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Don Sorchych

Corrupt council and town manager • Immigration

If there was ever any doubt whether or not Cave Creek is ruled by reason, economics, tradition, law, town code, and fair dealing, their choice of the Arizona Republic to run notices about the coming recall election of Mike Durkin and Charles Spitzer proves beyond a doubt town hall is ruled by corrupt politics. Only after the slate was seated did public records requests have to go the incompetent town attorney Fredda Bisman. Statutes don't require it. It is a way to delay the news cycle and block information needed by the media to assure they know what local government is doing. The town code requires that advertising by the town is bid, yet we didn't even know the advertisements were being run until friends notified us. We know the Arizona Republic has been a mouth piece for the slate, especially for Adam Trenk. We also know their so-called reporter, Phil Haldiman was regularly lunched by Interim Town Manager Rodney Glassman with taxpayers footing the bill. Why did the Arizona Republic send Haldiman to Sun City? Sun City is made up of patriots, not boot lickers.

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Furthermore, the only time the Arizona Republic was right about local elections was when they supported Carefree Mayor David Schwan against a recall. Their policy is to be against recalls unless they are against former Senate President Russell Pearce, a very real replacement for Barry Goldwater.

We are between a rock and hard place in that we know and respect town officials other than the slate and town manager and we know how vindictive the slate and town manager are.

Cave Creek's Interim Town Manager Rodney Glassman hired a woman named Patty Pollnow and gave her a contract that extended beyond his departure. She was again included in Town Manager Peter Jankowski's budget. She is supposed to coordinate with town businesses and although Sonoran News has been a Cave Creek business since 1995, Pollnow has yet to darken our door. We have complained to Jankowsky but to no avail. We are the official town newspaper with a circulation far exceeding competition in the six zip codes we serve. We mail to every mailing address in town while the Arizona Republic covers a fraction of them. Yet the do nothing town manager allows obvious political revenge to prevail.

We have heard rumors of sexual harassment at town hall. That never happened in the 14 years Usama Abujbarah was town manager. Jankowsky claimed it might have been a mere hug and was misunderstood. That is not what we hear, but are bound by confidential relationships. Our belief is there is a woman with a fuse in her hand; she merely needs to light a match and call a good attorney.

Inquiries we have made about the possible harasser have not been satisfied and although we have asked for public records they are being denied by the blockage at town attorneys Dickinson Wright.

Jankowski attended a meeting with a long time business owner in town. Jankowski was so confrontational, threatening condemnation, the businessman turned his back and proceeded to deal with staff members. The business owner said if his mother had been there she would have clawed his eyes out.

My editorials warned about the lack of local knowledge and western culture by hiring someone from the east coast and here is proof.

When Abujbarah was there, Councilman Trenk tried but wasn't allowed to help friends like T.C. Thorstenson when Thorstenson was trying to get his permit for Hogs ‘N Horses. So Trenk tried an end run by phoning in and he was again told to stop.

Now Jankowski "allows" Trenk the privilege of dealing with town staff. Obviously Jankowski hasn't read the town code. I haven't found anywhere in the code he has the authority to do that, but corruption allows anything and everything.

Now the final blow! In the recent town publication called the Cave Creek Coyote space was given to Vice Mayor Adam Trenk to ridicule Sonoran News. He brags about the current council's non-accomplishments and writes, "Regrettably, as part of the local paper's routine to fuel discontent and promote a toxic recall in hopes of reinstating its influence, much of this progress has been unreported."

Although I could write a book about the sneers of this privileged brat, Linda Bentley reports accurately about every council meeting and every planning commission meeting. He wants us to lie in his favor. We have asked for the cost of this propaganda rag. Does anyone edit it? Jankowski? Mayor? It is a tax supported political libelous piece of dung!

You no doubt have read about the feds dumping illegal aliens, even minors in Red states. This is pay back, much like Cave Creek's advertisements for the recall.

The town's favorite newspaper decided long ago that illegal alien wasn't a proper name, so they use "MIGRANT" which completely abuses the meaning of people who breach our borders. They are ILLEGAL ALIENS, period.

Although I understand the difficulty of impeaching Barack Obama when the Senate is led by a dangerous man like Harry Reid, there should be enough lawsuits to stop his madness. Tell me Obama's executive orders aren't illegal. And immigration reform means many things, but with Obama in office no change would be good. The feds have not been lawful for 40 years in protecting our sovereignty at the border. Why would a new law be enforced? The issue is to nuke Washington like David Brat just did in South Carolina. Vote the incumbents out starting with the majority of Democrats who gave us the gift of Obamacare.

Not only are the borders not being secured, bureaucrats in Washington are opening wide the gates to our country. Never mind the religious side of things; stop letting in Islamics. Stop Sharia Law in its tracks. Denmark recently shut down Sharia Law in their country as has Australia. Europe is finding out the dream of multiculturalism doesn't work. Do we have enough conservatives in the U.S. to stop the bleeding heart nonsense and close immigration to all except those who can contribute to our society. No immigration reform except severely rationing who gets citizenship. Other than that, slam the border shut and be careful who gets green cards.

If there is enough currency in the U.S. pray that conservatives will take control of the media and keep the public informed. The same must be said for schools which are a haven for lefties.