The official state beverage of Ohio


Michael Foot (British politician) precipitated an interesting headline after he was appointed to lead a nuclear arms committee. The (London) Times printed in large bold lettering: Foot Heads Arms Body.

In February of 2014, the Ivanpah Solar Electricity Generating System officially opened a complex that covers 3,500 acres in the Mojave Desert. The development involves 347,000 computer-controlled mirrors directing sunlight toward boilers that produce steam which in turn powers generators that produce enough electricity for at least 140,000 average households (or three Hollywood homes).

Throughout the dark six months of a typical year, those windy plains of the southern polar ice cap experience an average temperature of minus 58 degrees Fahrenheit. During the six month sunny season, the temps soar to average minus 20 degrees. Plenty of room for camping and frolicking is always available for hardy souls seeking solitude.

The track record for scientists attempting to bring back animal species from extinction is not good. The only “success” occurred when careful nurturing and DNA manipulation produced a live Pyrenean Ibex. The poor creature survived only ten minutes after its birth. Currently, the best plan is to somehow prevent fauna from becoming extinct in the first place. I wonder how much that “study” cost.

The River Seine is 481 miles in length. Nine of those miles wind through Paris at approximately 30 feet below street levels. Paris was dubbed The City of Light (La Ville-Lumière) not because of its many swell streetlights, but as a result of the fame attained while Paris was the acknowledged center for “advanced thinking and brilliant ideas.”

An Oregon-based enterprise is marketing a new product called XSTAT that has proven to be spectacularly effective as a first aid for treating puncture and gunshot wounds. The XSTAT injects compressed sponges that contain blood clotting and antimicrobial agents. Those sponges expand to create pressure contacts that prevent profuse bleeding. It is reported that survival rates have increased dramatically in all initial trials.

In the 19th century, remarkably strong cloth used to make durable work pants was produced in Nimes, France and was known as serge di Nimes in the textile industry. Later shortened to di Nimes, the name was Americanized to “denim.”

Tomato juice is the official state beverage of Ohio. I wonder if that fact makes Ohio a “red state.” Very few of my inquiries are taken seriously. Well, here’s hoping that you don’t require any XSTAT – and that you enjoy a pleasant week.

James White is a retired mathematics teacher who enjoys sharing fascinating trivia. He can be reached at