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May 28 – June 3, 2014


For All Signs:  Since Dec. 2013 we have been besieged by significant retrograde planets.  In Dec.-Jan., it was Venus who rules gifts, pretty and luxurious things.  The holidays brought disappointing retail financial results, which continued through Jan.  Social life was preempted by terrible weather. Then February was loaded with Mercury retrograde, followed by Mars through March, April, May.  In June there will be another Mercury retrograde.  It looks like the message is:  hold your breath a little longer, folks.  Things are just not quite right to make a move.  Meanwhile there are hidden (retrograde) dealings at multiple levels.  It has become a challenge to trust any type of corporate body or its statements.  Fortunately in mid-July the season of personal planets retrograding will have come to an end.  Maybe we can come out of our cocoons and live our lives.  Wouldn’t that be refreshing?

Aries:  This is a fine week to run a race or climb a mountain.  But save some time to attend to your Significant Other.  Your communications are open and honest, just the right combination to work things out.  If either of you has carried a grudge, put it out there on the table and be willing to play fair while you find a solution.

Taurus:  Venus, your ruling planet, enters your sign on May 28 and will be with you through June 22.  You always have an interest in beauty and this transit notches it upward by a couple of pegs.  You may “redecorate” yourself with new glasses, clothing, or hairstyle.  The goddess of love brings complements, small gifts, romance or other pleasures.

Gemini:  We begin this week with a new moon in your sign on the 28th at 2:40 p.m. EDT.  The cosmic accent is on communications, scheduling, education and short trips (either in distance or in time).  This new moon brings to you a fresh influx of energy.  You will be infused with increased motivation.

Cancer:  Mercury travels through your sign between May 29 and June 16.  It will turn retrograde on June 7 and re-cross old territory.  You may do the same.  During this period there likely will be greater emphasis on communications, errands, and other short distance travels.  Your mind will be quick and your attitude persuasive.

Leo:  You have a busy and fairly complicated week.  You may be disappointed in the sector that rules taxes, debts, or investments.  Meanwhile, you have positive outcomes in the sector that rules travel, communications, siblings or roommates.  Overall the good outweighs the bad, though humans are prone to remember the “bad” more vividly.

Virgo: You are finishing a work project and shifting gears into new territory this week.  You will be focusing on communications with friends, acquaintances, and building your network.  There may be a party or a celebration occurring that will be central to many of your activities.  Go out and mingle!

Libra:  You are concluding a project or even a relationship situation.  The mood is upbeat and happy.  There are favorable omens related to travel, the Internet, education, publishing, or the law.  It is a good time to write something that has been on your mind for a while.  It may write itself if you give it your attention.

Scorpio: You have a sense of physical strength at this time that will be especially beneficial if you are exercising or in any type of competition.  Work that uses your large muscles will have a soothing and pleasant effect when you rest.  You may be the beneficiary of small gifts or tokens of esteem from others who care about you. 

Sagittarius:  Your mood is expansive and optimistic this week.  It is one of those "good luck" times that occasionally happen to the Archers.  You have a grasp of the big picture and could use this energy to promote your projects and gain support.  Or you could simply kick back and enjoy the good feelings.

Capricorn:  Our culture has an unhealthy game called “guilt versus anger”.  There is a requirement that must be met and you are pegged as the rescuer.  If you don’t adopt the role, you will feel a sense of social guilt.  But when you do, there is anger underneath the action because after all, why should you be required to do this thing?  Some who get trapped in this no-win situation become physically ill, in which no one can expect them to do anything. 

Aquarius:  You are still in the after-glow of the Jupiter trine Saturn aspect (exact last week).  You are reaping benefits of a work well done during this period.  Perhaps there has been an experience that makes this very clear.  You or your team is on the winning side because you have done your homework thoroughly.

Pisces:  Something unnoticed related to your home or property may suddenly break through your consciousness with a need of repair.  It may be in the pipes or related to water.  Do not make a major property purchase this week.  If not “physical” property, you may discover that your relationship to a family member is not what you thought.  Either way, repair is necessary.

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