JUNE 18, 2014

Supreme Court decision voids creditor protection for inherited IRAs

PHOENIX – The law firm of Morris, Hall & Kinghorn, P.L.L.C (MHK) in response to the Supreme Court Decision on Inherited IRAs, remind Arizona and New Mexico residents that creating a qualified IRA Beneficiary Trust or a qualified Revocable Living Trust can protect a beneficiary’s Inherited IRA from creditors.

On Thursday, June 12 the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously decided that an inherited IRA does not follow the same guidelines nor bare the same characteristics of typical retirement funds (IRA and Roth IRA). This ruling means that an Inherited IRA left to a beneficiary cannot be protected from creditors as previously argued in Clark v. Rameker. Proper protection can still be gained by the creation of a qualified IRA Beneficiary Trust or a qualified Revocable Living Trust. MHK continues to help individuals, families and beneficiaries protect their assets by providing these qualified trusts to protect your legacy and those who inherit it.

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