JULY 2, 2014

Boehner lawsuit would 'expose deficiencies' of government

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WASHINGTON, DC – House Speaker John Boehner's proposed lawsuit against President Obama, charging him with exceeding his Constitutional powers, is attracting broad based support.  Even law professor Jonathan Turley, a well-known supporter of the president said he crossed the line, according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.  
Weber issued the following statement in the aftermath of Mr. Boehner's announcement:
"The will of the president – not the will of the people – has prevailed in Washington in recent years resulting in a struggling no-growth economy, a lack of jobs, a health care system in shambles, and an anemic foreign policy.  Indeed, there are those who delight in the left turn the country has made over the past five years.   

"But, I dare say that the majority of the nation longs for the days when we could keep our doctors if wanted to, when we could go out and get better jobs, when we had a few extra bucks in our pockets.  We can all remember when being an American meant taking responsibility for ourselves, not having to rely on the largesse of government for handouts.  And, of course, there was a time when American exceptionalism was a trait admired by our allies and feared by our enemies. 

"Thus, we praise Speaker Boehner for mustering the courage to institute a law suit that has the objective of returning the power of governance to we, the people, as intended by the Constitution.  The legal process is replete with uncertainty, but in this case it is a necessary first step if we are to win back our rights and our self-respect. 

"As Professor Turley put it, 'when the president went to Congress and said that he was going to go it alone, it obviously raises a concern because there's no license for going it alone in our system.' 

"If Mr. Boehner's suit prevails, it will be a victory for the nation.  In any case, the slow and thorough examination of the facts will expose the deficiencies of the government as it has evolved in recent years and that will represent a triumph of spirit for future generations."

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