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May 14 – 20, 2014


For All Signs: The planet Mars, ancient god of war, turns direct on the 19th after a long retrograde period that began in February. During the retrograde cycle we are often detoured from taking significant external action. Though we may experience the delays as frustrating, the purpose of the time is to struggle with inner boundaries before expanding or claiming new outer territory. When we force the issue and push through in spite of obstacles during the retrograde, we sometimes discover later that the offensive has proven too costly in some way. As Mars turns direct we will begin to find resolve to roadblocks experienced in recent months or will realize we didn't really need to take the proposed path in the first place.

Aries: Hooray! Your ruling planet is Mars and it is turning direct. It will take a few weeks to clear out the briar patch that it has caused, but at least you can begin to move forward now. One double-Aries I know said to me, “Vivian, I have never worked so hard to stay in one place in my life.” That time is soon to be over.

Taurus: Relationships may feel intense and complicated at this time. You may sense some negative force at work. If this is so, look deeply inside for a hidden motive. If this does not exist, then ask your partner whether he/she notices any discomfort. An open discussion will work wonders.

Gemini: You are drawn to all things beautiful and truly tempted to buy the wonderful items you see, especially those for your home. If you need to watch your dollars, leave your credit cards at home and wait a couple of days before making a big purchase. Now is a good time to take a creative look at your life and bring harmony into the picture.

Cancer: You may not be feeling quite comfortable with yourself this week. It appears your mind is in conflict with your feelings. Do the best you can to deal with this issue up front, perhaps by journaling or discussing it with a friend. Keep in mind that it is not a mandate for you to settle on a decision right now.

Leo: The full moon on the 14th occurs in two houses: one is career, the other in home, hearth, and family. It is a challenge to serve more than one master, but if anyone has the stamina it would have to be the Lion. Preserve your energy and deal with one thing at a time. Don’t allow the rest to keep you awake.

Virgo: At this time you may need to review some of the relationship mishaps of recent months. This is a fine time to talk things over and come to a shared point of view. You may also be discussing plans for future travel with another. Small and unexpected gifts may come your way. Assistance is available to help you with your goals. Ask for it.

Libra: Your sign, above all others, will be relieved by the Mars change to direct (see lead paragraph). After cleaning up the debris of the past three months, you will be ready to move forward and take initiative. If you have been ill, you will soon be better. Certainly you will be freer to move around in your world.

Scorpio: Give attention to the lead paragraph. Mars is an important planetary ruler for you and the first quarter of this year has not been pretty. You have been caught in a conundrum of money and resource issues. Now that Mars is direct you can begin to pick your way through the mire and move forward.

Sagittarius: Warning to those on diet and exercise programs: this week it is just too easy to break training. If you mean what you've promised to yourself, don't go anywhere in which you would be in harm's way. It is a time in which you feel more outgoing and extroverted. Social life is a pleasure.

Capricorn: An intense experience within a relationship has a purpose. You are asked to search deep inside yourself for your contribution to the difficulty, own it, and confess it. Healing will be the result for you and probably the Other. It is a good time to adjust issues of power.

Aquarius: You may feel trapped and therefore “forced” to make a choice between two options, neither of which seems the best. You know you will become angry or feel guilty, whichever way you choose. You need to appear at your best at all times these days and right now that is very challenging.

Pisces: You are in the midst of a several week period of healing from an old wound(s). Those helping you are persons you have loved in your life, such as children or lovers. This week you may need to take care of yourself financially and avoid overspending. The same holds true for all the goodies in life, such as sugar.

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