JULY 2, 2014

Town of Carefree Adopts Lockbox Program

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SCOTTSDALE – The Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors® (SAAR) is pleased to announce lockboxes will now be available to senior and disabled homeowners in the Town of Carefree. SAAR assisted the Foothills Caring Corps and the Carefree Fire Department in launching this program, which will help to place lockboxes on the homes of elderly and disabled Carefree residents. In the event of an emergency, the code for the lockbox will be shown to first responders, allowing them to quickly access the home and provide assistance to the homeowner.

“The Lockboxes for Seniors program has been serving elderly and disabled residents in Scottsdale and Fountain Hills for over 10 years,” said Rebecca Grossman, President and CEO of SAAR. “It takes a lot of dedicated people working together to make Lockboxes for Seniors a success, and we are very pleased to have helped bring this program to Carefree.”

To date, the Lockboxes for Seniors program has distributed over 1900 lockboxes to seniors in the Scottsdale and Fountain Hills area. Volunteers from SAAR and the Community Outreach and Awareness Committee work with the Scottsdale and Fountain Hills Fire Departments each month to distribute the lockboxes. Lockboxes are free for those with an annual income less than $25,000, and for a donation of $25 for all others. All of the donations are applied directly to the purchase of the lockboxes.

Foothills Caring Corps adopted the SAAR-created model, expanding the service to the Carefree area.

To request to have a lockbox placed on your home:
Scottsdale and Fountain Hills residents, contact Juliet Nelson at 480-945-2651 or Juliet@SAARonline.com
Carefree residents, contact Foothills Caring Corps at 480-488-1105.

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