Many dolphins can recognize their own likenesses

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Empirical evidence reveals that sunlight penetrates only the top 800 feet of any oceanic waters. The earth’s briny expanses are several miles deep in numerous locations wherein there are no living plants and the animal denizens of those regions move about in total darkness. I might mention that the water pressure at one mile down is calculated to exceed one ton per square inch.

A few years back, British judge Robert Lymbery presided over a case involving a Great Dane (canine) sentenced to death for biting a three year old child. Local magistrates had ordered the animal destroyed, but the dog’s owners were able to obtain a court date for an appeal. Judge Lymbery extended his hand to pet the apparently docile “Caliph.” Caliph bit the judge. Twice.

Many think that Adolph Hitler copied his easily recognized moustache shape from film star Charlie Chaplin. A bit of irony evolved in Hitler’s Germany when he banned all Charlie Chaplin movies because Chaplin was “too Jewish.” Chaplin has no traceable Jewish heritage.

When 40 is written out as “forty,” it is the only number with its letters in alphabetical order.

Ever wanted to give someone at the White House a piece of your mind? The phone # is 202-456- 1111. You may be put on hold.

James Watt (1736-1819) is a historical figure known primarily for his design improvements and developments of steam engines. However, the Scottish (not Scotch) mechanical engineer developed a process for making lead shot much less expensively and that procedure is still in use today. For decades, lead shot was made by pouring thin sheets of molten lead on flat surfaces, cooling and finally cutting the sheets into small quadrilaterals. Watt said he dreamt that molten lead, when dripped into cold water, would form multitudes of spherical shapes. His dream was accurate. I once dreamed that I had a pony. Wasn’t true at all.

Judy Garland was sixteen years old when she starred in The Wizard of Oz. Charmian Carr was 21 when she portrayed sixteen year old Liesl Von Trapp in The Sound of Music. Unknown Charmian was working as a secretarial aide in a doctor’s office when she won the role over Sharon Tate, Patty Duke and Mia Farrow who all auditioned for the part.

Recent marine biology research indicates that many dolphins can recognize their own likenesses (mirror reflections and photos). Well, Best of luck should you call the White House – and have a great week.

James White is a retired mathematics teacher who enjoys sharing fascinating trivia. He can be reached at