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Congratulations to the citizens of Cave Creek

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steve lamarThanks and congratulations to all of you who stood up for this town and signed a recall petition expressing a vote of no confidence in the self serving dirty politics of Trenk, Durkin, Spitzer, and Monachino.

While Trenk continues to declare, through his personal publicist Phil Haldiman, that there is no real support for the recall, it is reported he has returned to one of his family’s Cave Creek properties to grace us with his presence for the election. Some folks have winter homes in Cave Creek ... apparently the Trenkster has an election home here. For a guy who thinks the recall is a going no where joke, he sure is spending lots of money on lawyers in an attempt to invalidate your signatures and get himself off the recall ballot on technicalities.

The Trenk/Thortsenson slate still think New Jersey money, a fleet of attorneys, slanderous anonymous operatives and using town resources for their own benefit will win the day. They continue to underestimate you. It is simply not in their DNA to understand that citizens of Cave Creek really do care about this town. They can’t understand that you don’t like the empty promises and the outright lies that were the cornerstone of the Trenk/Thortsenson slate’s last campaign. They think Cave Creek is now their town to play with and that with a little intimidation you will sit quietly by and watch them do as they please.

Remember the Trenk/Francia resolution proclaiming it was undemocratic for anyone to speak ill of the Trenk/Thortenson slate. Talk about taking yourself a little too seriously. Of course when official warnings don’t work they turn to the anonymous slanderers and laugh up their sleeves.
They honestly think because you believed them once that you are stupid, or forgetful, or just don’t care. They think you will forget they took office with a huge multiple million dollar surplus after telling you the town was on the verge of bankruptcy.

They want you to forget the illegal firing of our long time town manager so they could bring in Trenk’s long time friend Glassman who spent our money like water and did absolutely nothing but promote the Trenk/Thortsenson slate. Just where that conspiracy started and how it evolved will come to light in the litigation we are now are paying for. They act illegally and we pay for their defense. Great deal for them.

They want you to forget that we have your hard earned money sitting in trust to help finance the annexed open space they have abandoned.

They want you to forget they made fools of themselves denigrating a Scottsdale councilman in front of the State land commissioner with TC Thortsenson parading in the front of town hall with his buffalo.

They want you to forget the parade of shame down the streets of Scottsdale, Thortsenson in the lead again, as they road a wagon to the Scottsdale council chambers where they made complete fools of themselves, and essentially were told to grow up and start governing your town.

They want you forget what it was like to do your errands without crawling around barricades and hoards of people drinking at the bars and not buying much of anything else.

They want you to forget how nice and quiet it was on the back porch at night. They want you to forget the general plan and the historic town core study that traces our roots to mining and gives direction to build the modern character of our town on genuine historic roots that speak to our history and set the stage for a classy, yet eclectic, balanced town core that has something for everyone and a small town charm that will set it apart for generations to come.

They want you to forget that this was a quiet residential town first and that a balance once existed between the businesses and residents.

They want you to forget all of your money they have wasted on self promotion and wasteful projects.

They want you to forget their record number of secret executive sessions, their attempt at pushing through a prison town manager with ties to Trenk’s law firm, and their attempt to abandon our Morning Star Trail as payoff to one of their shadow operatives in a secret, executive session deal.

Your signatures on the recall petitions represent your courage and concern for this town. This is the first step. Together you will return service and integrity to Cave Creek government in November.