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May 21 – 27, 2014


For All Signs: Jupiter, planet of hope and expansion, makes a favorable aspect to Saturn, ruler of boundaries, reality, and careers. This is the last of three. The first aspect was in July, 2013, and the second aspect was exact in December of 2014. For the majority, this cycle is most readily visible in the career or outer world's work. Jupiter represents hope and optimism while Saturn represents pessimism and contraction. When they flow well together, we see expansion which is appropriate to the real circumstances of the world’s “rules.” Positive expectations are more easily met with literal rewards in the outer world. I think this aspect has given the public a more positive hope for the future during this period. I also think it represents the ability of the government (Pluto) to present optimistic statistics that are largely untrue but people want to believe them.

Aries: Your ruling planet, Mars, turned direct on May 19. You barely have your sense of balance after a long trip backward. Slowly, gradually, you will discover that you can move forward again. Fortunately there are few aspects of interference this week. The entire cycle will be accomplished in July.

Taurus: You may have a tendency during this period to slide into old and outmoded patterns of emotional behavior. Maybe this will be brought on by the re-entry of someone in your life. While it may be fun for a short time, very quickly you will become fatigued with it and shake loose of that outdated habit.

Gemini: Whatever you begin or initiate between now and the 29th will probably have to be tweaked or somehow redone between June 17 and July 1. Otherwise you are at peace with yourself. Aspects favor love, romance, children, and playtime.

Cancer: You have likely been dealing with a decision concerning property or family issues. You have spent a few weeks in this process and now you have arrived at a conclusion. If it is a purchase or a sale, you have the cosmic green light. Whatever the decision, you have made a good choice for everyone concerned.

Leo: You are the Grand Central Station of multiple phone calls and negotiations among your peers. You are probably asking, “How did I get here?” If you wish to lay down your organizing abilities, you certainly may. However, you are the only one with all the information. Your position is central and you probably will be pushed toward the center anyway.

Virgo: Day to day life is favorable at present. There are no big conflicts between you and anyone of importance. Social life is favored with partner, friends, and neighbors. Short trips to interesting nearby places could prove refreshing and educational. Contractual agreements are favored now.

Libra: People of the past may resurface. You will be glad to see these individuals, but more likely you will be reminded why they are no longer in your life. Somehow they are associated with old wounds in your life and you would just as soon let those memories go back to the ethers.

Scorpio: Please see the Aries horoscope. Because Mars is also your ruling planet, that paragraph also applies to you. There is a repetition of one aspect of importance that began in the summer of 2013. It is a fortuitous aspect concerning travel, education, publications and the law. At this time the grace of that umbrella bestows one last gift before moving onward.

Sagittarius: Someone in the background of your life is steering you rightly. This person (or a favorable situation) has been there since last summer to give you a leg up. You’ll have this privilege through June and then this person moves on. But you will be left with a blessing.

Capricorn: This is a highly favorable time for business and career. You have the right credentials and will be moving up the ladder soon, if you so choose. For those who have been looking for a new position, this is the week that brings a favorable opportunity. Love and social life are favored.

Aquarius: You have been favored with very good employees, whether household or business, since last summer. If you think back, you will realize that you have been given good help whenever help is needed. Give thanks to your helpers. They have shown you how to genuinely serve, rather than being servile.

Pisces: Pisces is not prone to give a lot of attention to investments, but this is the time. You probably have holdings that are barely making money. They are essentially collecting dust. It is now the time to move things around, particularly those that have languished for 12 to 18 months.

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