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April 23 – 29, 2014


For All Signs: This week starts with a triangulated arrangement among Uranus, Pluto, and Mars. This combination of planets can light fires of creative discussion among groups. It is also a group of energies that can be explosive, as in dynamite. Uranus represents the People while Pluto represents the corporate bodies and those with Power. Mars is the warrior planet which is presently retrograding. The rule of Mars retrograde is like the action of a boomerang. Whoever goes on the attack or initiates a war-like action will find it turned upon themselves. This includes countries, states, or individuals. On the other hand, if you are “attacked”, you have the right to defend yourself through rational statements. It will likely stop the aggressor in his/her tracks.

Aries: You may be totally tied up in knots during this period. You want to change things within the framework of your partnership(s), but it feels as though you dare not take the initiative to do so. Unfortunately, the world around you may take things out of your hands and force you to confront the situation before you are ready.

Taurus: Early in the week the flow is really good for you with both friends and partner(s). Then one of these people requests a stronger commitment. Right away you are challenged by new thoughts. The eclipse in your sign this week on April 29 demands that you get in touch with your truest self. Do you really want this commitment?

Gemini: There is a shift of your attention to matters of your personal history that may go back quite a long time. You will be looking inside yourself for meditative peace, answers to serious questions, and encouragement from your source. Journaling, hypnosis, meditation or counseling are favored activities now.

Cancer: On Tuesday the 29th there is a new moon eclipse in Taurus, your sign of friendships and community activities. The “new” moon symbolizes new starts and fresh beginnings. Because the new moon occurs in the dark and is invisible, your new activity may not even be clear to you for a time.

Leo: The new moon eclipse on April 29th suggests a fresh beginning in your career or life direction. Look for a slight shift in your path. It may look very small now, even unnoticeable. But this is the nubbin of a new branch on the tree. Such changes are often seen in hindsight, as a minor decision that ultimately reshapes your route.

Virgo: Your new focus for the next two weeks will be mind expanding. You may be researching a new interest, gazing over travel brochures for your next adventure, or pursuing an interest in philosophy or religion. Love and social life have green lights. Your creativity is in high gear. Activities involving children are favored.

Libra: You dropped the ball on an important project in self-work during February. It created a type of vacuum within and prevents you from moving forward. Has your confidence waned? Are you fearful of how the world will react to your plan? Explore deeply enough to find the problem so you can wrestle with its root.

Scorpio: You have carried so much stress over the last few months that you are similar to a ticking bomb. One more problem to solve and you may be on the verge of exploding. Circumstances in your work or a change in your life routine might press the button. All of this is hard on the body, so it may stop and refuse to go further until you rest.

Sagittarius: If you have been channeling your energy into a project that has positive value for many you may be receiving recognition and applause now. If, instead, you are working on something that is purely to glorify your ego, you will find the powers are fighting you every step of the way.

Capricorn: You are bombarded by multiple problematic situations and you may be trying to control them all. Tough work, isn’t it? Pace yourself. The challenges will go on for another year or two before it releases you. Transformation is at hand if you will allow yourself to let go of part or all of it. Your body may rebel if you don’t.

Aquarius: In case anyone “attacks” you on the road or via the law, you need to remain aware that you are in the right, or within legal parameters. Legal interests are favored. Hold your ground. While shopping for practical needs, you may find what you want at a good price, well within reason.

Pisces: This is an ideal time to travel with another, to talk things over and stretch your perspective. It is also a good time for any activity connected to writing or education, whether learning or teaching. Good fortune may come to you via the Internet. The muse is nearby and will assist you with intuition or creative work.

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