 'This is what the LORD says: Let my people go....'"

Then the Lord sayeth, "If you do not let my people go, I will send swarms of flies on you and your officials, on your people and into your houses. The houses of the Egyptians will be full of flies; even the ground will be covered with them." Exodus 20-21.

So, let's heed the Lord's admonition in Exodus and apply it to Mexico. Our "flies" will be an economic boycott that, like the real plague of flies, will harass and vex them, annoy and impoverish them and show them the wrongfulness of their ways.

Begin the plague by clicking here and sending FaxGrams for Sgt. Tahmooressi.


Charles Benninghoff, Founder
Pray For US - Pray for the United States

2360 Corporate Circle, Suite 400
Henderson, Nevada 89074-7722


Things have changed for Obama

During the election cycle leading up to his first term in office Barack Hussein Obama with his empty message of "Hope and Change" was idolized and deified by throngs of the mindless who never bothered to ask "What type of change is he talking about?”

I recall there were teachers who had songs written praising him, coerced YOUR children, OUR children, to sing the praises of this fraud with no accomplishments. The uninformed were so delusional they thought the water levels would drop, the sun will always shine, everyone would receive free college educations, free cars, free utilities, free healthcare, FREE stuff!

Hope and change. The meaningless chant continued unabated. Yet no one, including and especially the mainstream media, asked, who is this guy, what are his credentials, where are his friends, where are his classmates, what are his beliefs, what are his values, what are his accomplishments, what is his ideology?

Time has passed.

People have come to learn that nothing is free and you should never rely on hollow words and rhetoric.

Taxes are higher. Healthcare is an overly expensive disaster. The insults and attacks on American citizens who dared question him heated up and continue to this day. Old allies turn away. He turns away from other old allies. He bows to foreign kings and sultans. He insults our Christian-Judeo heritage. He announces to the world WE are no longer a Christian nation. He grabs defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq and the same is about to occur in Afghanistan. He attacks our Bill of Rights, our Constitution, and our liberties. He weakens our military. His foreign policy implodes. He changes laws and regulation with no authority. He abandons OUR men on the battlefield, lies and flies off. He blames others for his many blunders and miscalculation. He takes no responsibility for his actions. In collusion with the worst Attorney General ever, the worst "president" ever makes decisions on which laws to enforce and which to ignore. He refuses to close and defend our borders. The list is endless.

Barack Hussein Obama is a man of no accomplishments. He has now has shown the country and the world that he is also a man of no honor.

What has changed?

While he was once the person many idolized for no reason he has become a pariah, a known liar, proven coward, a fraud and an abject failure for many, many reasons.

That's a change I'm happy to live with.

Tom Carbone
Cave Creek