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Sonoran News: Public Notice Town of Cave Creek Order Calling Special Election

To Cave Creek Mayor & Council:
I would like to thank a least one of the members of the Cave Creek Council for forwarding the e-mail below to the Internet blog and contributing to their story "Herr Hoeppner and his pom poms" and referring to me as a "Friggin' Nazi."

Over the past several months I (and others) have been cataloging the SonoranTruth's malicious, defamatory and libelous material and accruing the damages to me personally and to my business activity. Because these defamatory words along with my name are displayed on Internet search engines such as Google, this damaging information is widely available to the public. By forwarding my e-mail to the SonoranTruth you have essentially added both yourself and the Town of Cave Creek to the litigation.

Unfortunately for the person(s) forwarding my e-mail, electronic communication will be part of the discovery and the "anonymous" operator of the will be exposed by the subpoena process.

John Hoeppner
Cave Creek

To Cave Creek Mayor & Council:

Based on a recent study of local news media, the Sonoran News is the #1 choice for news (58%) among Cave Creek voters.

Arizona State law requires that notices (see recall election below) be published. Although I have attended council meetings and have witnessed each of you speak as an advocate for hometown businesses, it is my understanding there is a "no-publish" policy in place for the Cave Creek based Sonoran News. This policy appears to be non-transparent and hypocritical.

Certainly if the council's objective is to cover-up the anti-Sonoran News policy and to not inform the voters of the November recall, then it makes perfect sense to publish the recall notice in the Scottsdale Republic.

I understand why some of you do not like the Sonoran News and it is your right to have that opinion. However, it is not your right to divert public information and use taxpayer funds to penalize any Cave Creek business. As an elected representative it is your responsibility to act in the best interests of the citizens and to set aside your personal issues.

Thank you.

John Hoeppner
Cave Creek


Spoiled and petulant child

Trenk cannot abide anyone who disagrees with him. This is evident in his continual whining about those who do and he calls them evil, disgruntled, dishonest, ‘old boys’ and so forth. At the top of his list is Sonoran News, its publisher and employees including anyone who expresses an opinion in the SN different from those of the high and mighty Mr. Trenk. He also whines about the former town manager who he fired illegally and who is suing his pants off at great cost to Cave Creek taxpayers. When Trenk is really upset with someone, he engages his nameless, faceless, sewer dwelling operatives; they label anyone who disagrees with Trenk and his slate as “perverts”, “frigging Nazis”, “assh---s” and other names beneath the dignity of normal people to utter.

Any issue he doesn’t agree with, he defines as a problem that is all the ‘previous administration’s’ fault including all those he voted for as councilman. Strange, he doesn’t mention any of that.

Trenk is understandably concerned about having to stand a recall election and is pulling every trick he and his lawyer can think of to derail it. So far, he and his slate have met with only moderate success and his last stunt (suing us, the town) seems to have triggered an even larger backlash. Ignoring the citizens as they do, they have filed the same lawsuit yet again. Easy to see why no one has accused them of possessing good judgment. Trenk knows he and his slate cannot stand on their record, so his behavior is increasingly that of a spoiled and petulant child. For Cave Creek, the recall election cannot come soon enough.

Bob Williams
Cave Creek


Happy Birthday Joe

You have been such tremendous supporters of my husband, Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Because of that, I wanted to reach out to you today and let you know he recently celebrated his 82nd birthday.

Joe and I have been married for 58 years. While he is known throughout the world as "America's Toughest Sheriff" there is another side to him that most people don't know about. He is a wonderful husband and a loving father. We have four grandchildren and Joe always makes it a point in his busy schedule to spend time with them.

Joe is as tough as they come. Even after all these years, I'm still amazed at his dedication to his work. He spends countless hours outside of his official duties to support charities and candidates for public office.

I believe what really drives my husband is his undying sense of right and wrong. Because he has taken on some tough issues (like illegal immigration), he has come under attack from political opponents, the media and even the Obama Justice Department. Even worse, he has had his life threatened more times than I can count.

You can imagine the worry that our family goes through on an almost daily basis. But, Joe is undeterred and gets up every day and goes about doing the job he was elected to do: enforce the laws of our state and our country.

But being an elected official is tough especially when one goes against what is considered "politically correct" in our society. The things his opponents do and say about him are simply awful.

But Joe has decided to run for another term as Sheriff of Maricopa County. I'm excited that he decided to run again because I know how much he loves his job and I know he'll continue to do excellent work - no matter what threats or reckless accusations will come his way.

But this campaign is going to be the toughest one for us yet. Sometimes it feels like it's just Joe against the world, but I know he has the support and backing of good people like you. I'm not good at asking for these types of things but I know how critical it is for Joe to have enough support to win another term as Sheriff.

Will you join me in standing with my husband, Sheriff Joe? A special contribution of "$82 for 82" would be so greatly appreciated. However, even $50 or $25 would mean so much.

I cannot thank you enough for all your support throughout the years for my husband. I know I may be asking for a lot, but Joe needs all of our support now more than ever before. I hope you will continue to support him by making a much-needed contribution to the campaign.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Ava Arpaio

P.S. I know you have stood with my husband before, which is why I am reaching out to you today. Your contribution of $82 for his 82nd birthday would mean so much. But if you cannot afford that, I hope you will still make a contribution in honor of Sheriff Joe's birthday. Visit


Learning from your letters!

It is surprising how much you can learn from reading the letters to the editor. They often contain information not previously known to me. If the subject is interesting and I think it could affect my life, I do a little research to find out the facts.

The letter about uncollected sales tax from online only retailers proves to be factual. When we buy something from an online only retailer no sales tax is collected. Technically you are required to report it on your income tax filing, but no one does.

This looks like a big advantage for the online sellers and a big loss for our state. There's got to be a law somewhere in the making to fix this.

Yours truly,

Dean Pyle
Cave Creek


Questionable Carefree expenditure

I read Carefree is spending $130,000 for a consultant to provide a report as to how Carefree can alter the perception of the town among the public, and in a way that will attract new businesses and increased visitor counts. What a waste! $130,000 to have someone come into town hall, quiz the administrators and council members as to their ideas for improving the "Village" of Carefree to obtain a result that enables the town to experience a steady abundance of new visitors. And then, following the interrogation, the consultant writes a report that simply parrots-back a rendition of the same ideas related by those who were quizzed. Ridiculous!
Nothing new will come of this highly questionable outflow of town revenue, except, maybe, assurances from the consultant that the town is "on the right courses of action” – whatever that means, and the town officials will still be left with no new ideas and wondering what to do next. I suggested that this would be the outcome when the town paid $5,000 (or more) for the report from the National Urban League. Nothing of value was contained in that report, except to recommend some additional and expensive investigation by an outside consultant who is likely a friend, relative or otherwise strongly affiliated with a member of the urban league. But hey! It buys time for this town (or "village") council that appears bereft of original thought or suggestions on this matter. A big part of the reason for the lack of creativity by council members is that the town is a suburb with a somewhat intriguing, perhaps whimsical, name (Carefree), but a town desperately searching for an identity. What image does the town want to convey to the outside world? How can this image be effectively "branded?" Until this issue is addressed and adequately defined, the town can completely empty its coffers for payments to charlatan consultants and it will never leave the starting gate of town personality identification.



Is there anyone other than Gov. Brewer who seems to care about America?

How often have we seen or read about parents arrested for leaving children unsupervised? Well our government is doing nothing to stop or prosecute parents who are flooding our borders with children arriving without parental supervision. It seems we can't win! We don't have the resolve to return illegal aliens with children. Hell, we are releasing illegal alien rapists and murderers! We are doing nothing through the United Nations or with the governments of the parents to locate, arrest and prosecute those parents who are dumping these poor, neglected children within our borders.

I have yet to see anything the present administration is doing but to tolerate or encourage activities which weaken our nation on many levels. It is almost as if Obama is trying to carry out the dreams of his father, Barack Hussein Obama the 1st, to take down both America and Great Britain. I commend Arizona's Gov. Brewer for showing some sense of rage about a new version of the "Children's Crusade. The American economy is collapsing and we can no longer tolerate being Santa Claus to the world. A good captain of a ship has the courage and resolve to preserve the integrity of his life boats to protect them from taking in too many people. Our president seems intent on swamping our life boat and letting everyone drown.


Joseph DuPont
Towanda, Pennsylvania


Remain silent no longer

What good does it do to be a "silent majority"?

If we remain silent we will no longer remain the majority!

Your silence is exactly what the Left is counting on.

The United States is OUR Country! This is YOUR Country. NOT the property of Back Hussein Obama and the left.

Throw away your inhibitions, your fears, the nonsense about "political correctness." As yourselves. Does the head honcho in the White House practice "political correctness"?

Speak out with YOUR words, with your YOUR wallet, with YOUR choices regarding TV programs, movies, newspapers, banks, periodicals. politicians, ILLEGAL immigration, government overreach , excessive taxes, government waste, cuts to OUR military, school curriculum, YOUR children's up bringing, Obama’s EXCESSIVE vacation spending – boycott Obama’s speeches and
TV appearances along with every TV program that has him and his cronies on as guests.

Support YOUR Candidates and when the primaries are over SUPPORT the winner no matter how distasteful it may be to you … it is WAY better than the alternative!

Tom Carbone
Cave Creek


Letter from Gov. Brewer to John Boehner and Harry Reid

Dear Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Reid:

By now, you are well aware of the current crisis plaguing the United States Border Patrol's Rio Grande Valley Sector and flooding into Arizona and other parts of the country. Nearly two weeks ago, I wrote a letter to President Obama expressing my urgent concern that the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is transporting an unknown number of adults and family units of illegal aliens from the south Texas border and releasing them at bus stations in Tucson and Phoenix. Additionally, they are transporting, detaining, and processing unaccompanied children in Arizona and then moving them to military bases in other states. As we continue to learn more daily about this situation, it has become quite clear that the chaos occurring at the Arizona-Mexico border is more than disconcerting – it is intentional and unconscionable.

Our country is in the midst of a crisis manufactured by President Obama and his administration's refusal to enforce our nation's immigration laws. As a result, thousands of people from Central America – including unaccompanied children – are flooding into the United States and not fleeing from, but surrendering to, United States Border Patrol officials.

By the Obama administration's own estimation, 230,000 unaccompanied alien minors are expected to cross through the Rio Grande Sector by the end of next year. It has become clear that the administration has encouraged this massive influx and intends to continue ignoring the states' calls to end this policy. Furthermore, it is indisputably evident that our border is not secure and is hardly "more secure than ever." Consequently, if Border Patrol is overwhelmed, what consideration is being given- and what is being done- to determine if any of these illegal aliens have criminal histories or gang affiliations? For example, we know that MS-13, one of the world's most notorious international gangs, has strong ties to several of the Central American countries from which these aliens are arriving. The administration's refusal to properly verify that violent criminals are not among those entering the United States shows an alarming lack of concern for our homeland's security. As a nation, we cannot sit back and allow this policy to continue.

The Obama administration is not forthcoming with answers. As congressional leaders, you have the ability to take action, get answers and stop the lawlessness that is unfolding. On behalf of the State of Arizona, I ask you to do so.

Protecting our nation and its citizens is the federal government's primary and fundamental responsibility, but it cannot be done as long as we have an unsecured border and a federal executive that invites and encourages illegal activity. I urge you to use your voice, and the authority of your offices and the institutions you lead, to immediately and permanently terminate this atrocious policy and stop this massive, unfettered influx of illegal crossings into our country.


Janice K. Brewer


A patriotic observation

I and many other Americans have watched the current national leadership for over five years now. Most of what we have seen is one scandal after another coupled with other very bad decisions. Some of those bad decisions have not turned out to be scandalous, but the whole of these leads “me” to arrive at the following conclusion(s).

This president is totally out of his element. He has not got a clue what he is doing. That is what happens when someone is elected for the highest office in the land without checking qualifications and background. Furthermore, anyone who hides their past should become automatically ineligible for any elected office not just the presidency. It does appear the Democrats were so desperate to replace George W. Bush and so blinded by hate anyone would do as long as they were a Democrat. They were not interested in qualifications, just elect ability. The obvious hatred for Bush which carried over into the Republican Party was enough to elect any Democrat. They were interested in making history by having the first black president a Democrat.

When the only qualification requirement for the office of president is either color or gender nothing good can come from that choice. It hasn’t; Obama is systematically destroying this nation whether he means to or not. Whether ignorant or intentional the end result is exactly the same. That in itself makes an element within the extreme liberal progressives happy. They actually desire the promised fundamental transformation even though now it is viewed as a transformation into either a socialistic, communist or fascist ending.

The problem facing this nation is actually neither Obama nor the progressive socialists; they are a minority. It is however, the uninformed/misinformed (perhaps even lazy or just apathetic) American voter who sees no constitutional danger in keeping a liberal progressive socialistic Democrat in office. They see the result as the same with either party. To a degree they are correct when measured against the most recent past candidates presented by the Republican Party. However, there are good God and Nation devoted men and women who would like to see this nation flourish again as it is known it can under the present constitution and free enterprise economic system with the right leadership. Is the present system of government perfect? No not at all, but it surpasses any other system now known. Freedom(s) is now, has always been and will always be the key to success and value in life. The American Dream is just that, only a dream, without liberty to pursue one’s own desires and ambitions. So therefore it can be truthfully said the current government is destroying the American Dream! It is excessive regulations and government interference by unnecessary and unearned welfare gifts that begin destroying the moral, ambition and desire to improve in the human being. Anyone who wishes to take down a system such as the free enterprise system needs only to make the people dependent on government to succeed. Yes it is as simple as that! Will this once great nation succumb to handouts and consequently destroy itself? Or will it once again freely flourish in spite of the present overwhelming dictatorial government? What say you America?

Don Bitler