But they didn’t shave her head!

Rep. Heather Carter was one of the Republican ‘turncoats’ who voted with the Democrats to pass the Obamacare Medicaid expansion
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heather carterPHOENIX – The redistricting of former Legislative District 7 placed the northern part of Cave Creek into LD-1, along with most of Yavapai County, and the part south of Carefree Highway into LD 15 along with the unincorporated county island and north Phoenix, which retained former LD-7 Sen. Nancy Barto and Rep. Heather Carter (l).

On Tuesday, April 22, LD 15 Republican Precinct Committeemen held an election during which they adopted new bylaws and elected Robert Meyers as first vice chairman to fill the remaining term of the late Jim DeVere.

At that same meeting, precinct committeemen also held a legislator preference vote by secret ballot.

The results for representative were as follows:
David B. Smith         76 votes
John Allen                74 votes
Heather Carter           3 votes

Tom Husband, former Maricopa County Party Chairman and Executive Director, reminded us that Carter was one of the Republican “turncoats” who voted with the Democrats last year to pass the Obamacare Medicaid expansion, which is currently facing a constitutional challenge by the legislators who voted against it, as it did not receive the required two-thirds vote.

Her vote for the Medicaid expansion resulted in LD 15 issuing a vote of “no confidence” in Carter by a vote of 54-5.

It appears her supporters have dwindled from five to just three.

According to LD 15 precinct committeemen, Carter hasn’t attended any LD 15 meetings since receiving a vote of “no confidence” last year, claiming she doesn’t like the way she’s treated and having to explain her votes.

Carter was also involved in Cave Creek Unified School District’s decision to change as many of its schools as the law allows from public schools to district-run charter schools as a scheme to receive more taxpayer money.

Nothing has changed at those schools. They have the same administration, the same teachers and the same curriculum.

Carter helped the district take advantage of a loophole in the law that allows districts to simply declare their schools “charter schools” in order to receive additional money.

The motion on that vote read: “We issue a vote of no confidence on Rep. Heather Carter, because of her support of HB 2010 ‘The Medicaid Expansion.’ She did this in direct opposition to the overwhelming majority of LD 15 Precinct Committeemen.”

Although head shaving as a form of humiliation and shame can be traced back to biblical times, Husband recalled the newsreels from WWII after France was liberated and women who collaborated with the enemy were shown having their heads shaved for their perfidious conduct and then paraded through Paris in a wagon.

While LD 15 has made it clear with their votes Carter does not represent her constituents, Husband exclaimed, “But they didn’t shave her head!”

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