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Threats and intimidation

It’s difficult to understand just how far Cave Creek has dropped into the sewer with the ethically challenged Trenk running things. Trenk has, or has access to, unlimited money to support his limited values, so he can throw lawyers at every issue that doesn’t please him. Here is a sort of chronology:
  • Trenk’s favorite lawyer, the talented Tim LaSota, somehow got Trenk on the March 2013 ballot for town council when he wasn’t even a resident.
  • Mr. LaSota was then successful in getting Dick Esser removed from the same ballot to clear the decks for Trenk’s slate candidates – Durkin, Spitzer, Monachino and Wright (who lost).
  • Now Mr. LaSota is trying to kill a 2014 recall election to rid the town of Trenk and his scourge or at least keep his client Trenk off the ballot if there is a recall election.
  • At the same time, presumably to cover his bets, Mr. LaSota has evidently been directed to compile information on Trenk’s potential opponents (and their family members) for a 2014 Recall Election. You can imagine the ugly spin coming at us on that one.
  • Most recently we see Mr. LaSota threatening big time litigation against anyone who speaks badly of Trenk’s buddy and staunch supporter and new LaSota client, Mr. Gerald Freeman. These are really ugly legal threats and a number of people have been specifically targeted. This is the same Mr. Freeman who Trenk tried (unsuccessfully) to please by throwing the town and its General Plan under the bus by doing away with the Morningstar Trail.

I volunteered to collect signatures for the Cave Creek Caring Citizens PAC recall petition and although many people signed, a recurring theme was, “I don’t want to sign the petition for fear of reprisals, but I will vote against this slate if there is a recall election.” I guess that really didn’t sink in for me until recently. The common denominator for all of this unprecedented ugliness in Cave Creek is clearly Trenk & Associates. Intimidation, sleaze and reprisal are clearly the name of their game.

It now appears Cave Creek will have the opportunity this fall to correct this grave mistake and send Trenk and his slate (Durkin, Monachino & Spitzer) packing and it cannot happen any too soon.

Bob Williams
Cave Creek


Who are Flake and McCain?

Will Senators Flake and McCain succumb to supporting the amnesty bill being pushed by the Democrats?

Will they support the 20 million lawbreaker non-citizens over the nearly 300 million law-abiding citizens? Will they, in effect, support law-breaking over law-abiding?

Are they determined to give Democrats 20 million new Democrat voters so the Democrats can stay in power forever?

Who are Flake and McCain? Are they Democrats, RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) or Republicans?

Have Flake and McCain considered what the history books will say about them when a cleansing sweeps the nation and the truth-speakers do the writing?


Arden Druce
Camp Verde


I don't know about you, but I'm scared!

Has anyone in the media pointed out to Barack Hussein Obama II, that Ukraine 's current  government was not duly elected as he claims? Does anyone remember how we reacted to having missiles aimed at us from Cuba?

Why are we pushing a nuclear exchange with Russia? We are amassing nuclear weapons on the borders of Russia? The point will be needlessly reached when Vladamir Putin will have no choice but to launch an all out desperate preemptive attack on NATO forces in Europe and later the USA. 

Plans to attack Russia go back to the days of General Curtis LeMay. As was the recent case in Syria there is NO UP SIDE to what we are doing in Ukraine except to prop up Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve. And to think Obama was video taped telling the Russians that he could not reduce our nuclear arsenal prior to the election. What is going on? Is Obama truly fulfilling the dreams of his Communist father? Well everything and I mean everything Obama has done has weakened America economically, militarily, spiritually and morally.


Joseph DuPont
Towanda, Pennsylvania


Minimum Wage Arizona

Once again we are hearing about a higher minimum wage. But, basic economics shows that raising the minimum wage is nothing but a feel-good Band-Aid on a festering problem.

The strength of any wage is its buying power. In 1966, the minimum wage was $1.25 per hour. But gas was only 24.9 cents a gallon. One hour of minimum wage could buy five gallons of gas! That $1.25 in 1966 had much more buying than even the highest proposed minimum wage today.

Buying power is dependent upon the cost of the products one buys. The cost of products is based on their cost of production. When minimum wage goes up, the cost of production of most products goes up and the buying power of the individual dollar goes down. If minimum wage was raised, within a few weeks the cost of living would rise to compensate for the new cost of production. The new minimum wage would soon have no more buying power than the present minimum wage. It might have less!

How can we help those on minimum wage? Simply lower the cost of living by raising the buying power of each dollar. How could government raise the buying power of the dollar? By lowering taxes!

When you make money, you pay income tax. When you buy a product, you pay sales tax. But that’s not all! Built into the price you pay before sales tax is the cost of the tax that the industry has to pay. The prices of all products are adjusted to cover the taxes involved in production.

If taxes are lowered on business, the cost of products goes down. If income taxes are lowered, the useable portion of your income goes up. If sales tax is lowered, the buying power of your wages goes up.

Raising minimum wage doesn’t really help the poor or anyone else. Lowering taxes helps the poor and everyone else.

Steve Casey
Stonewall, Louisiana



President Obama's spokesman is calling the effort to get to the truth about Benghazi "conspiracy theories."

That's outrageous.

Four Americans, including our Ambassador, were murdered; and the Obama Administration blamed it on an "internet video." That wasn't true.

The Administration said the attack spawned from protests, not terrorism. That wasn't true.

The Administration said nothing could have been done to save our brave Americans. That wasn't true. The truth is they didn't even try.

Now we know from new emails that the White House deliberately spun a false narrative to hide President Obama's policy failures.

It's long past time for truth and accountability. We're working with Members of Congress demanding the truth, as a new select committee begins to investigate.

If we're silent, we'll never get the truth. Take action.

Sign Our Open Letter for the Truth about the Benghazi Cover-Up.

Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel


Dear Fellow Patriot

One thing is very, very clear.  The IRS intends to keep harassing the Tea Party movement.  These bureaucratic bullies see us as a threat.  They will never leave us alone until we flat-out defeat them!
That’s why our lawsuit against the IRS and the Treasury Department is so incredibly important.

We learned that 2,800 IRS bureaucrats who were recently disciplined by that agency, still received $2.8 million in bonuses!
The IRS is a profoundly corrupt institution.  It is blatantly political.  It is out of control.
And we must take a stand and rein it in.

We need to drag IRS officials into court and FORCE them to testify about who ordered the targeting of Tea Party groups.
We need to hunt down every single bureaucrat who was responsible for this political witch hunt.
But we can’t do it without your help.

We are already stretched thin trying to recruit volunteers, build local Tea Party organizations and fight the big government politicians in Washington.
We don’t have extra money lying around to pay attorney’s fees and court costs.
We rely on ordinary Americans like you to help fund our vital grassroots programs.  And right now, we are fighting on many, many different fronts.
However, standing up to the bullies at the IRS is a top priority.  If we don’t stop this out-of-control agency now, IRS “agents” will continue to dream up new regulations and schemes to harass our movement.
Just think what these zealots will do in 2016 to elect Hillary Clinton if we don’t fight back today.

This lawsuit is our very best chance to not only get justice,  but to make sure the targeting of conservative groups never, ever happens again.
Please give what you can to help ensure our success.
Thank you for all your support.


Tea Party Patriots National Support Team


Podesta's challenge puts EPA funding on hot seat

White House senior adviser John Podesta threw down the gauntlet to congressional Republicans on attempts to minimize damage being done to the economy by President Obama's environmental regulations. "All I would say is that those have zero percent chance of working. We're committed to moving forward with those rules," he said. "We're committed to maintaining the authority and the president's authority to ensure that the Clean Air Act is fully implemented."

Beyond the audacity and inappropriateness of a presidential adviser weighing in on an agency's regulatory work before the finalization of any regulation, at its core the statement by the former head of the far-left Center for American Progress demonstrates a complete disregard for congressional prerogative.

Since Podesta seems to feel the executive branch holds a magic power wand, exempt from the legislative branch's oversight, I thought I'd remind him of the way the Constitution is supposed to work in the hopes those in the legislative branch take their responsibilities to heart.

Congress has the power of the purse, and can defund any aspect of the federal government they choose, which includes Podesta's unelected, unconfirmed position, as well as Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation-writers and enforcement activity on any regulation. All they need is the will to do it.

Perhaps Podesta's hubris-laden contempt for Congress will finally force the legislative branch to target Obama's elitist environmental policies that are destroying America's middle class. The president cannot force Congress to fund anything. He can veto legislation that does not contain funding he desires, shutting down the government in a green tantrum, but he cannot spend a dime that Congress does not appropriate. This is why, if the Senate swings Republican after the 2014 election, Congress should make Podesta eat his words.

This year, the House needs to spend time identifying areas within the EPA and Departments of Interior and Energy that should be stripped of funding in preparation for possible Republican control of the Senate in 2015. If Republicans win the Senate, the job is easier, but even if they only still control the House, the job is not impossible if the House majority decides to assert its authority and refuses to give funding to Obama's pet programs without specific regulatory changes.

It can be done, and if House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) were Speaker and the shoe were on the other foot, she would do it.

The only question is whether congressional Republicans will collectively muster the testosterone that runs through her veins and stand up for our nation's workers against those who sacrifice good-paying middle class, blue-collar jobs in an attempt to redistribute our nation's wealth to the rest of the world.

Podesta has called out congressional Republicans, and he is betting they will curl up in a ball and tepidly accept the new post-constitutional reality being imposed by Obama. For the sake of the future of our nation's constitutional separation of powers, let's hope he is wrong.

Rick Manning
Americans for Limited Government


Will Obama "pay off" the Homosexual Lobby?

Within days of Obama's reelection, the Homosexual Lobby publicly reminded the President of all he owes them for his success.

And they have something very specific they want:

An Executive Order to force through major parts of the Gay Bill of Special Rights.

You see, Obama has been threatening to sign this order for over a year.

It was a massive out-pouring of protest from Public Advocate and other pro-family supporters that stopped him before.

With your help, I was able to spread this story across the country, alerting pro-Family activists to Obama's scheme.

And he quietly backed down.

But now he has the second term he was craving – and he knows he will never have to face voters at the polls again.

And the Homosexual Lobby is working hard to claim he owes their radical activists for his success.

The legislative director for the Human Rights Campaign, Allison Herwitt, announced to the press that the Homosexual Lobby expects the President to sign the Executive Order right away.

The Human Rights Campaign is the single largest arm of the Homosexual Lobby and has been actively trying to blacklist and silence Public Advocate since a showdown last year.

You see, the Gay Bill of Special Rights has been the cornerstone of the Homosexual Agenda since the 1980s.

Called the "Employment Non-Discrimination Act" to disguise its purpose, it would really create a federally-protected and enforced employment status for homosexuals and transsexuals.

Businesses, daycare centers and even churches would be required to hire and maintain quotas of radical homosexual employees.

They would be practically forbidden to ever fire or even refuse to hire any sexual deviant.

And if they don't comply, they would be risking a federal lawsuit – maybe even jail time.

Public Advocate has worked tirelessly to defeat this bill every time it has been brought up in Congress.

But an Executive Order would run right around the legislative process.

It would force every department of the federal government to give homosexual employees preferred treatment.

It could even be used to coerce any company with government contracts, which is a list that continues to grow.

The leaders of the Homosexual Lobby believe this Executive Order will pressure Congress to pass the entire Gay Bill of Special Rights.

Public Advocate stopped Obama's Executive Order before, but it will be so much harder this time.

The Homosexual Lobby is claiming the results of the last presidential election were a "mandate" for their radical agenda.

You and I know the majority of Americans have not turned their backs on the Family.

Major media has completely ignored the fact that three of the five Republicans who sponsored the Gay Bill of Special Rights were not returned to Congress by the voters in their districts.

And numerous other pro-homosexual special rights races were lost.

In fact, the pro-homosexual Super PAC American Unity PAC, funded by billionaire Paul Singer, lost 6 out of 8 races, a fact the media willfully overlooks.

But I can't spread this counter-message alone.

When I tell politicians in Washington how many pro-Family Americans actually support Public Advocate, marriage and morality, they just shrug their shoulders and turn away.

My words alone won't change minds.

That's why I need your help today.

I want to bury Congress in pro-Family protests.

Please take a moment to sign Public Advocate’s Marriage and Morality Petition at for me to show to your Congressman and Senators.

Please take action today.

And be ready for future fights.

The War on the Family is entering a new phase ... you and I have to be ready for it.

For the Family,

Hon. Eugene DelGaudio
President, Public Advocate of the United States