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Posted on Mr. Will LeRoy's personal Facebook page on April 9, 2014

Well crap, it looks like I made a perfect ass of myself yet again. In case you did not know, a friend of mine (T.C.) the owner of Hog's & Horses has been the subject matter of Sonoran News, a local Cave Creek paper and its owner Don Sorchych. The facts are that I wrote a post on my own FB page which now appears as a nasty gram on the front page. I re-read my post the next morning and then deleted it for several reasons. For one thing, while it did express my outrage regarding the way T.C.'s unfortunate experience was being used as a club to beat him with, it was not by any stretch of the imagination the appropriate way to express my thoughts. Mr. Sorchych has always been a person that I respected for his political views and as a conservative I much appreciate the effort his paper makes to keep the progressive nut jobs in check. Truth be told, what angered me almost as much as what was done to T.C. was that Don was making himself, and therefore other conservatives, appear shallow or mean spirited.

Either way, my remarks were ill advised and inappropriate. I am not sure how they ended up in Don's hands, but I regret that they did. My example in this particular matter is not a good one, and if I had observed another who was about to take similar actions, I would have done my best to dissuade that person from doing what I did. All in all, this only goes to prove what I have known for quite some time and that is this: At the end of the day, I am for the most part a goat turd, whose life journey is interrupted from time to time by light (not my own) as I struggle to find my way and do the right things.

Clearly in this instance I was the goat turd, plain and simple. To read the post in the Sonoran News, and to see just how stupid I can actually be please go here:


Will LeRoy
Cave Creek


Thank You!

The 2014 Cave Creek Pro Rodeo Association would like to thank the Rodeo Fans, the PRCA & WPRA Contestants, The Cervi Brothers Rodeo Co, 4L & Diamond S, the Contract Personnel, the Volunteers, the Sponsors, the Advertisers, the Vendors, The Golfers, the Parade Entries, the Mutton Busters, the Media Partners, the Town of Cave Creek and everyone who helped to make the 2014 Cave Creek Fiesta Days™ Rodeo a TREMENDOUS SUCCESS!

See you next year - March 27, 28, 29, 2015!



I just learned about the painful death of a convicted murderer in Oklahoma. To that, I say good. Perhaps a more humane and certainly far less expensive method of execution would be by firing squad or hanging. After all, the prisoner was found guilty of something that warranted the death penalty and I am fairly certain his victim didn’t go painlessly. If the death penalty is supposed to act as a deterrent it should be humane.

Aaron Grenley


"What if.......collective resistance"

It clearly seems that the tail is wagging the dog at most jurisdictional levels. That is to say, the minority is ruling the day while the resident majority stands by. The recent Executive Order by the governor of the State of Washington concerning 'cap and trade' is the catalyst for this missive. Essentially, this governor knows what's best therefore he'll make it happen which is a page out of Mr. Obama's playbook despite the will of the clear-thinking majority. This is only the most recent in a long line of initiatives that are being crammed down the throats of the American people. So, what if we just refuse to accept this any longer; what if we say no more en masse? This is not to suggest riots, violent civil disobedience or anarchy. It suggests something else altogether, however.

Let’s peel the onion a bit. Most Americans do not want Obamacare, nor do they want the destruction of coal energy sources, nor do they want jobs outsourced or higher taxes. They also do not want low paying service industry jobs or a 29 hour work week to accommodate Obamacare mandates as their employers’ response to higher costs/more mandated services. They certainly do not want to lose their healthcare as they knew it or their doctors. Most Americans do not want government handouts, or common core education for their children.
They do not want an unsecured border, uncontrolled illegal immigration, amnesty in any shape or form; they do not want terrorists released or pandered to; they do not want a weakened military; they do not want God out of their schools and everyday life and they do not want to relinquish control of the Internet. They do not want rigged elections and voter fraud. They don't want Gestapo Federal bureaucrats or a diminished American presence in the world. They do not want the Constitution violated at every turn, every day. They don't want a secretive and deceptive government and they don't want Americans pitted one against the other in a divisive atmosphere created for politically evil purposes. But that's what we have or are getting and there's a lot more too. What if we just refuse, what if we say no more en masse?

It seems that the only way to get voices heard is to perhaps just say no more en masse. Long gone are the days where our elected representatives acted on behalf of the collective well-being and crafted and implemented laws, rules, regulations and policies that truly benefitted the lives of everyday Americans, the majority. What if we just refuse, what if we say no more en masse?

I don't know how that would work, but if all of a sudden a ground swell occurs whereby no one pays their taxes due and starves the beast and no one goes to the polls to vote perhaps that 70 odd percent of us would finally sound the alarm worth listening to. What if we just refuse, what if we say no more en masse?

B.J. Levitch
Cave Creek


Telling it like it is

I am an avid reader of Sonoran News and I thank you for "telling it like it is" to we voters and lovers of most everything Cave Creek. The recently elected slate certainly falls into the category of attempts to destroy years of sacrifice yielded by past council members and former Town Manager Mr. Usama Abujbarah. I look forward to voting the charlatans out and would be running myself if I was 10 years younger. Unfortunately I live near one of the nastiest supporters of that noxious slate bunch and hope you will leave my name out of the paper. When his favorites are gone I will say Na Na Na to Mr. nasty!
Thank you for all you do.

Name withheld by request


Dear SN

Why is Don writing an editorial that celebrates the killing of birds? I have sparrows all over my barn. They nest there and provide a harmony of chirps and peeps. The man who killed 85,000 sparrows and countless others should have been jailed. I don't care it was a long time ago, I would turn in a guy like that to PETA without hesitation. He is no hero in my book.

Francis Zerany
Cave Creek

Editor note: The birds were mostly English Sparrows, which were unplanned imports and are unprotected nationwide. They are harmful to native species and a nuisance and pest. I am sorry you are offended and I imagine you and Steve would have had a lively discussion.


The fight to stop OBrewercare is alive!

The State Court of Appeals ruled on April 22 that the 36 Arizona Principled Republican Legislators can sue to stop OBrewercare, Governor Brewer’s plan to bring the Obamacare Medicaid Expansion to Arizona.

The 36 Legislators say the process to pass OBrewercare is illegal.

Last year at the end of the session Governor Brewer called a Special Session and nine House republicans, voted with all the Democrats to shove the Obamacare Medicaid Expansion down our throats.

36 Principled Republican Legislators sued because the people of Arizona have said that if you want to raise our taxes then we require a two-thirds majority and Brewer only had a simple majority. This requirement is part of the AZ Constitution, Arizona Proposition 108, and was passed in 2010. The Governor's team tried to argue that the legislature itself could decide if and when they want to follow particular parts of the Constitution. Brewer says that they decided they only needed nine Republicans to cross over, or in her words, a majority, because they could not get a super-majority vote.

The courts have ruled that when the people pass a proposition requiring a two-thirds majority then they mean a two thirds majority.

Now the case can go to court. The case itself is about if a tax is a tax because according to Brewer if she calls it a "fee" or an "assessment" then it is not a "tax". Because she says so.

Brewer also says that Medicaid Expansion is not Obamacare.

Brewer also says Common Core is not Common Core anymore because she says so.

To be clear all that has been decided is that the case can go to court. The Governor's response to the ruling is interesting: "Legislators can vote on a bill, lose on the bill, then take it to court and win. That to me doesn't make any sense."

There you have it. The Governor of Arizona does not understand that the courts exist as a check and balance to the legislative and executive branches of government. The Governor who has sued her own legislative body is shocked that her tyrannical actions are questionable in court.

OBrewercare is alive in court. Governor Brewer is being forced to follow the Arizona Constitution and the will of the people. The will as the people intended it not the will of her advisors not the will of the greedy lobbyists and not the will of the crony capitalists.

Christine Bauserman
Alliance of Principled Conservatives


The 22nd annual Letter Carriers’ Food Drive is Saturday, May 10

As Food Drive nears, preparations intensify

As Saturday, May 10, draws ever closer, letter carriers in more than 1,200 branches nationwide are full steam ahead to get ready for the 22nd annual Letter Carriers’ Food Drive.

“Too many people in this country are still going hungry every day,” NALC President Fredric Rolando said. “As letter carriers, we see this firsthand in just about every community we serve.
But we aren’t the type of folks who simply move on to the next delivery and hope someone else will do something about it. Instead, for more than two decades now, our members have taken the lead in the effort to help solve this ongoing national problem.”

And we’ve done so with gusto, Rolando noted. Last year, with the help of thousands of volunteers, letter carriers all across America collected more than 74.4 million pounds of non-perishable food—the second-highest amount since the drive began in 1992, bringing the grand total to just under 1.3 billion pounds.

“It’s such an easy way for our customers to help people in their own communities,” the president said. “All they have to do is leave a non-perishable food donation in a bag by their mailboxes. And that’s it! Then, just like we do every Saturday of the year, letter carriers will swing by—only on Saturday, May 10, we’ll be ready to pick up the food donations and make sure they get to a local food bank or other charity within that community.”

Food banks and shelters usually benefit from an upswing in charitable donations during the winter holiday season. By springtime, however, their stocks tend to dwindle to critically low levels. “Helping local support organizations deal with this post-holiday lull in donations is the main reason we hold our national drive on the second Saturday in May,” Rolando said, adding that since many school meal programs are suspended during summer months, millions of children are left scrambling to find alternate sources of nutrition.

Fortunately, we aren’t alone in pressing forward with this effort, Rolando said. “We’re grateful for the helping hand we get from family members and friends, from other postal employees, and from groups like local National Guard units, the Boy and Girl Scouts—not to mention food bank workers.”

Visit for more information. Questions about the drive?
Call 202-662-2489 or email

Pam Donato
NALC Community and Membership Outreach Coordinator


Obama’s comatose foreign policy

The Obama administration’s foreign policy is non-existent. He has relinquished our leadership role in the world as evidenced by various setbacks.

The State Department failed to increase security in Benghazi after receiving warnings of increased terrorist activity, and then the White House covered up the fiasco by blaming an internet video on the Benghazi attack.

Although we won the war in Iraq, terrorists are now in control of some Iraqi towns, and the Iraqi government has forged close ties to Iran while Iran moves closer to the development of nuclear weapons.

We will be withdrawing our troops from Afghanistan this year, but it appears Karzai is cozying up to the Taliban. He recently released dozens of imprisoned terrorists.

The war in Syria continues in a stalemate between the government and its Shiite followers against the Sunni fighters, and it is drawing in other Middle East countries.

Putin is reasserting Russian power with the takeover of the Crimea. It appears he might invade eastern Ukraine under the guise of protecting Russian speaking Ukrainians.

Obama’s proposed cutbacks in our military coupled with apologies to world leaders for our successful society, has reduced our stature in the world and hurt our national security.

Donald A. Moskowitz
Londonderry, New Hampshire


Hello voters

It is time for a change in the office of Attorney General to Mark Brnovich to a conservative Republican who will bring honesty, truth and integrity to this important job. Polls have shown that Tom Horne can’t win the general election against Democrat Felice Rotellini.
Tom has spent the last few years under a cloud of scandal:

Mark’s Mother escaped from communism in the old Yugoslavia; she taught Mark from a young age that America was the greatest country in the world. Mark is a graduate of Arizona State University. He is a married with two daughters.

Mark’s Background

Prosecutor: Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, gang/repeater unit prosecuting difficult, high profile cases

Served: Army National Guard

Represented: Arizona Department of Gaming at Attorney General’s office

Director: Goldwater Institute’s Center for Constitutional Government

Served: Assistant U.S. Attorney prosecuting public integrity crimes Director: Arizona Department of Gaming

Mark’s Platform
Defend against federal overreach
Real CPS reform
Prosecute human & drug traffickers
Fight for seniors
Restore integrity to the office of Attorney General
Endorsed by major Republicans in state – former Senator Jon Kyl, Congressman Trent Franks, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, other mayors, Arizona legislators, council members, and many influential grassroots leaders.

The Primary is August 26 - Vote Mark Brnovich for Attorney General. Mark is not a career politician and will represent Arizona with integrity.

Twitter - @MARK4AZ
Facebook - MARK4AZ

Best wishes,


Harry Reid's business-class BLM

We've been digging through the Bureau of Land Management's publicly posted records, and what we've found will stun you. It's a business that controls 40 percent of the U.S. supply of helium, with reserves in excess of a billion dollars. The BLM also controls 40 percent of the market for coal. While it advertises 250 million acres of public lands, the real prize is the 700 million acres of mineral estates the BLM administers.

Those mineral rights are the real reason the BLM is going after land along the Red River in Texas and elsewhere. It's purely a desire to grab up as many of the mineral rights in this country as possible, removing those rights from private ownership and putting them under the government's control. The BLM's ownership of coal, combined with the Obama Administration's War on Coal, takes on an entirely different significance: it's not about the environment; it's about wiping out the government's competition in the coal market.

If the BLM were a private corporation controlling 40 percent of the helium and coal markets, the Federal Trade Commission would be raising hell about a possible monopoly. However, a monopoly by a government agency is okay. This is what Harry Reid and his liberal left-wing, socialist comrades in Congress are after: a country where private ownership of the nation’s mineral resources is a thing of the past. It's a nation where government officials like Harry Reid can get rich with their friends and associates trading public lands for private purposes.

Even though the BLM generates nearly $6 billion a year in revenues, President Obama has requested $1.1 billion for operating costs from the taxpayers for 2015. Well, to hell with that, and to hell with Harry Reid and his business class BLM. To hell with the land grabs and rights grabs, because we're coming in 2014 to take Harry Reid's gavel when we flip the Senate. We are taking our country back for private property rights and returning those BLM lands to state control.

Your donation will help us crush Harry’s cronies in Congress race by race, in states like Louisiana, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Alaska. When we're done taking the gavel out of Harry Reid's claws in 2014, we're going to continue bringing the pain to Harry from 2014 until Election Day 2016. We will build the most hellacious war chest to oppose his re-election, and we will bomb the airwaves in Nevada to stop Harry Reid in 2016. There's a certain Republican Senator out in Arizona we might take on as well, and we're looking to put Harry out to pasture.

Jay Batman
Western Representation PAC

If you can help with a donation, please visit or mail your contributions to Western Representation PAC, 316 California Ave, Suite 40, Reno, NV 89509.